Monday, April 13, 2015

The Tuesday Tease!

I hope you all had a fab weekend (and Monday)!

Winner's of the Velvet Kisses Rafflecopter drawing are as follows! 
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And in the event you didn't see it, Amazon was kind enough to include me in one of their author series videos. Here is the link: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing 

Book news: The Serpentine Butterfly is front burner! Yay! I'm back on Paragon full-time but since Celestra tends to run long I don't anticipate it to be buttoned up too quickly. Although it is nice to hang with my Paragon peeps again. 

A Thousand Starry Nights releases May 1st and that's just around the corner! Aspen and Carter have such a special story, and I'm very excited to share it with you.
Here's a sneak peek at both books!

A Thousand Starry Nights (Burning Through Gravity 2)
*Carter’s POV
Aspen and I drive out about a mile to the nearest Whole Foods.
“Changing up the pace,” she muses as we pull into the lot. “I like that.”
“I thought you might, but we’re not eating here.” We head inside, and I grab a cart with a mean wobble before replacing it for a sturdier one with a smooth ride—an analogy of our relationship in a nutshell. We wobbled in the past, but we’re so ready for a smooth ride—at least I am. “I’m cooking for you.”

(cover to come)
The Serpentine Butterfly 
(Celestra Forever After 3)
*Logan’s POV
The night sours. The sky pisses down its wrath, erasing any memory of the fact that it’s spring. A few years back, Gage and I would be suiting up, getting our asses kicked on the field by the coach as we ran that extra mile we knew we couldn’t. I miss those golden West Paragon High days—Gage and me front and center, leading the team to victory after victory. Then Skyla came and cheered us from the sidelines, but we weren’t a unified front around Skyla. Gage and I entered into a war long before the factions ever did.

Have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cover reveal and release date!

It's here! A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS has a beautiful cover, and I can finally share it with you!

A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS (Burning Through Gravity 2) will be available everywhere May 1st! Just a few more weeks!!!! Aspen and Carter finally get their story!

*Both books will be available on all platforms on May 1, 2015.

*A special thank you to Gaffey Media for these beautiful works of art! (Both covers in the series)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Tuesday Tease!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! I’m still coming off a chocolate high so I’ll get straight to the teaser!

A Thousand Starry Nights 
(Burning Through Gravity 2)
*Aspen’s POV

“Have dinner with me. Every night. Two weeks.” Those dimples flash again. The thin veil of arrogance lights up his eyes.
“And then what?”
“And then I won’t be able to get rid of you.” His smile spreads wide just as mine fades.
“You’ve done it before.” I shut that good time of his down in an instant. “I’m sure you could figure it out.”

(Celestra teaser next week for sure!)

Make sure to enter the rafflecopter giveaway!
Enjoy the week! XOXO
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Velvet Kisses is LIVE!

It's here!!! It's release day for VELVET KISSES!!!

“VELVET KISSES is scorching HOT! Hilarious and steamy!” -goodreads reviewer 
*Can be read as a standalone* Romantic Comedy
Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6) 
Marley Jackson has an axe to grind with the entire male population. After having her heart brutally broken, she’s out to prove to herself, and the world, that a woman only needs one thing from a man—and it isn’t love. 
Wyatt James isn’t interested in anything that resembles a commitment. He’s self-made, secure, and happy to entertain a one-night stand any day of the week—enter Marley.
Marley quickly dispels the idea that she’s anybody’s one-night stand. What Marley has in store for Wyatt is far more complex and requires a binding contract to back it. 
Marley and Wyatt aren’t in it for love. Marley is looking to glean some expertise in the bedroom. Wyatt is looking to find some solace after a string of nameless faces that have rocked his bed. 
But when feelings change, and that four-letter word takes ahold of both their hearts, they’re left to face the fact they might be in deeper than either of them thought possible. 
Marley and Wyatt smolder beneath the sheets.
She’s eager to learn—yet, bossy as hell.
He’s eager to lay down one hard lesson after the other, yet determined to save her from herself. 
Sometimes heartbreak is the greatest teacher.
Sometimes it leads you into the arms of the one you belonged with right from the start.


*I'll be back next week with teasers for A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS (Burning Through Gravity 2), and THE SERPENTINE BUTTERFLY (Celestra Forever After 3)!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Tuesday tease!

One more week!!!!!!! 

Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6) Releases next Tuesday, March 31st!!!  

*Marley and Wyatt's story

(Wyatt’s POV when he first meets Marley)

She was pretty, I’ll give her that. Beautiful. And sweet in a quirky, slightly psychotic, way—which, unfortunately, I seem to have a weak spot for. The way she kept beckoning me over with the curl of her finger, I thought for sure we were on our way to a very good time. The way that dress wrapped itself around her body was downright vulgar—in a good way, that is. For twenty minutes straight I dreamed of taking a bite out of one of those creamy thighs she kept flashing at me. Her smile was bright. Even when she wasn’t speaking to someone, or further more when she was accusing me of running the Bay of Pigs, her lips curved up at the tips. You can tell she’s just one of those people who smile all the time. God knows I can use a little joy in this cheerless life of mine. I try to shake her out of my mind but that smile…

iBooks pre-orders available! CLICK HERE!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Tuesday Tease!

Happy St. Patty's Day! I hope you're wearing lots of green! We're having green crepes and brisket today at my house. (The green crepes are an oddity strictly related to my household, but they're yummy!)

On to the teaser! 

Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6) *available March 31st!!!*

*Marley and Wyatt's story

(Wyatt’s POV)

I love you, Marley. What we had was lightning in a bottle, and I want everything back. You’re mine. I need you every day. I need you in my bed, in my heart, in my life. For the first time in so long I feel whole again.

*I'm super excited to get Marley and Wyatt's story to you! Just two more weeks! XO

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