Monday, February 6, 2012

Sealed with a kiss...

The Paranormal Plumes were kind enough to take me under their wing, and in honor of Valentine’s Day they’ve put together a blog hop that dares to kiss and tell about our first meaningful pucker. 

Kiss and tell?

The setting was simple, high school, senior year.
Fourth period.
Mrs. Johnson's English class.

I sat on the girl’s side of the room, (we had inadvertently self segregated by gender and only later did I find out that the boys were enjoying the peek-a-boo view our miniskirts afforded, but that’s not my story to tell.) The only view I enjoyed was of a brown-eyed boy with lashes that could touch me from all the way across the room. A smile that had the power to slay females for a ten-mile radius and often did. And, a personality that demanded your attention, held onto you and followed you into your dreams. The best part was, all of those great attributes were rolled into one person. And he was the star football player. Incredible, I know.

It was torment only having him in one class. Sure, I got to see him perform on the field, even cheered from the bleachers but so did everyone else. To him I was just another face in the crowd.

Every day I grew a little bolder and smiled a little longer in his direction. I let our gaze fall naturally, then let it linger until my cheeks burned and I had to look away. Weeks, grew into months and we progressed to polite hellos in between classes. At least he knew I was alive, but deep down inside I wasn’t happy with that. I wanted more. I wanted all of him.

Prom rolled around and I burned to ask him. I wanted to extend the invite and finally declare my insane obsession with him, well, maybe at least the fact I was interested, but the moment came and went. I ended up going to prom with a friend who asked me and the boy I really wanted, the high school football star, stayed home instead.

School was wrapping up. Our senior year was done. Two days until graduation and Mrs. Johnson let us sign yearbooks the entire class.

I spent the entire hour anxiously waiting for him to cross my path, but we artfully avoided one another and the hour passed.

That night, in a fit of frustration I swore to myself I was going to exchange yearbooks with him the next day. I stayed up all night trying to think up the perfect thing to say to the boy I spent my entire senior year worshiping from afar. I made my friends read through a dozen prospective entries to help me narrow down just the right sentiment. It went something like; I hope we can K.I.T this summer. I would really like to get to know you better! #555-callme  (Yes, at the end of the day brevity won out.)

The bell rang and it was fourth period, our very last day in Mrs. Johnson's English class. The hour began to sift by at an alarming rate and five minutes before the bell let out I walked bravely over. OK, well, not so bravely, because I was sweating and red-faced and I think I may have tripped in the process, but that’s beside the point. We exchanged yearbooks.  

I thought maybe I’d hear the hallelujah choir, but instead we feverishly wrote our inscriptions and handed back our books just as the bell rang.

“Thank you,” I said.

He smiled and nodded. He could rule an empire with that smile.

I tore into the girl’s bathroom and whipped open the yearbook. It read, “Too bad we didn’t get to know each other better, you seem like a really cool girl. Maybe we can get together over the summer. K.I.T. #555-callme”

He said the exact same thing! Well, OK, not that same thing, but still!!!

Lunch rolled around. I went out to the courtyard and he waved me down, started heading in my direction.

“Hey,” he gave a bashful smile, “so, you would be interested in going out with me?” He seemed unsure.

“Yes!” It may or may not have come out in one lusty cry akin to someone who had just won the lottery.

Without warning he leaned in and planted the softest, most memorable kiss that I had ever experienced before or after. I let it linger like all of those stolen glances we had exchanged so many times before.

I pulled back, shocked and slightly more than elated by his bold gesture.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I bumbled like an idiot. “I’m not that good.” I confessed as we finally pulled away. (Yes, that was my stupid confession to the denizen of the football field that graced me with his lips, but I digress).

“It’s OK,” he wrapped an arm around my waist like I was his girlfriend, right there in the quad in front of God and all of the cheerleaders-- my girlfriends geeking out in the back. “We have the rest of our lives to get it right.”

I thought that was a bold sentiment when he said it. But you know what? He was right. 

We married while we were still in college.

Well there it is, my first meaningful kiss.

Please, don’t be a stranger, tell me all about yours.
I really do want to know.  

