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Gage Oliver's point of view

Wow! I cannot even begin to thank you enough for all of your awesome support for ETHEREAL and for helping me name Celestra Book 7 ~*TOXIC*~! I am forever in your debt. In addition to that, here is the point of view from Gage (our winner). I’ll be posting Marshall, Logan, and yet another Gage very soon as an extra special thank you.
I’ve included the scene I’m flipping from EXPEL—in the event you wanted to compare Skyla’s POV with that of our not-so-beloved Gage. ;) I jest. Mostly.
All issues that may arise from this POV have been addressed in TOXIC. And, oh, how they shall arise.


(Excerpt from EXPEL Chapter 71)

Skyla’s point of view:

Marshall radiates a quiet repose. He bleeds most of the hour with a dry routine, espousing numbers, letters, and formulas as though he were reading a recipe from the back of a box, not his usual engaging demeanor. During the final ten minutes, he stares blank and wide in my direction as though he were looking through me, but the explosion of lust emanating from his being suggests he is rather focused on my person.
He hands a couple of students a stack of graded papers to pass out and takes a seat on the corner of his desk, openly pillaging me with a come hither look in his eye.
Chloe raises her hand, clears her throat to get his attention.
“Hands down.” He doesn’t bother breaking contact with me to reprimand her, doesn’t blink, just takes me in, absorbs every nuance. I can feel something shifting, crackling down on a molecular level. He’s calling me, encoding himself into my genetic design, grafting his soul onto mine. A strange pull takes over and I want to suction to him like a magnet. I seal my fingers over the rim of my desk and hang on, try to stop myself from doing something foolish like falling on my knees before him, begging him to take me in front of the entire class and Gage.
Ellis swivels in his seat. “I’m, like, really tripping out right now,” he gives a low guttural laugh. His eyes shine glassy pink.
I try to revert my energy to Ellis, his perfectly straight nose, his small bowtie lips, but I snap back to Marshall and gasp. Marshall has become a full glorious breath in an oxygen-deprived world. This spell—this bondage he’s placed me in is far too strong to ignore, and nothing in me wants to ignore anything about Marshall right now. Oddly, it doesn’t feel like I’m being controlled, it feels genuine and right.
I can feel Gage shifting from behind—the tension rising like mercury in the desert. “You have five fucking seconds to knock this shit off.” He booms over to Marshall.
The entire class takes in a collective gasp and turns towards Gage, but I can’t pry my eyes off Marshall. I’m so close to giving in, going over and drinking down a warm pool of kisses straight from his mouth.
Marshall’s lips curl into me. His chin dips into his chest while he molds my body with his eyes.
Gage spikes out of his seat, bullets to the front of the class. He picks up the metal stool Marshall usually lounges on and launches it out the back window at superhuman speeds—nearly decapitating the entire third row in the process.
A growl of thunder rolls into the classroom, accompanied with a hurricane level wind.
Gage clocks Marshall onto the floor and the two of them roll around like tigers, nothing but fists, a tangle of legs moving so fast I can’t tell which is which.
Ellis and a couple of other guys struggle to pull them apart.
Marshall pats his lip with the back of his hand and examines the crimson stain on his flesh before staggering to his feet.
“Your stay here,” Marshall seethes into Gage, “has just been markedly reduced.”
The bell rings.
“Take him directly to principal Rice. Inform her of the attack and let her know we’ll need the windows boarded up at once.” Marshall waves them off as they speed Gage out the door.
“He’s going to kill Gage because he loves you,” Chloe whispers the words in my ear like a necrotic poem. “The only thing better than me never having Gage is you never having him. All’s well that ends well,” she drips like a song.
I’m probably going to kill Chloe—and Logan is already dead.
Marshall and I will be the last ones standing.
Dear God.
What if that was the plan all along.

