Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Tuesday Tease

Happy New Year and welcome to the Tuesday Tease~!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a rockin’ New Year's Eve!

Thank you to all of you who read and reviewed SOMEONE TO LOVE!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I’m working on Morgan and Ally’s story as well (her bro and Bff) And I would love to revisit Kendall and Cruise in the future.

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS! I’ve spent the last week going over the final document and it’s almost ready to send to my editor. EVANESCENT (Book 2 of The Countenance) is my next "write to completion" project.

Here’s an extended preview of one of my favorite scenes from ETHEREAL KNIGHTS, enjoy~!

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Ethereal rewritten from Gage and Logan’s perspective)

(Logan and Gage are at the bowling alley when Skyla sends a text)

Where are you? I’m doing time at B’s. She’s getting busy with monkey boy. ~S
I stare at my phone a very long time. She’s at Brielle’s. I could make up some lame excuse—saddle Gage with a thousand hungry middle-graders and spend the afternoon with my dream girl.
“Is that Michelle?” he asks, taking the helm at the register as the line snakes all the way out the arcade.
“No, it’s Skyla. Do me a favor and try not to tell her too much about things. I want to do it myself.”
Gage pauses a good long time before answering. “Done.”
I text her back. Work. Want to come? I can use the help. Must be a great day to bowl. What is B doing with a monkey?
“Hey, Logan?” Gage asks while one of the customers digs through her purse for change. “Do me a favor.”
“What’s that?” I ask, glancing over his features and my stomach clenches. Of course Skyla’s going to fall for him and those tubs digging into his cheeks. What girl wouldn’t?
“Don’t do anything with her,” he says it low like an apology.
He grips onto me with that ironclad stare. He wants my balls on lockdown until we figure this out.
“All right. For now.” My phone buzzes again and I glance down at it.
Trust me, I’d much rather help u. It is the perfect day for bowling. And to answer your question, rutting. ~S
I let out a laugh and show Gage the phone before texting her back.
Rutting?! You have a way with words. You should write poetry.
Funny because I just gave that same advice to Gage not too long ago concerning Skyla. My insides pinch at the thought of them writing poems to each other and having no one but myself to blame.
I’ll save my poems for you. I promise they will not include the word rutting. Ever. ~S
Gage leans in and balks at the text.
“Rutting?” He shakes his head. “I would like to do lots of things to that body, rutting isn’t one of them.”
I shake my head before texting her back.
Rutting is my new favorite word. BTW, Gage wants me to give you a message. He very much looks forward to rutting with you.
I flash the phone at Gage so he can revel in my literary artistry. Let the poet take note.
The phone buzzes again.
Tell Gage anytime. I’m waiting and coincidentally very lonely at this very moment. ~S
“Ha!” Gage barks in my face. “Now that you mention it, I can totally see myself rutting with Skyla.”
I send a quick text trying to rectify my stupidity.
Never mind. I suddenly have a great disdain for the word rutting. You must never rut with Gage. Promise me this.
Jealousy burns through me—splits my heart a mile wide.
Will you rut with others? Turnabout is fair play. ~S
Hell fucking, No.
Promise. ~S
I replace the phone in my pocket and look up at Gage. It feels like I just stepped out of the lion’s den.
Gage gives the hint of a wicked smile before getting back to the customer in front of him.
I may be out of the lion’s den, but the self-proclaimed king of the jungle just so happens to be standing in front of me.
I need to slay the beast Gage has quickly become.
I just can’t figure out how.

Hope you enjoyed~!

If you haven’t read SOMEONE TO LOVE, here are the links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, (itunes to come). 


abby Miller said...

Hey Addison, i was wondering if you knew when ELYSIAN was going to be done and ready for us to read? i love all you books you are an amazing author!

abby Miller said...

Hey Addison, i was wondering if you knew when ELYSIAN was going to be done and ready for us to read? i love all you books you are an amazing author!

Sally Slayer said...

Oooh! Can't wait for this one to come out!

Misty said...

Loved it. I'm with the previous posters who would like to know if you have an approximate date for Elysian to be published.

Jami Freed said...

Oooh I just can't wait!! I'd also like to know the previous question as well as what order are you planning to release future books? And any ballpark timeframes for said books? I just can't get enough of the world's sprung from your imagination!!

Addison Moore said...

abby Miller - Hi Abby! I'm penning EVANESCENT right now and have ELYSIAn in pieces at the moment. I usually have one book that I'm writing and one that I'm editing. I'm editing Ethereal Knights right now. Sorry to take the long way to answer your question! I think Elysian will be ready for spring but it could be sooner depending how fast I move. *writes faster* I hope you'll like how it ends. :)

Sally Slayer - I hope you'll enjoy the boys as much as I have!

Misty - It's in pieces right now. I'll be writing it to completion as soon as I finish penning the second Count book. I'm hoping before spring. And I would love to have Skyla's new series ready to go as well.

