Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Tuesday Tease!

A Tuesday Tease! Finally! I'm knee deep on Paragon. Visiting Paragon always feels like I'm at Disneyland—the haunted mansion—but still, Disneyland. Enjoy!  Release date is to be announced! (Disclaimer: Teasers may be slightly deceptive.) ;)


ChArms said...

I absolutely cannot wait! The twists and turns, the anticipation, it keeps me on my toes! I have connected with every character and cannot wait to see things unfold from here. #TeamLogan

Unknown said...

I really need to read this book I have to know what Chloe and skyler are going to do the thought of them pairing up is exciting :D im so impatient this has to be realised soon!!

Charlotte Wilson said...

I tried so hard to stay off of here so I wouldn't make myself miserable with suspense! I failed!