~*Gage Oliver’s point of view:

I press my hand into the small of Skyla’s back as we walk into Dudley’s class. Another hour with the clown who thinks he’s going to marry Skyla Messenger.
Right. I’ll go to the grave before that happens. Hell—I’ll come back from the grave to make sure it doesn’t happen. I’d gladly hand her to Logan before that atrocity ever takes place.
I slip a kiss beneath her ear before taking a seat behind her.
A dull laugh rattles through me at the thought of ever willingly handing her to Logan. That’s about as unlikely as Dudley.
Ellis walks in and nods over to me, stoned out of his freaking mind, per usual. Oddly enough, he considers himself a contender, too. Still can’t believe he thinks he’s got some emotional bond with her. The only bond they share is the weed she helps him hijack from his former self. Ellis’ definition of a relationship is a one-night stand. And, a lasting relationship is defined by whether or not he remembers her name in a week.
Skyla spins around, sinks those crystal cut eyes into me and smiles before returning to her desk—pretending to take notes. Sometimes I look over her shoulder for the hell of it and catch her drawing our names in a heart—spelling out Mrs. Oliver. I wonder if I’m the Oliver she has in mind. Judging by the way she kisses me, I’m pretty damn sure I am.
Chloe catches my attention and I cut her a look—blink a half-smile in her direction.
She licks her lips like an afterthought and flashes a wicked grin.  She wants to meet later, talk to me about ‘some things’ as she put it—and I will—but the last thing I want is Skyla seeing us together. Just the thought of me with Chloe sets her off, and I need Skyla to trust me.
Skyla’s hair spills over my desk and I gently wrap a strand around my finger. It’s spun gold—nothing but extravagant beauty growing from her scalp. No wonder Chloe can’t stand her, she’s perfect. There’s not a damn thing wrong with an inch of Skyla Messenger’s body—and what I would love to do to that body.
I envision us on the beach—Rockaway with its shadowed sand, the navy slick of the ocean rising from behind. Skyla stands before me, wiggles her hips as she shakes off her shorts, tosses her top in the air like confetti.
The curve of a smile plays on my lips as I sink down in my seat.
I picture Skyla pulling me in, taking off her bathing suit top—pressing her soft skin against mine.
Dudley clears his throat and shakes me out of my midday delight.
Probably reading my mind again. Bastard. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what he’s thinking. Half the time he doesn’t bother to hide the boner he has for Skyla. The dude is freaking sick.
I get back to my happy place there on the beach with a mostly disrobed Skyla at the ready. She slips her hands up my shirt and helps me take it off to even out the playing field. I hook my fingers in her panties and send them sailing to the floor.
The sound vacuums out of the room and I snap out of my fantasy. I catch Dudley staring in this direction again, only his efforts aren’t pinpointed at me this time. He’s locked eyes with Skyla and the entire room is fascinated by their nonverbal exchange.
What the hell?
 I sit up and glance over at Chloe.
She gives a little smile and darts her hand in the air.
There you go. If anyone can break the spell it’s Bishop. She’s an expert at inserting herself between Skyla and just about anyone. I should know.  
“Hands down,” Dudley barks. He doesn’t bother breaking his gaze, just keeps digging into Skyla with those fireballs he sees the world through.
Ellis spins around and whispers something to her. His eyes are so glossed over I doubt he realizes Dudley is in the middle of a wet daydream.
I glare over at the so-called teacher.
Who the hell does he think he is? He’s taking her in like she’s a fucking glass of water, drinking her down to the dregs right here in the middle of class.
He zeros in on her, you could feel the lust radiating off him like a furnace. His face entertains the slight impression of a dirty smile, and I can only imagine what the hell is going through that mind of his. God knows thousands of years of perversion are hard at work.
“You have five fucking seconds to knock this shit off,” I warn.
He doesn’t flinch, doesn’t waver from his all out mental molestation, just keeps at it like he’s doing her in real time, right here in front of the student body—namely me. 
I spike out of my seat and bolt on over. The silver chair he slouches on day after day stands in my way so I sail it out the window—a clear demonstration of what I’m about to do to his head.
A roll of thunder rattles from outside, a gust of wind cools down the room. I don’t need much encouragement to rearrange his face but the rush of fresh air inspires me.
I pull back and lock one over on him. His jaw gives a satisfying pop beneath my knuckles so I pummel him again.
He knocks me back and we roll onto the floor.
I kick and thrash his Sector ass all over the place.
Harrison shouts at the two us before plucking us apart like a bouncer.
“Your stay here,” Dudley grits the words between his teeth, “has just been markedly reduced.”
The bell gives an earsplitting cry overhead.
“Take him directly to principal Rice.” Dudley touches his lip and examines my handiwork. “Inform her of the attack and let her know we’ll need the windows boarded up at once.”
A couple of guys harness me from behind and navigate me towards the door.
I catch Chloe whispering something to Skyla. She’s a rose full of thornes—add a couple horns and a tail, and you’ve got Chloe.
She locks eyes with me for a moment and pinches a smile. Chloe prefers me with my hands tied behind my back, much like I am now.
That’s exactly what she told me last week when she saw me naked.