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Tamie said...

I wish my first kiss was as sweet as that. Instead it was down the back of the school yard playing truth or dare. However. My 4th boyfriend the only one that really counts is a storie to be told and be remembered.
It was Feb and I was new to the school, new to the town, and mum finally let me throw my first party. Although I was in year 11 (17 years old). My best friend walked in with this guy. I had never seen him, so he mustn't have gone to our school. So me being me.... With some lessens inhibitions decided to say "if you break her heart my size 9 is gunna fit nicely up your butt" to which he replyed " my size 10 will hurt more". I was mortified! I hadn't been spoken to like that before. My friend then said they were leaving to go to a different party, I was so happy to get him out our house.
Then comes along Sep. I haven't seen him since and to be honest I was trying to get another fellas attention. We have a dance, so I go to my friends house to get ready. Then my fiend says that her boyfriend is comming and I'm so dissapointed. I really want nothing to do with this jerk.
Anyway, he walks into her room, and I take one look at him, and think, wait was that a spark? No no, I shake it off, he's with my best friend after all.
We go to this dance, where me and my girlfriend take turns dancing with him, and have a really good night.
Because we are getting along and it's school holidays I tag along with them, and when my friends at work we just hang out near her work.. Strictly innocent I swear. Untill it hits me, this guy hasn't paid one speck of attention to my friend in a whole week, so I call him on it, and just so turns out that he has wanted me since the dance, was just to scared of me loosing friends or getting into a fight with my bestow, because he has the hits for me!
The storie is still going 10 years and 3 children later, oh and did I mention the 3 amazing children we have!!!!!! Fate/ destiny is a magical thing. Sometimes the prices of life just fall magically into place!!!!

taterbug78 said...

Wow, i felt like i was reading one of your books! Such a sweet story. Mine is short and sweet. 5th grade. I called him my "boyfriend" and he called me his "girlfriend" but boys were still kinda gross then. He was always chasing me around the playground or in gym class saying he was going to kiss me but adamantly refused. On our way to the buses one afternoon he said he had to tell me a secret so i leaned my ear close but instead he decided to just steal his kiss. Then he ran off to his bus! I never kissed him again..(cmon i was 10) but i will always remember that sweet little kiss.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, Addison, what a story!! Seriously, my lashes were all fluttery by the end. My first kiss was at 14, Freshman year. We lived in Hendersonville, TN, and my 'rents had just gotten divorced. Mom was getting everything together to move us to her hometown in South Mississippi, and that included our horses & equipment we boarded at a local stable.

The guy I'd been crushing on for centuries (OK, more like 6 months)--cowboy to my English style, dusty ropers to my polished black leather hunt boots, you get the idea--pulled me behind the hay loft, said he was really sorry to see me go, because he had been thinking about asking me out...well, he pulled me close and gave me one of the most memorable kisses of my life. No tongue, mind, but it was sweet and warm and, I swear, made my leg do that "pop" thing you see in old movies.

Tammara Webber said...

Love this. LOVE it. It's becoming really, really clear to me (after reading a few Plume kiss stories) why some of us connect SO WELL to those teenage years. We're still, in a way, living them. Friends have asked me, "How do you remember that stuff? High school is such a blur to me now." Well, when that guy you wake up next to is the same guy who made your heart pound from across the classroom, you can't help but remember it.

James R. Nobohn said...

I kinda knew where this story was going from the beginning and I'm glad I got it right. I like happy endings. And did he really say, "We have the rest of our lives to get it right"? Wow.

Mine was kind of an epic fail. I met him while I was on a college tour. I was 14. He had come on the tour with his guy friends and I had come with my girl friends from church, and our groups gravitated toward each other since we were the same ages. We clicked right away and he even asked to borrow my favorite baseball cap during the trip. When we arrived back in NY we exchanged numbers and he returned my cap to me and I put it on. Just before our rides came to get us, he asked for a kiss. I was so nervous, I had never kissed a boy before, and we weren't that far away from everyone else, but I thought, Amber, go for it, you only live once, so I stood on my tiptoes and leaned in...and whacked him hard in the face with the lid of my cap :(
We did talk on the phone a few times after that but things fizzled out. I can't stop thinking it was my klutziness that doomed it from the start. He did call years later when I was in college, but we never met again.

