Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Teasers~!

It’s Tuesday again! It’s like we’re on a loop, oh wait, we are. ;) I hope everyone had a great weekend free from drama and trauma that only holidays can bring. I think I’ve overdosed on chocolate, although that didn’t stop me from lopping the ears off a choco bunny this morning for breakfast. He had it coming all snug in his gold foil suit, that painted on smile, but I digress…
Book news! EVANESCENT is done, done, done! I’m still touching up the cover, and I’ll probably read it for the zillionth time while I take my daughter and her BFF to Color Me Mine this afternoon, but I’ll give it to the formatter ASAP and I’ll let you know as soon as I hit publish. I hope all goes well (I’m looking at you B&N).
In other news, ELYSIAN is looooong but I’m going to tackle edits like my life, and mostly my sanity, depended on it and knock it out. I’ve been getting a steady eight hours of sleep but I’m willing to shave a few Zzz’s off the backend and make this happen. You deserve the conclusion to Skyla’s story. I hope you’ll enjoy the final journey of the young adult series as much as I have. It’s a wild one.
Plus there are the innumerous secret projects which I hope to unveil soon. But that fun is for another day. Off to the teasers!  

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Trilogy 2)
(Laken and Cooper headed to his house)
*Laken’s POV

“So”—Coop nods in my direction as we make our way through the white picket fence—“everything go okay with Wes tonight? You looked like a beauty queen—still do.”
A warm rush filters through me as I blush head to toe. Coop knows how to make me feel like a princess.
“Thank you. And it went fine,” I say as we make our way up the porch. It feels great like this with Coop, coming home with him night after night. His bed feels more like my own than the one waiting for me at Austen House. “I saw you talking to Wes earlier. Anything you want to share?” I’m almost afraid to ask.
“He was feeling me out.” Coop opens the door and lets us in. “He was playing it cool but started asking about Grayson. He wants us to go on a ‘double date.’” Coop mouths the words with a silent laugh. He takes up my hand and electrocutes me with a jolt of excitement. Coop leads us through the dim lit house as if we were on some covert mission. So I guess it’ll be you and me, and him and Grayson, he teases. You think they’ll make out in front of us?

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.
*(Brielle trying to convince Skyla to take the boyz out for a test drive.)

“Trust me”—Brielle lends a dramatic pause—“you want a man who knows his way around both his equipment and yours.”
“I’m sure each of them could figure it out.” A brief visual of Gage and his equipment runs through my mind and I blink it away.
“You’re right it wouldn’t be fair.” Brielle looks off in a daze for a moment. “It’s obvious Dudley would dominate in that arena. I swear to you I’ve been with a lot of guys and not one of them knew half the things that man did. He was just…it was incredible—it was out of this world.”
“He sort of is out of this world,” I whisper.
My face explodes like a firecracker on the Fourth of July. I had long suspected Marshall would win the gold in the fornicating Olympics. It doesn’t help that he’s got the face and body of a sexual demigod.
“All right, enough.” I run my fingers under the sink and sprinkle both her and I with water in an effort to cool us off. “I’m not having some sexual triathlon, so you can pull your head out of the gutter.”

Hope you enjoyed~!
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CRAZY4BOOKS2522 said...

YAY!!!!! Still waitin I check constantly to see if EVANESCENT is out yet....Hope its not much longer these teases are killin me:)

skyla said...

My head is officially in the gutter for the rest of the day due to your teasers lol!

Anonymous said...

Books, I need your books. Tasty teasers I might add. I can't wait for their debut!

redheads rule said...

You need your sleep and thank you for responding to my previous question I will keep you updated on my grade :)

Addison Moore said...

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 - So glad you're liking the teasers! I'm putting the final touches on Evanescent and just finished the cover. I'm so ready to push this book out the door!

skyla - lol! Sorry about that! I blame Brielle.

Denise - I could hug you for that. *writes faster*

redheads rule - Yes! I want to know! I'm still hoping for the A! ;)

skyla said...

When are they coming out!!im having withdrawls!!!!!!

ammh said...

Love these books totally need to read the last one. I just can't seem to enjoy reading other books till I know how this series ends. But on the other hand not sure if I want it to end. Keep up the good work :)