Ursula said...

Wow - that was too awesome for words! Thank you!

Unknown said...

So much fun reading from Gages POV. Can't wait for the others.

Lover of Paranormal said...

I love you and your books!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

*Charlene* said...

Wtf.. Chloe has seen him Naked... when??? UGH!

Mariana said...

Oh Addison. I love you. But Gage's POV killed me. I loved him so much during the series but this thing with Chloe (AND HER SEEING HIM NAKED?!?!?!) my heart is shattered. I'd wring his neck if he were real. Gah!! Can't wait for Toxic!!

James R. Nobohn said...

Awesome, just awesome. Gage's POV is always so different from Skyla's...and Logan's...and Marshall's -- everyone has their own unique voice. I don't know how you do it.

This was one of my fave scenes; could you do Marshall's POV with this scene also? And what's up with Marshall always letting Logan and Gage get one up on him? I know he has the big picture in mind, but he needs to put the Sector smack down on them and remind them who's the head celestial being in charge lol

...and Chloe saw Gage naked?! (but haven't trusted him since BURN so I'm not all that surprised lol)

kelly jenkins said...

He does love skyla!! And he thinks Chloe has horns!!!!!!!!! Love it Addison!

Unknown said...

OMG! Gage, what the hell? I'm practically speechless!!!

Brandy said...

I knew he was a rotten pig. Heehee oh zi can't wait! Love you Addison.

Brandy said...

I knew he was a rotten pig. Heehee oh zi can't wait! Love you Addison.

Bckygnzlz said...

Wow. Awesome change of pace lol. I love that u included his never ending porn reel to this. Lol! I'm starting to see that he doesn't live her really, seems more like lusts her =/. I hope Skyla shoots him straight to hell. #teamlogan

jen8284 said...

Loved it! I am thinking that Gage was referring to being "naked," as in it was forced upon him by Chloe? I surely hope it is to be assumed he has feelings for Skyla and that is why he decided to go against Marshall. I know there is a twist and am patiently waiting for TOXIC!! Although I would must say I would rather she Chloe's death then read she ends up with Gage.

ClovisSassyGirl said...

Im with the other commenter!!! WTF GAGE!!! Naked? Sooo psss'd!!! SNOT COOL... AT ALL! He's got some SPLANNIN to do!!! #PissedGageGirl

ClovisSassyGirl said...

Im with the other commenter!!! WTF GAGE!!! Naked? Sooo psss'd!!! SNOT COOL... AT ALL! He's got some SPLANNIN to do!!! #PissedGageGirl

ClovisSassyGirl said...

Im with the other commenter!!! WTF GAGE!!! Naked? Sooo psss'd!!! SNOT COOL... AT ALL! He's got some SPLANNIN to do!!! #PissedGageGirl

ClovisSassyGirl said...

Im with the other commenter!!! WTF GAGE!!! Naked? Sooo psss'd!!! SNOT COOL... AT ALL! He's got some SPLANNIN to do!!! #PissedGageGirl

The Wright Family said...

Woah...well done Addison. Thank you for that... :)

Unknown said...

Wow! That's all, just WOW!!

Unknown said...

Wow! That's all, just WOW!!

Geri said...

Addison!! You made my day!! Wonderful writing as always. I too cannot wait for Toxic!!

Michelles Paranormal Vault Of Books said...

Loved this, but not liking Gage too much right now, what the heck was he doing with Choe to be naked???? Ugh!!! Yuck. Well, guess we have to wait to find out. Thanks. Counting the days for the next book!

Amy said...

I'm not jumping to any conclusions, hard as that may be, about so many things after reading this, i.e., Skyla's comment about Logan being dead, how Gage feels about Chloe, and Chloe seeing him naked! Anything's possible with your stories, and I mean that in a good way. I'm so glad I found your books. :)

Love, love Skyla, love to hate Chloe, still have a soft spot for Logan (such a sweetheart!), and LOVE but am still pissed at Gage (fanning myself). Thank you for something to hold us over until Toxic and Ephemeral are ready!