Addison Moore said...

Tamie -I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I read "If you break her heart my size 9 is gunna fit nicely up your butt"!!! I believe that qualifies as an instant classic. That was a very cute story. I love that it was a slow burn.

Michelle said...

Well, I feel like mine was no where near as exciting as all of yours. Mine was almost a revenge kiss. I "dated" a boy from 6th grade until the end of seventh grade. When we finally split, he made it unbundantly clear that I was a waste of his time, seeing as we never made it past holding hands. So a week later, I started talking to his best friend, who had a crush on me since the beginning of seventh grade. A few hours later, we ended up kissing behind his house. It was a quick peck, but seeing as we both had braces (oh yes the cliche) we were afraid to be those kids. He and I tried dating, but it really was weird. Needless to say, I met my husband in my junior year of high school and we havent been apart since. Now that is a real man that can kiss!

Addison Moore said...

taterbug78- Aw! That was so sweet! He really wanted it, lol! The sweetest part was that he ran away after. I love the imagery.

Addison Moore said...

Alyssia - Oh my gosh, Alyssia! You had my heart thumping for that cowboy!! I want more!

Addison Moore said...

tammara - Yes! We live it every day, don't we? I feel very fortunate to be so emotionally stunted. Can't wait to read your story. :)

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - You never went out again?? No!!! lol! I have to say that as soon as I read that your hat hit him I said, "Oh that would so happen to me" I feel your pain sister!! I am prone to incidents like that. *sigh*

And yes, my husband really did say that last part. Is that the strangest thing to say? I was equally jarred by his bold kiss as I was his bold words. I'm glad he said them though. ;)

Ang said...

Loved that story! I wish I had one ounce of your eloquence to tell my story! Your writing is amazing. *sigh*

Addison Moore said...

Michelle - Oh I'm so glad you didn't lock braces, lol! I knew a few of those kids. Just hearing their stories about the car ride over to the orthodontist was hysterical.

I'm so glad you married the good kisser. A good kisser can take you far in life. ;)

Addison Moore said...

Ang - Oh, sure you can! Spill all the words. I promise it will be miles of entertainment to the rest of us. We love the romance or the almost-romance of it all. ;)

Mecha Rodriguez O. said...

Wow Addison! That could perfectly be a piece of your books! How sweet!
I couldn't have found out a better way of telling you what happened right after my first significant kiss than with this.
This, is a song by Abel Pintos called "Don't forget me" ( or in Spanish: "No Me Olvides" ) and it describes perfectly well what went on after that kiss.
I was 15 years old and he was the sweetest, shyest and funniest boy I've ever met. Even today, almost 7 years later, just his presence takes my breath away and makes my heart's rate speed up.
So, here it goes..

"The time of going away is hurting me,
hug me for a while,
that I don't want to find out what's happening tonight.
I want to make a pact.
You are definitely finding someone that loves you for real
but don't forget me.
I'm going to be very far, but I'm asking out of piety,
baby, don't forget me.
If every goodbye is a rock above the sea
in this heart there are too many stones.
I won't regret telling you the truth,

Damn the doubt and the habit of thinking
that you can't love this way.
I live in the distance but I can come back
and love you every night in every star.

You are definitely finding someone that loves you for real
because you are free.
I'll be thinking in returning, in coming back.
Baby, don't forget me.

If every goodbye is a rock above the sea,
baby, don't forget me.
I live in the distance but I can come back,
baby, don't forget me.

The time of going away is hurting me once more,
hug me for a while.."

Brittni guillen said...

Awwwww you made me cry how frickin sweet!!!

Addison Moore said...

mecharodriguezo - Beautiful lyrics!! That is so sweet and a little heartbreaking! I hope you're still together. I love that he still takes your breath away. =)

Addison Moore said...

Brittni guillen - Thanx Brittni! Today is also his birthday so the blog hop landed on the perfect day for me. I surprised him with it this morning.

