Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Tuesday Tease!

Happy Tuesday!  Christmas is inching closer as we speak! Ack! I hope you're all caught up in whatever it is you need to do, be it shopping, wrapping, baking or corporate takeovers. It's a season of joy—and, well, lots and lots of coffee.

The Dragon and the Rose releases in 3 days!!!!! This Friday, get ready to hop on a ferry to Paragon and hang out with Skyla and the boys. This is a rough, emotional, scary, fun as hell ride. Buckle up kids! It's going to get bumpy.

Other book news: Rock Candy Kisses is in the editing phase. Yay! I can hardly wait to share Annie's story with you. I'm combing through it, so hopefully soon after the holidays I can get it to my editor and betas.

And there's still time to enter the end of the year giveaway! Go quick, enter, and share!!!

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On to the teaser!

An excerpt from the prologue:

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After 2)

The rose—forever trapped in a bed of thorns—tires endlessly to unfurl its beauty. It strains its fragile neck to the sky, twisting, yearning for the warmth of the sun’s love. It is my husband’s affection that I long to bathe in—his unending love, infinite and eternal. The mighty flame of love we share burns brighter than the sun. It is only my lover that can set me free from this cage of thorns. But our bond of trust, the golden thread that weaves our souls together, has broken. His deception, his horrible truths have become a grievous, incurable wound. This cunning life he chooses is the poison at the bottom of the well.

*I'm SOOO very excited to finally get this book to you! Please no spoilers anywhere, especially in reviews. :) I very much appreciate that! 
I hope you love, love, LOVE it! XOXOX

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Tuesday Tease!

Happy Tuesday!  It's getting close… the end of the year giveaway draws to a close in just two weeks! Be sure to enter—and remember to share the love! (mobile link --> http://is.gd/kZH5MX

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It looks like The Dragon and the Rose has a release date!!! Ahhh!!! 
The next ferry to Paragon leaves December 19th!  *happy dances* *throws confetti* It's a BIG book. I hope you're looking forward to a nice long stay with Skyla and friends. It's a wild, wild, WILD ride. You'll want to buckle up with five way restraints for this one.

On to the teaser!!!

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
(Skyla with her man)
“We’re not done,” he says sweetly as he comes after me in the living room.
“You bet we’re not done.”
“I’m sorry,” he pleads.
I pause in front of Ellis and Liam. “I’m sorry?” I cry out while tossing my hands in the air. “That’s the best you’ve got?”
“There’s more.”
“Well, you better start spewing words, high and fast, like Old Faithful because until you geyser up the truth, I’m absolutely done with this sh*t!”

*ooh! Someone is really, really ticked! Can't wait to share! Have a great and happy week! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Tuesday Tease!

Short and sweet today!

Hope you all had a fab Thanksgiving! I'm still stuffed! And sadly my credit card is a bit anemic from all the aftermath that followed. I may have hit a few sales pretty hard. *waves at my husband* Sorry!

Have you entered the end of the year giveaway? If not here's a new mobile friendly link. It should solve some of the problems people were having with rafflecopter last week. Happy winning!

Mobile friendly link is right here ---> http://is.gd/kZH5MX

regular link is below:

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Book news! The Dragon and the Rose is releasing in just a couple weeks! I'm shooting for the end of the second third-ish week, so stay tuned for a hard date. I'll give it soon! 

On to the teaser!

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
(Skyla with her man, wrestling with their powers)

“Okay, get off, you win.” I turn my head toward the ocean and watch as the whitewash inches toward us.
“Make me.” He hooks his gaze into mine until I’m caught in the vortex of those night sirens of his. “Let’s do this, Skyla.” His jaw tightens. “You want this. I can feel it.”
“Stop!” My voice reverberates into the darkness. “I said get off.”
“It’s going to be a long night because I’m not going anywhere.” There isn’t the slightest hint of 
sweetness in his voice.

*Have a great week! If I get a firm release date I will shout it from the cyber mountain top! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Tease + Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! Thanksgiving is upon us and I want to do just that—I want to thank you all for your awesome support and give you one more 'End of the Year Giveaway!' Included in the giveaway is one Kindle Voyage, one $20.00 Amazon gift-card, one signed copy of Someone to Love, one signed copy of The Dragon and the Rose, and the beautiful bracelet Marshall designed for Skyla. (Pictured on the bottom of this post!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you haven't already, check out Celestra on the IF List! Cast your own characters and have fun with it! LINK

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
(Skyla with her man)
“Does that feel good?” His eyes shine like the sun piercing through crystal as that devilish grin I love so much blooms on his lips.
     “It feels like someone knows what he’s doing.” I sink his head down over my belly again and groan into the warm pool of his mouth. He rumbles a dull laugh over my stomach, rattling his elation straight to my bones as his heated kisses track to my hip then steadily lower.

(The bracelet Marshall designed for Skyla!)

*Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Eat lots of pie!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

Happy Tuesday all!

It's launch week for the INFERNO anthology! Some like it hot, and if that's you then you won't want to miss this one. 10 full length steamy romance reads all for one low price! If you need something to snuggle up with to keep warm, I promise this is it. This boxed set will just be around for a few weeks so be sure to pick it up! Buy link: Here! (I'll post other links as they become available!)

Book news! The Dragon and the Rose is officially out of my hands! Yay! *throws confetti* *passes out* I'm hoping to have it back in a week or so and wrapped up with a neat shiny red bow for you all by Christmas. Buckle your seat belts! You're in for a bumpy ride.

Rock Candy Kisses! I'm nearing the end and I should have that sent out to the betas soon after they give me back The Dragon and the Rose. I'll start teasers next week. I'm really in love with Annie's story. As much as she's a sweetie, her bad boy BF Blake really is, too. Can't wait to share that one with you.

On to the teaser! 

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
* (Skyla talking to Laken)
     “Bitchy?” Laken’s eyes enliven with fire. “I think that’s what you need in your life, Skyla. A real bitch who doesn’t back down or agree with you on every little thing. Maybe your trouble is that you have too many yes people—people who simply don’t care to push you. And no, that wasn’t a put down on sweet, ditzy Brielle. I couldn’t care less that she thinks I’m trying to usurp her BFF status.” She blinks a dry smile. “What you need is a real friend. Someone who’ll wake you up and make you take action when it’s necessary. I’m a doer not a dreamer. You’re damn right that those tunnels are going to get shut down even if I have to do it myself.” She spins to leave. I go to yank her back by the jacket and accidently grasp a handful of hair instead.
     “Ow!” she yelps.
     Good God, Laken looks as if she’s going to kick some Celestra ass—mine to be exact. 
Her eyes widen. “Well look who grew a pair?”

*Enjoy your week!