Still #Team aw hell. ;)

Piglet said...

OMG!!!!!!! im dying for this book to come out already, and chole is still annoying as ever, once again torn between marshall,gage,and logan *sigh*

kcasanova88 said...

Omg omg omg can't wait to read the book. How much longer do we need to wait :(..,,

Addison Moore said...

Ursula - You are so welcome! :)

LeanneSommers - It was such a blast to do! I love hanging out with Mr. Oliver.

Lover of Paranormal - Aw, thank you! It's one long daydream that I put to paper, or, er, e-book. ;)

*Charlene* - TOXIC explains that one, as well.
Skyla's not thrilled.

Mariana - Ack! I'm so sad you're heart is shattered. Darn that Gage. Although you never what's really going on with these teasers. #sotrue

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - Thank you! I really feel like I know these guys inside and out. And, Marshall with this scene??? lol! Maybe if I can figure out a way to tame the heat. Gage was right when he pegged him with a dirty mind, not that Gage is one to talk. *sigh* These boys...

kelly jenkins - I'm glad you saw it that way!!!

heather peiffer - I know. I'll be sitting down with him once again soon to get his next POV. I hope it leads to better places. ;)

Brandy - lol! Ouch. I won't tell him you said that. ;)

Bckygnzlz - Yes!! The never-ending porn reel was a must. He insisted. ;) I'm so happy you remembered that!

Addison Moore said...

jen8284 - I am rather partial to the twist. *big smile* And for sure I can't wait to share it with you!!! And, he did go after Marshall, didn't he? Must mean something...

ClovisSassyGirl - I know, right? I hope Skyla doesn't kill him or we'll never know the truth! ;)

The Wright Family - Thank you~!!! Gage is the toughest POV because he has secrets at the moment and I really don't want to spoil TOXIC. But he's so fun to write!

Jessica Moran - I hope that was a good wow. I'll admit without the bigger pieces of the puzzle it's a bit of a head scratcher. Can't wait to get TOXIC to you~!

Geri - I'm super glad you enjoyed it!! I really am getting into these male POVs!

Addison Moore said...

Concise Reviews By Michelle - Skyla is pretty ticked, herself. ;) I agree, Gage and Chloe together is simply yuck.

Amy - Thank you for the kind words! I am SO glad I'm still able to throw you for a loop with all these books. And I LOVE team #awHell lol!

Piglet - Chloe never changes. Her obsession with Gage, and her cunning ways remain the same.

kcasanova88 - I so wish it was ready. I talked to my editor today (I'll post this as an update on FB as well) The first part is still weeks away and the second part will be about a month or less after that. I wish it wasn't so but my hands are tied because it is ba-gantic (as my daughter would say :)

Arianna said...

I love Dudley ('nough said)

Unknown said...

Grrr...Still trying to figure out what it is about Chloe that has everyone under her thumb. As for Gage, this keeps my hope alive for him. But curse him for being another pawn of that *expletive deleted*. Love the teasers and am dying for the book to come out to answer all of my burning questions.

Unknown said...

Gah!! I loved this. Thanks for sharing, Addidon. Can't wait for Toxic!

JMB said...

With that last sentence in mind... My jaw dropped I had to remind myself after a while that I'd probably get a bug in my mouth after a few minutes. So now that I've picked up my jaw from the floor... WHAT THE HECK!? Gage and Chloe!!? EWWW! I'm SO looking forward to answers to my questions! Really Mrs. Moore no one knows whats in your head! You really outdo yourself with your books. I LOVE writing and reading. I want to be an author one day and I have to say the way you leave your readers hanging is inspiring! :)
#team Logan (still don't want gage with Chloe though) I know I'm confused on my opinion too :)

Bun Mom said...

You are killing me with th elast line.... i need more soon. Love it

James R. Nobohn said...