Tessa said...

Hey I was wondering when the new celestra book was coming out, I'm checking amazon every week and can hardly wait any longer!! I love the series.

Addison Moore said...

Tessa - Hi Tessa! EXPEL is in the editing phase. I have several weeks left and no hard release date. The book is a beast and I swore off ever writing a book this long again. I'm hopeful to give you a date in the next two weeks. The scary part about giving a date is me having to keep it. ;) I'll have the cover up either this week or next. I've got that one nailed. =) Thank you so much for reading my books!

Shelly Crane said...

Holy Canoly, Addison! That was awesome. That sounds like the very sweet and giddy inducing kiss plot to a book! :) LOVE it!!

Addison Moore said...

Shelly Crane - Thank you Shelly! I read it to my daughter and she kept saying, TMI!

Wordsmith Publicity said...

I adore this! So sweet!

Addison Moore said...

The Autumn Review - Thank you Autumn! It was much easier to write than to live. It was a rather long senior year. ;) The kiss was worth it though.

kwee said...

Before I gush the mushy details of my story, I just wanted to say that I throughly enjoyed reading all of the novels you have released so far. I couldnt get enough of them and cant wait until the next one comes out.:) if interested I did a review on the books on my blog if at some point you would like to hop over and read it that would make my day. :) On now to my first meaningful kiss.

I first met him when he was dating my sister(weird I know but they werent officially boyfriend and girlfriend so I dont feel to bad)They meet in high school and both played in the band. We started to hang out and became friends immediatly. Now since I was fifteen at the time and kinda niave I didnt think anything more then us just being friends since he not only dated my siter but was also three years older than me. Only a couple of months after we started hanging out he wanted to go for a walk, I agreed and we went to a park we sat at a bench and he didnt say anything for a while then he just leaned in and kissed me. Now thinking back on it I remember I was nervous and couldnt beleive I was kissing my best guy friend it was weird and I didnt know what to think of it. Needless to say I was awful, I avoided him for a little while but couldnt stop being friends with him because we clicked so well so I told him I just wanted to be friends. A year or two after that we had a falling out, Because I was old enough to really start dating and had a couple of boyfriends in that time. Through the years I was still friends with his sister who inevetiably made us start hanging out again, I was just getting out of a year relationship and need someone to talk with so we became good friends again and one night at my house he put his arm around me and asked "Do you have feelings for me" I was speechless I didnt know what to say to him because after we started hanging out again I did develop more then friendship feelings for him we sat there in silence for and hour or so till we both fell asleep on my couch. We woke up in the morning and I told him how I felt. We quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend after that. Now years down the road again and I am proud to say we have been married almost four years now and have a beautiful two year old daughter out of our friendship. :)

Everytime some one asks us "So how did you two meet?" my husband says well it all started in band.

Addison Moore said...

kwee - Aw, your story was perfectly sweet! I love slow burn stories like that. Congrats on the marriage and sweet two year old, too! For sure I'll come by and check out your blog. I can't thank you enough for reading and for the review!!! =) Thank you for sharing your very romantic story.

Rachael said...

It was 8th grade.
He was blonde, he had braces and my 13 year old self was head over heels.
Like you, I spent most of my year lusting over him. And my semi-stalker like tendencies worked out to be slightly less stalkerish considering we had every single clas together.
6 hours, 5 days a week.
Finally a few weeks before school got out, we mutually decided to try a relationship. He was my first boyfriend and I was determined to make him my first (meaningful) kiss.
The last day of school our class went to the beach and we spent the whole day together, I watched him skate board, we went paddle boating together and he held my hand. We'd get close- but never close enough and he seemed to be dodging my advances. I was dumb-founded. We went the whole wonderful day without one kiss.
Then that night, I spent the night at a friends house and around midnight I got a text from Sawyer to meet me outside. I slipped out of her house and we met beneath the stars. He was sweating, after having ran over a mile to visit me, and without saying anything he kissed me.
It was wonderful and perfect. Unfortunately our "young love" only lasted until the beging of summer. Regardless- the kiss is still unforgettable.
Now we're Juniors in High School, 3 years later and were closer than ever. we sit together at lunch, have six hour phone conversations and bond over his lovely cat. All because of the kiss our friendship blossomed and I couldn't wish for it any other way.

