Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Tuesday tease + book news!

It’s Tuesday! I’m giddy because I had a great week editing Celestra Forever After. I’m on track to send the ENTIRE book to my editor on Thursday! *squee* (Heads up, Sarah!)

Quick news: Someone to Love is still only $2 for a few more days! Make sure to pick up a copy before my publisher raises the price again! Quick, go and get one! I’ll wait...
Happy reading!

Would you like to listen to the audiobook for Someone Like You? Just click here and listen to the first 10 minutes of the book! Happy listening!

Since Celestra Forever After is moving right on schedule, if all goes well with my editor and betas, we should have a mid to late March release date! This is a new series. It takes place after the young adult Celestra series has been completed. It’s structured so that new readers can pick it up and not feel totally lost. Hopefully soon I’ll have a cover reveal! Next week-ish???

On to the teaser!


*Logan and Coop, watching Wes from a distance.

“He’s here, huh?”
“Apparently, so. It’s giving Laken some anxiety, but she’s a strong girl. I’m not too worried. I told her if he tries something, to feel free to invert his jewels and show him who’s in charge. Hell, I might knock his balls in myself.” Coop’s brows peak as two other guys dressed in black suits approach Wes. “There’s an underground society the frats are forever spinning urban legends about—The Blood of the Dragon. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wes is campaigning. And if he gives them enough cash, he’ll be running it in a week.”
“What the hell would he want with a bunch of college goofs? He’s a little busy culling the dross from the Counts, isn’t he?”
“Who knows, maybe he’s scouting new recruits.”
 Shit. “Human recruits.”

*Hope you enjoyed! It won't be long now!

Don't forget Sugar Kisses it out! Roxy is full of attitude and Cole thinks he's all that. But they can't stay away from those late night Sugar Kisses!

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