Jami Freed - Hi Jami! This is my wish list but my editor can tweak this if need be: Ethereal Knights, Evanescent, Elysian with a few romances coming out as well, perhaps in between. I'm in end edits with EK and with one of my contemp romances but its so different from STL I may wait to release it.

MagentaCR said...

Yay, that was one of the scenes I was most looking forward to hearing from the boys point of view, thanks so much for letting me get a peek at it early.

grrr, stupid itunes, why is it being so slow? I'm sure it wasnt this slow with Toxic part 1.

sweetmary21489 said...

So afrer elysian do u plan to do more with skylas story? By the way i love ur books

Addison Moore said...

MagentaCR - It's one of my favs, too! I finished the edits and am just about ready to send it to my editor but I think I'm going to read it one more time this weekend to make sure the boys spring to life for me. I had THE most fun hanging out with Logan and Gage. I hope you'll like it, too~~! Which book is itunes dragging on? STL? I'm hoping it'll load very soon!

sweetmary21489 - Yes~! I'm so thrilled to begin SKyla's new journey. ELYSIAN will be the last book in Skyla's young adult Celestra series and the new series will be New Adult so it will be steamier. I'll tie up all story lines except for one small one and Skyla will only have one man. ;) It's going to be a blast.

sweetmary21489 said...

Can't wait!!!! I'm so exited for elysian to come out and really I'm still torn between Logan and Marshall but I'm sure whoever she ends up with will make a wonderful story to read.....love the series I'm about to finish toxic part two ...yes I know I barely discovered your books not to long ago and have not stopped since I first read ethereal my only regret... That I didn't discover the series earlier lol

sweetmary21489 said...

One man!!! Wow can wait to see who it is... But what about the other two will they be in the story too??

Addison Moore said...

sweetmary21489 - I'm glad you found the books when you did. ;) As for the other two being in Skyla's new series... well, I'll tell you for sure one will. It's sort of mystery if they both will. I'm dying to share all with you!

lovea.moorebooks said...

I am another devoted reader of your work. And am never, ever disappointed! STL was such a fun, great, sexy read. My husband thanks you for the inspiration! Thanks for all your hard work. I love Him, too:)

Addison Moore said...

lovea.moorebooks - Oh, I'm so glad you love Him, too~! I'm thrilled to pieces you loved the book. And lol about your husband! That is the best thing I've read yet! Ha!

Jami Freed said...

Is it Tuesday yet?? Lol I feel like the week is dragging on. I just got an email today that my burn pj's have been shipped ;) I can't wait to get them!! And my new replacement kindle will be here 2mro so I will finally be able to read STL!! I've been going out of my mind since it stopped charging. Feel restless with nothing to read at night! Hope you and your family had a great New Years!!

Sheri said...

I was reading reviews of someone to love and I swear the people that only gave it one star and the mean things they said about the book they are just full of poopie...u don't listen to anything bad people have to say that book was an awesome book I loved it so much I read it in less than a day...ur a great writer!!!!!

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - Yay for the PJs shipping~! I hope you love them. And thank God your Kindle is coming back, lol! I really hope you'll enjoy STL. *bites nails* It's a bit steamy. ;)

Sheri - How I wish I could hug you! Thank you for that encouragement! lol! And I love the way you phrased it. I'm thrilled you enjoyed STL! It was way too much fun for me to write.

jamie wing said...

Just got done reading Someone to Love...brilliant! You've done it again Mrs Moore :)

Kim Devine said...

just got my bookmarks. they're really nice!! thanks so much addison. can't wait for the next books.

taylor said...

I read someone to love in one freaking day! I was so completely into the story. I thought it would be written very much like the Celestra Series (which i LOVE). It was different though (which I love). I can't wait to read more books from you in the future. You tell a great story. Thank you for entertaining me!

Addison Moore said...

jamie wing - You're kind beyond words~! STL was a blast for me to write, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Kim Devine - You're so welcome! Thank you so much for reading!!!

taylor - I'm so glad you enjoyed STL! It is different from Celestra (the Counts, too). I think that's what was so freeing and fun about it for me. I really like both genres. Thank you for reading!

lovea.moorebooks said...

You are an awesome author to take the time you do in responding to your readers. I wanted to ask real quick, have you read The Edge of Never? I followed STL with that one and it was amazing. Just wondering if you are familiar with that author, Redmerski.

Addison Moore said...

lovea.moorebooks - Hi~! Thank you so much for dropping by! I haven't read that one but I've been hearing great things about it! Thank you for the recommendation. I'm adding it my my TBR pile. It looks like a good one.

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 said...
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tiffandallen said...

Ahhh! I really looking forward to the next installments in the series! You're a very talented story teller.

tiffandallen said...

Ahhh! I really looking forward to the next installments in the series! You're a very talented story teller.