Addison Moore said...

rachisalright - That was so stinking sweet! I love it. It played out like a movie! I'm glad to hear you're still friends and I'm glad he left you with a beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing!! =)

Unknown said...

Omg such a sweet story! My first kiss was actually with a guy that I didn't even like remotely and all because of playing stupid spin the bottle in the sixth grade! It was a quick peck and I can't even remember his name :/ my kiss that matters... well I'm still waiting for that special guy but I'm a senior so I'm not too late yet.

Addison Moore said...

Edmiary Ayala - I love that. Spin the bottle is a classic! And its a sure fire way of stealing a kiss. I have such fun memories of that game and some interesting ones, too. I hope your memorable kiss comes soon. Who knows, you did mention it was senior year--mine left off with an unforgettable memory, maybe yours will, too! ;)

kaybear33 said...


this is such a cute thing to write about! ok my first kiss......

so it was the second semester of my junior year in high school, i walked into my math class and there he was, a very shy, amazingly cute boy. i knew his name because he was my friends cousin, but i had never talked to him, just gawked from afar. :) i sat across the room, even though that didnt really help cause with the seating chart, i eneded up sitting right in front of him anyway!! ahh!

so there started my cute outfit, cute hair days, trying to get him to notice me. and i know that sounds funny since i wass sitting right in front of him, but he was pretty cluless. :)

ssince we were in a math class, it was a perfect way to talk to him, id just turn around every min or so to ask a question.

addison the beginning of me and my bf relationship was kinda like yours. we would do homwrok together in class, and then part ways. then he started walking me to my locker. i still couldnt tell if he liked me not, i defintely liked him though. so fast forward a little, to the end of junoir year. i really wanted to ask for his number, and later i found out from him that he had wanted to ask me out, but we were both such big chickens we didnt do anything, so we said goodbye and went home...

so..i texted my friend (his cousin) and asked her for his number! she later told me he had texted and asked her for mine almost at the exact same time! but anyway i texted him, saying "i hope he was ok that i got his number", and he told me, "it was more than ok, and if i wanted to go out" with him..oh my gosh!! :)

fast forward again..2 months, we had just gone are 8th date, and he was dropping me off, i really wanted to kiss him, but i still thought the boy should make the move. :) we walked up to my door, and were saying are goodbyes, when he asked me."can i kiss you on the cheek?", and i just laughed a little and told him, "how about on the lips?" :) so yea first kiss!

we dated trhough senior year, and are now freshmans in college, in opposite sides of the state, but in a little over 3 minths, we will celebrating are 2 year anniversary!! i dont like him, i love him :)

Addison Moore said...

kaybear33 - I LOVE your story! It does remind me so much of my own. I have a soft spot for those slow burn love stories. There's something achingly sweet about being forced to wait. (Although I would have welcomed my kisser sooner;) I hope you and your sweetie end up in the same city soon enough. But until then, remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder. :)

EODWife said...

I was in grade school, 5th grade I think, and I dreamed my first kiss. I know it sounds silly and crazy but I remember waking up and I could still feel the kiss on my lips. I don't know who it was. I couldn't see a face but I know the kiss was what I wanted. It was soft, slightly wet, gentle but with a bit of urgency behind it. I woke up feeling sad and elated all at once. I have lived my love life since that day searching for that kiss. I have yet to find it. So maybe it's still out there, searching for me?

Addison Moore said...

EODWife - I love that it stayed with you~! And you described it so well I felt like I could feel it. Well done! Hope you find your kiss very, very, soon. ;)

karensmith said...

Aww. HAHAHA. I was laughing and wishing for you all at the same time. Hope you could get that kiss very soon.

college dating

EODWife said...

Every year, that is my birthday get my dream kiss!

Addison Moore said...

karensmith - It wasn't too fun to live through but the end result was worth it. ;)

Addison Moore said...

EODWife - That is so sweet! I love that. That's the purest wish of all.