Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Serpentine Butterfly is LIVE!

Author: Addison Moore
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Cover Design: Gaffey Media
Release Date: March 31, 2016

I thought he’d be here to love me forever. I thought he’d stand right by my side. He’d never leave me. Never betray me. I thought I could trust him—until death do us part.
Skyla Messenger’s life is changing, alliances are shifting, the Nephilim are regrouping, her family expanding.
When unexpected circumstances are thrown her way, Skyla has to draw on her inner strength for the sake of her people and her family. And when she needs them most her powers prove stronger, far more unstoppable than ever before. Tired of abiding by faction rules, Skyla learns that sometimes to survive you must defy them all.


Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading.

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The Celestra Series 
YA Paranormal Romance

16 year-old Skyla Messenger embarks on a journey that spans time and dimensions in her pursuit to navigate old angelic rivalries.

After the death of her father, her family moves to eerie Paragon Island where no one and nothing is as it seems. 

Upon discovering she belongs to the most powerful angelic beings, the Celestra faction, Skyla is enthralled with her new powers and her new standing in the order of the universe. Skyla and the two handsome boys that side with her, Logan and Gage, find themselves embroiled in a faction war that tries their character and has them questioning which side of the battle line they should be standing. 

The Celestra Series is a dizzying carousel that sends you into the fog-laden woods without any hope of ever leaving. Fasten your seatbelt. This is one wicked ride. 

and Fems
and Sectors,
oh my.

The Countenance Trilogy

*Be sure to check out The Countenance Trilogy, a Celestra spinoff. Both series merge into the Celestra Forever After Series, a New Adult continuation of the popular Young Adult series!

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Meagan Davis said...

To me when logan is trying to protect skyla from the counts there song would be uncover by zara larsson

Addison Moore said...

Meagan Davis - I'm going to listen to it! I'm excited! Thanx for passing it on!

Meagan Davis said...

Are you going to write another series about skyla after forever after

Dina K. said...

Amazon is currently NOT selling this book, the Celestra Knights, or Celestra Ever After books in kindle form. Why is that and what's goin on? I finally finished the main series and would REALLY like to read the other books! Please tell us what's up! Thx!


Addison Moore said...

Dina K.

Thank you for reading the books! I've been speaking with Amazon and they said the books would be restored last week before letting me know they needed more time. In the meanwhile, the paperbacks are all still there. The Someone to Love series ebooks as well as paperbacks are all still available there too. You can find the rest of the ebooks at other vendors such as Google, iBooks, Nook etc. So sorry for the inconvenience. Happy reading!

~Addison :)

Dina K. said...

Thank u for looking into things at Amazon. Just so u know, the books are still Not available. I'd like to get these books in kindle form and on Amazon. The reasons being that I have all the other books in that format and also Amazon is a secure site that I usually buy from.

I Really hope these books are back soon! I'm kinda goin a bit nuts having to wait after just reading the other books back to back. This is one of my all-time favorite series and I want to read the other books more than any others right now!😰

Can u possibly check back with Amazon again soon, see if there are still problems or not and if so,please talk to them again?

Thx so much for your time and also for your Incredible books!

Take care!

Nicole Jewell said...

Still not available on Amazon Kindle :(

Whitney Lumley said...

I just finished rereading all 3 of the celestra forever after you have an ETA for the 4th book, Crown of Ashes??
I just need to know what Skyla and Chloe are up too!!!
Your very dedicated Celestra Fan,

Dina K. said...

Yes, the books are Still not available on Amazon. Since I use a kindle, I could use some help on where else I can buy these as ebooks. I want to read these books So Badly! Thx!

Addison Moore said...

Dina K. - here are more buy links. Happy reading!

Addison Moore said...

Nicole Jewell - I spoke with Amazon late last week and they were not as reassuring. I'll work on it more this week.

Addison Moore said...

Whitney Lumley - Yes! I'm back on Paragon. Skyla is up to something for sure! Can't wait to share. I'm really trying to hit the end of the year with its release. (Crown of Ashes)

Dina K. said...

Hello again Addison! I hav inpoe to speak to you again, about trying to buy your books and it's Very important! Is there a way you can email me I want to explain more and show you some important emails about me "trying" to purchase your books we were speaking of, from Smashwords website. It went ALL WRONG and they asked me to speak to you. I would Really appreciate it, if you would.
Thank you so much!


Unknown said...

Hey when will Crown of Ashes be released? Can't wait 💓💓 and after will u be following up with series of Skyla and Logan then Skyla and Marshall? Eek x

Addison Moore said...

Dina K. Emailed you. :)

Addison Moore said...

Unknown - Yes that is the plan although I don't know if they would be considered a new series or simply blended into CFA. I'm excited that you're excited! Thank you for reading! <3

Unknown said...

Hope this all Wil be resolved soon! I need to get back to paragon and my 80s romances. Please help! Please keep us posted. Nicole

Unknown said...

Hey Dina,

You can purchased it from google play store and trust me u enjoy google play book more than kindle.

Atleast try with sample with google play book if u enjoy then u can purchased...

Pinki :-)

Priya Rawat said...

Hey Addi,

Hope u have completed ur next series.

Its Oct nearly end of the year. Please tell when the forth book of celestra forever after (crown of Ashes) will be released

Vicky Aston said...

Great thanks dunno y I'm coming up unknown but thanks for responding, follow on fb also.. absolutely love all ur books can't wait till crown of ashes is released know will b purchased and probably read in same day lol xx