Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

It’s Tuesday~! Welcome back to the teasers!
I’m at the finish line with ELYSIAN. Finally, right? Then the real fun begins with edits. It’s turning out to be a pretty good size book, much like VEX and EXPEL.  
I’m having such a hard time saying goodbye to the storylines—to the world of Celestra as I’ve come to know it. It feels like a boulder is lying on my back as I pen every word. My biggest comfort is knowing that Skyla gets to move on in her New Adult series, where she is no longer in high school and her love life has narrowed itself down to one suitor. I think it will be so exciting to explore this new world, especially after the long journey it took her to get there. I can’t wait to share more on this with you in the very near future, including the new series title, cover reveal, and format of the books. It’s all going to be different but very familiar at the same time. And did I mention ~steamy? Yeah. We go there.
As for EVANESCENT the edits are rolling in! My editor and betas are loving the alternate POVs. (POV = Point of view). In EPHEMERAL, it was all Laken, all the time, but in EVANESCENT it’s Laken, Cooper, then Wesley. I had the best time crawling into the minds of those boys. I think they really added a new dimension to the trilogy and I’ll continue the triple POV in the final book due out later this year. I’m excited!
And, in odd but true news, SOMEONE TO LOVE is featured in this months issue of Cosmo, which I think is really kind of fun. So, to the kind folks over at Cosmopolitan, thank you! And in case anyone missed it, I have SOMEONE TO LOVE extras as a tab up above (on my blog for those of you reading the teasers on Facebook *waves*). Feel free to enjoy the character interview with Kendall and Cruise as well as a sneak peak into SOMEONE LIKE YOU. (The story of Ally and Morgan).
Onto the teasers!

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Trilogy 2)

(Cooper and Wes at a party)
*Wesley’s point of view

“So who did this to you, man?” Coop slaps me gently on the back as he examines the stitches running up the side of my face.
“Logan and Gage Oliver.” Their names roll off my tongue, rough and hostile, like drilling a jackhammer.
“You sure they’re not from Rycroft?” Coop ticks his head back. His jaw redefines itself as if he’s good and pissed on my behalf.
I know Coop well enough to realize what he’s up to. He’s memorizing their names, running it through the super computer that functions as his memory bank to see if he recognizes them. We used to be friends Coop and I. Good ones.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.

*(Skyla with Chloe and Demetri at his estate)

“Skyla,” her voice rasps low.
I look over at her carful, slow, in the event she breaks down and tries to soften my heart with her “please save me” shenanigans.
Her eyes plead with me. Her jaw clenches as she pulls her lips into a razor sharp line. Chloe Bishop is asking for help the only way she knows how, but I turn and run the hell downstairs.
“Mercy can hold powerful rewards, Skyla,” Demetri calls after me.
“So can justice!” I fire back.

*Hope you enjoyed!
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Sheena-kay Graham said...

You tease us so well.

Unknown said...

So do you have a date yet for Elysian? :) :)

Unknown said...

wonderful teasers as usual. can't wait for the new books.

kcasanova88 said...

So excites Elysian is almost done. I definitely can't wait to see who Skyla is going to end up with (team Logan) and I think Laken and Coop are made for each other. Great teasers. Count down till next Tuesday begins. Have a good week.

James R. Nobohn said...

Great news about the Cosmo feature! I'm going to have to stop by the newsstand to pick it up. Watching the success of Someone To Love has been awesome. Everything's coming up Addison :)

I am a little depressed about the Celestra series coming to an end (which is why I've been reading TOXIC and EK in really small doses in order to draw it out lol). I guess Skyla will go to college on the mainland :( but I'm hoping she'll consider applying to Paragon Polytechnic U or something lol so we can stay on the island for a little while longer.

I'm also praying that Marshall is the last man standing. A new series about Skyla navigating the next chapter of her life with her sexy Sector boyfriend sounds cool, right? It would be fun to see how Marshall juggles his celestial responsibilities with being in a relationship. *keeping my fingers crossed*

redheads rule said...

I'm so exited for you!!! Cosmo is really popular you will definatly get a LOT of good publicity from this! (As you deserve) :) Oh and do you have a pintrest?

Addison Moore said...

Sheena-kay Graham - lol! I try, ;)

shannara pavlic - I don't but I'm at the tail end of the first draft. After that it will still take several weeks but we're so close to the end...

Kim Devine - Thank you, Kim!

kcasanova88 - Logan thinks so, too. ;) And I do love me some Coop. I hope you'll enjoy his POV in Evanescent!

Amber J. - Oh that made me laugh! I'm hoping for a great year. It's already been such a good one. As for the series ending, I'm really happy to give Skyla closure and a new journey to enter into. I hope you'll have fun with the last book and enjoy the ending as well.

redheads rule - Thank you! I'm flattered they chose STL. And I don't have pintrest. But I probably should. ;)

Unknown said...

Yea congrats on Cosmo! You absolutely deserve it. All of your books deserve that amount if attention. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the Series happens!! I finally got my kindle replaced today. took forever. hope to download everything again 2mro so I can spend my weekend inside the minds of the Oliver boys... finally!!! As always love the teasers. have a great weekend. Me I'll be ignoring the hubs and kids, my mind will be in Paragon!! Lol

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - Thank you! I'm SOOO glad you got your Kindle replaced! I really hope you'll have fun with the Oliver boys this weekend!! Let me know!

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 said...

Its been a while......finally got to Ethereal Knights... fantastic as usual! Are u thinking of continuing that or was it just like a bonus book for a little of the Oliver's POV? CAN NOT Wait until Elysian and Evanescent are done!!!!! I hope you just keep writing on these two story lines FOREVER!!!! Any more on the tv series for Celestra?? Fingers crossed. !!!TEAM GAGE and TEAM COOPER!!!

skyla said...

Ugh i dojt even know if im rooting for logan or gage-_- i keep rereading the series and cross referencing the books and for wesley he just freaking ticks me off there is no team for him i love all of the religious ties im frightened to absoultly histarics that the upcoming series with skyla will be dull seriously....i need like 3 suitors for me too be intertained i like charectoristics from marshall gage and logan uck im a messXD

Addison Moore said...

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 - (I hope you see this!) I'm so glad you enjoyed EK! For now it's a one off but I'm very interested in doing Tremble, mostly because Marshall is in it. ;) I finished ElYSIAN and I'm hoping that EVANESCENT is out in the next two weeks. We shall see. As for TV no news is most likely not great news but I'll talk to the film agent and maybe he can shop it again. On the up side, Cooper gets his own Point of view in EVANESCENT~! #Coopishawt

skyla - I hope you'll enjoy the final book! It closes everything off with the exception of one small storyline. I think its the right ending and Skyla will be satisfied. The new series will be tricky to navigate for sure! But I hope you'll have fun revisiting with fiends from Paragon!

Unknown said...

Hey Addison! Woman, you are absolutely brilliant and super funny! The story can be super intense as well but there are things Skyla says or thinks that just crack me up! I have completely fallen for these characters and can't WAIT for the end of a new beginning! Thank you for the teasers!