Ariana's comment makes me crave an "I ♥ DUDLEY" t-shirt lol
(I just bought a book cover poster from M. Leighton so I love the idea of a Moore store lol)

...and I already disliked Gage, but him dissing Ellis makes me hate him even more, like all he does is get high. Ellis went with Skyla and Logan to bail Gage out of jail; Ellis also light-drove with Skyla to save Gage in TREMBLE only to get left in the past, and thrown out of a window! Ellis has had his heart broken by Chloe and Skyla, and has to watch them both swoon over stupid Jock Strap :( Ugh, Gage is such a jerk!
(I just had to get that off my chest lol)

Anonymous said...

ok let me just say
now that thats out of my system let me ask
does gage really love skyla
and when does toxic come out???

Christina Wong said...

*sigh* you're so good at breaking my heart. can't wait for Toxic P1 and P2! <3

Unknown said...

I read all six of these books in like 4-5 days. I could not put them down. As soon as I finished one I had to get to the next one. I CANNOT wait for Toxic. I wish I knew when to look for it. I have been scouring the internet looking for a release date and all I could find was you saying hopefully in August. This August or next August? I love these books and I made my sister get them, as soon as she is don with her current book she will be reading these. She will love them too.

TInkertink 86 said...

Love this!!!
But I died a little on the inside with this whole gage and chloe thing...
Interested to see how it all works out... waiting *impatiently* for the next book

Michelle Nicole said...

Dear Addison,
I love Gage and I love you! ;0) Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for Toxic!!!!

MagentaCR said...

TRYING to be objective about Gage at the moment... but you do make it so hard! From the way he said he'd never give her to Marshall or Logan, and the way he attacked Marshall i would have to assume he loves her... I don't think the porn reel means he only want her for sex, cos he's just a lad, Logan has dirty dreams about her to and Marshall... is Marshall.
But then the way he is with Chloe...that just baffles me. And WTH to her seeing him naked!You'd better be planning on explaining that or it will torture me for the rest of my life! I'm hoping/assuming he didnt exactly have a choice by the whole hands tied thing.
Amazing cannot wait for the next book

Addison Moore said...

Arianna - I agree. ;) His POV is up next. I'm having waaay too much fun with him.

hannah culbreth - I know Gage has caused me a lot of trouble as of late, lol! Your question about Gage will be answered in book 7 Part One and Part Two, and your question about Chloe will be answered in the final installment. I'm so thrilled to write to the end!!

Andrea @The Bookish Babes - I'm so glad you're excited!! I'm hoping you'll LOVE it! Or like it in the least ;)

JMB - Oh my gosh, thank you for the very kind words! All Gage centered questions are answered in TOXIC Part One and Part Two. :) I can't wait to get you the answers which you seek.

Bun Mom - Thank you, I'm glad you love it! So much happens in TOXIC, I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - Yes! I'm in the process of opening a cafe press store and if I can't get everything I need from them I'll ask M. where's she's getting her tee's made. I am SO all over this. As for Gage he certainly is full of something lately. ;) I suppose we'll find out what sooner than later.

And, Ellis is one of my favs. He really does have a good heart.

Misty Thornhill - Thanks Misty! I'm working really hard to get both parts of TOXIC pushed out the door. I'll be updating the blog soon with more details. Hopefully with dates!

Adrianne Williams - Does Gage really love Skyla? I promise you will know after reading TOXIC (Part One and Two) He seems to have held her in high esteem but something is definitely off. TOXIC will expose all. Can't wait to share~!

Unknown - Yikes! I'm so sorry about that, lol! I hope you'll enjoy TOXIC Part One and Two and will get all of the answers you're looking for.

Tiffany Garris - Hi Tiffany! Wow! I'm so impressed you read them so quick!~ I'm glad you enjoyed Paragon. I can't wait to get you back on the island. And, yes, I was desperately shooting for this August but my editor has wisely hit the breaks and split the book in half. It was much bigger than EXPEL and that one was already way too big. Once it goes to print it'll cause a lot of problems if they're not split now. But the good news is Part One should release relatively soon I'm hoping way sooner than a month, but a month on the long end. It goes through a few Beta's and my editor several times but Part One is already at the end stage. I need to get that cover going next! < Both parts of TOXIC are written and have already gone several layers of editing so it shouldn't be that much longer.

Addison Moore said...

tinker86 - Oh I can't wait to share with you what exactly is happening with Gage and Chloe! By the end of TOXIC Part Two you will have a clear picture. ;)

Michelle Nicole - Michelle, that is so sweet! I owe you guys one more Gage POV!!! I need to drop edits for a moment and get those up!

