Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

It's here again, Tuesday! I hope you've had an awesome week. I've been crazy busy but mostly that has to do with life grinding back to normal post-holidays. 

Fun stuff! I'm taking pictures of bizarre crap and anything else that amuses me, so, if you'd like, follow me on Instragram! @authoraddisonmoore

Book news! I've been working non-stop on Celestra Forever After—yay! It's fun, it's wild, and steamy, and boy are there plot twists. This series has a whole new feel and I'm primarily writing it for fun and my natural curiosity to peer into Skyla's life once again. I have to admit I sort of feel like a resident of Paragon so anytime I get to spend on the island I feel at home.

More book news! Someone Like You releases NEXT TUESDAY!!!! I'm SOOO excited for you to finally meet Morgan Jordan. He is sweet, and sexy, and I think every girl needs a guy like Morgan in her life. Someone Like You is book 2 in the Someone to Love series.  Someone For Me book 3 releases in July and that will feature Kendall and Cruise again. 
On to the teasers!

Someone Like You (Someone to Love Series 2)

Morgan’s POV (Point of View)
The night we shared runs through my mind—hot, mindless sex with no pretense, no words for that matter. This is exactly why one-night stands have a magnificent downside. You might be sleeping with a goddess and not even know it. If I could go back I would appreciate things a whole lot more, savor Ally’s body like it were the most exotic fruit, the last bite of my entire existence.

Sugar Kisses (3:AM Kisses Book 3)
Roxy and Cole’s story
“I haven’t had sex in weeks.” He flat lines.
“Oh, poor you. Are you cramping up? Do you need me to run out to some all-night sex shop and buy you a blowup doll?”
Cole spears me with those glowing green eyes. “You’ll do.” His cheek rises up one side because he’s too damn cocky to give into the shit-eating grin that’s dying to break out on his face.

New Adult  17+ (quasi-spoiler)
*Skyla's POV

I head up into the stands and sit between Laken and Brielle. They look tense, unhappy. Laken looks either scared or pissed—knowing Bree, it’s probably both.
“What’s up?” I pull out my phone and get the camera ready to zoom in on the field.
“Nothing.” Brielle looks more than mildly guilty, so I know it’s something.
“Brielle was just filling me in on all of the awesome things you’ve done together.” Laken says the word awesome as if she were mocking Bree.
Crap. It’s like Brielle is threatened by Laken for no apparent reason. Well, other than the fact I have no other close friends than Brielle. I’m sure seeing me hang out with Laken is setting off all kinds of BFF alarms and I get it. I’ll have to reassure her she’s still my girl once the game is through.
“So how does it feel?” Laken wrinkles her nose. “You know, being a married woman.”
“What are you talking about?” Brielle belts out a laugh. “Skyla’s not married. If she was, I’d not only be the first to know, but I’d be right there next to her as maid of honor—we’re that close.” She shoots Laken a look before training her attention back to the field.
       Oh crap.

lol! I love that. Oh, and if you missed my random 14 things post on facebook here's the LINK! Have a great week!

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