Ezrina's POV


Ezrina’s Point of View

1692 Salem, Massachusetts

The bow father gave me last Christmas gleams in the light as I aim high to the uppermost bough of a Sycamore. A pale dove vies for my attention with her incessant cooing—her persistent ambition to disrupt the quiet of the forest around her. She juts her neck out and repositions herself to the distal tip of the branch, and I let my arrow fly before she bolts into the atmosphere.
I rest my weapon at my side and watch as the arrow sails past her, and she soars off into the dark afternoon sky, gray as her wings. 
“There’s a first,” a baritone voice thunders from behind. “Ezrina MacHatter misses by a mile. Must have been a faulty bow.” He winks into his delusion.
“It was less than an inch, and if I were hungry she would have been mine.” I glance over at him.
Heathcliff  O’Hare stands erect with his chest puffed with pride. His dark hair covers his head like a hat, and the stubble over his cheeks creates a shadow upon his comely features. His shirt lies opened down the front, most likely because he’s missing buttons. He’s unkempt that way. 
“Aren’t you supposed to be off protecting Clara somewhere?” I take a deep breath and exhale, fascinated by the swirl of fog my lungs manage to yield. “You’re a scoundrel of the highest order.” Clara is my most obnoxious relation. She’s claimed Heathcliff for herself from the beginning, even threatened to cause me bodily harm if I so much as glanced in his direction. And here he is, staining the woods with his perfect effigy. My heart claps like thunder as he draws in close, and I try to circle around him.
“Off so quick?” He steps in my path and for a moment I’m mesmerized by those pale blue eyes, an exact representation of a clear summer morning. “I hear these woods are haunted. Why don’t I linger by your side and protect you from any unwanted entities.”
“An unwanted entity stands before me.” I withhold the smile begging to take over my lips.
His steely eyes narrow, his cheek depresses with pleasure as if my spite were somehow pleasing to him.
“’Tis the season of the witch.” His brows rise.
“Your people.” I’m quick to counter—accurate as the ocean is deep.
“Perhaps they are yours. It’s Celestra they’re crucifying at the trials.” He takes a bold step forward, and I can feel the heat emanating off his skin.
A breath gets trapped in my throat and instinctually I molest the knife strapped to my inner thigh with its newly sharpened blade. Although, something in me doesn’t want to cut him, or tear the rest of his shirt off just for show, something in me very much likes the special brand of attention he’s lording over me.
“I wonder what Clara would think if she knew you were so quick to protect another?”
“I’m not interested in Clara. I’m interested in you.” He doesn’t waver with his stare. The slight curve of a smile accentuates his features, and a fire rips through me from the inside out.
He comes in close and dips in toward me.
My lips part ready to greet him.
“You are a beautiful woman, Ezrina MacHatter.” He breathes the words over me like a blessing. “But you know that, don’t you?” His cheek rises on the side as he mocks me, and, yet, his devilish intent pulls me in even closer.
He’s going to do it. He’s going to kiss me, and Clara be damned, I just may impart one right back.
The thought of Clara’s unique brand of wrath cools my blood, and I pluck the blade from my thigh and slice the air between our noses.
“Shit.” He flinches back a good foot.
I hide my delight at his reaction and hurl the knife over his shoulder, aiming high into the boughs just beyond his frame.
A silver dove falls like lightning and lands with a thud near his feet.
“You took its head off,” he marvels.
“This time I was hungry.” I swipe off my blade on a bed of pine needles. “Imagine the things I could do to you.” I bleed a dry smile.
His mouth opens with delight and suddenly I find his abnormally handsome features, vexing in every capacity.
“Yes.” His breath plumes, rife with seduction. “I do imagine the things you can do to me.”   


Ge Marquez said...

I am so in love with your WRITING!!! ^_^ Please tell me you'll be my writing mum? hehehe. . . I so so so look up to you! You're the best! this is wicked! I love how young Ezrina sounds here rather than her usual deep voice in Celestra Series. . . . I don't know. . . I hear these voices in my head. . . I love you! XD hehehe

Addison Moore said...

Ge Marquez - Oh my gosh you are so very sweet! I'd love to be your writing mum, lol! And I agree, Ezrina is much lighter in this post! Thank you for reading~!!!

Ashley McGourty said...

Addison I have the utmost respect for you and your writing. I love how my imagination just runs when I read your book, it's like my own personal movie in my head. Ezrina in this sounds youthful and vibrant I love it. Your amazing.

Addison Moore said...

Ashley McGourty - Wow, thank you! I'm so glad that the story carries over so well that you feel like your watching a movie! That makes me beyond giddy. I'm hoping to have Season of the Witch ready for Halloween. I have a special place in my heart for Ezrina and Nev. Thank you so much for reading!

MPDR said...

Wow even then she was wicked with the knifes!!! Loved all the books waiting wait no craving for the final book of celestra serie so in love with your writing!!! M

Brandy said...

Just pondering through your blog page and had time to finally read more stuff. I so love this and would LOVE to know more about Ezrina and Heathcliff. I know we learn about them in the Celestra series but will they have their own stry one day?? Maybe?? Love you girl!

skyla said...

Season pf the witch is this an excerpt from it?im probably missing something completly obvious to obsoulutely everyone but me im not the brightest star in the sky *walks into wall*

Addison Moore said...

MPDR - Thank you! I'm penning the final book now. I hope you'll be happy with the way it all ends. :)

Brandy - They will I'm planning a novella or novel for them just to give their story a prequel. I was hoping for Halloween. We shall see!

Skyla - Yes, this is an excerpt from the work in progress "Season of the Witch". I'm hoping for a Halloween release if I can swing it. I love spending time with "Rina" so this will be fun. ;)

ammh said...

Wow love ezrina and nevermore I even named mt two birds afterthem

ammh said...

Wow love ezrina and nevermore I even named mt two birds afterthem

Hannah Schwartz said...

Seeing as you didn't get it out this Halloween, do you think there is a possibility of 2015 Halloween? And are there going to be any more books about laken Wesley and Cooper story or are you just going to continue there story in the celstrea series? Perhaps pov from both of them?

Addison Moore said...

Hannah Schwartz - Gah! You're so right! Poor Ezrina keeps getting the shaft and it's a short story so it's not too involved in that respect. I should chip away at it a little more diligently. As for Laken and friends, although they're in the Celestra Forever After series I'm determined to open up more POVs (point of views) to them. Something special happens for Laken in (Celestra Forever After 3, The Serpentine Butterfly) and I want to give her a POV for sure. I'm excited! Thank you for reading! :)

Addison Moore said...

ammh - That is so awesome!! Trust me, Nev and Ezrina are honored!!!

Meagan Davis said...

Will there be another series after forever after

Addison Moore said...

Meagan Davis - I haven't thought about splicing Skyla's life into further series. I was thinking of keeping her in CFA until she's ready to cross to the other side. For now I think that's the best answer. Hope you're enjoying the series! XO