MagentaCR - lol! Yes, I agree, he can still have feelings even though he runs the dirty reel in his mind. ;) I promise the whole 'Chloe seeing Gage naked' is addresses quite clearly in TOXIC Part Two. But a lot is touched on in Part One as well.

Sydney Bramer - I know, right? Gage has some serious 'splaining to do. And, explain he does. I just hope you'll like what he has to say~! ;)

Unknown said...

You are amazing! I love these books so much, I could not put them down I got through them in less than 6 days and I work full time at that. I cried at the end of book 6 with the possibility of Gage being on Chloe's side, although not surprised at the same time. These books have emerged me into a world that I just can't get enough of. That's why I am gonna start them again tonight. Addison thanks and keep up the great work... I just can't wait to see what's going to happen next and how the story unfolds :) x x

Addison Moore said...

Laura Musgrove - Laura! Thank you so much for reading the books!!. I was touched to see that you cried at the end of EXPEL. Sorry about that, lol! And I'm super humbled that you would consider reading the books again. I really hope you enjoyed your week on Paragon! I can't wait to share TOXIC Part One and Two with you. Since it covers all of summer, I hope you'll feel like it's one long vacation. Things are really heating up on the island. ;)

Vicky said...

Addison what have you done to me?! Just had my first weekend off in 6 weeks and i've spent the entire time with my eyes glued to 5 of the books, and now there are blog posts and a TV series in the works?!
At least when i come back from my very long shift in the emergency department tomorrow night i will have Expel to curl up with! Thanks for making a series of books with are so captivating... I will definitely be spreading the word about them to the rest of the Brits! x

Unknown said...

You are A awesome writer. I get so caught up in your books. Love the fact I can't stop reading till I reach the end!!! Keep writing so I can keep reading :D

Unknown said...

You are A awesome writer. I get so caught up in your books. Love the fact I can't stop reading till I reach the end!!! Keep writing so I can keep reading :D

ρнαтту cαкєz[♥] said...

Omg Addison ily lol that was aFREAKINmazing! I haven't been able to read another book since I've read the celestra series lol

Addison Moore said...

VickyO - Oh wow, you're a quick read~! I'm so glad you're enjoying your downtime on Paragon! I can't thank you enough for reading or for your enthusiasm. :) I hope you enjoy EXPEL. Please drop by again and let me know what you think!

Rhiannon Drouin - Aw, I especially love the fact you can't stop reading until the end, lol! That makes me smile ear to ear. Thank you for that~!

ρнαтту cαкєz[♥] - I'm so glad you enjoyed the POV! One more Gage is coming up (after Marshall and Logan of course. ;) I hope to give you lots to read in the very near future~!!!

Amy said...

Hi again, and thanks for responding above. :) Quick question for you about the new series Skyla will be in. Is that going to be the Ephemeral series, or will it be an entirely new series outside of Ephemeral? I can't get enough of that girl. And those guys. :)

Also, if I can make a request: When Skyla finally gets some long-overdue lovin' from one of those guys (Gage, Logan, doesn't matter, love them both), PLEASE don't just "fade to black" in that scene! Damn woman, you've built up the sexual tension, don't leave us hanging! Lol!

#Team Aw Hell ;)

Addison Moore said...

Amy - Hi Amy! Skyla's new series doesn't have anything to do with the Countenance. Once Celestra ends I'll be following her life a little bit longer. ;) However, the characters in the Countenance will be in TOXIC and more than likely in Skyla's new series as well. :) I hope you'll join me for that!

And, nope I won't fade to black, lol! In fact the last Celestra book will have 'mature' scenes and so will Skyla's new series. Yikes!!

Unknown said...

That was great! Thanx for sharing!

Unknown said...

I love the different point of views!! Thank you :) but ughh Gage! I couldn't agree more with what Mariana said all the way at the top...Gage broke my heart

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Is books 7 the end of the celestra series? I am in love with the world you have created and I can not wait for Toxic!! Has the books really been picked up for a potential TV series and is it seeming like and real possibility in the near future? Keep writing.. You've got us all hooked!!! And I would love to see a series come of it!!!