Friday, September 16, 2011


~*New*~ update:
Hi guys! Wow, thanx for all the Celestra love! Here's the Amazon link for Wicked!

Thank you again for all of the comments here, facebook, twitter, and Goodreads! Also HUGE thank you for the reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon, that's always appreciated, too!

I did note some weird section breaks in the text and fixed those. I apologize about that!

Also, I wanted to give you the heads up that thanks to a great suggestion by Heather I'll be posting an excerpt  from VEX on my facebook page on Tuesdays, thus, the The Tuesday Tease. =) I'm excited about that. Just remember, I'm West Coast and generally lazy, so it could happen at any point in the day since I'll most likely be sleeping through most of your mornings. (sadly true) 

The Nook version of WICKED should be up shortly.  

*Happy Reading*

I hit the publish button over at Amazon this morning! I’ll do the same for the Nook shortly, and both should be up sometime today or this weekend. Amazon seems to load just a little quicker and mobile users usually get the book to show first.

Hope you enjoy WICKED! I had a blast writing it. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Title reveal of book 4 and 5!!!

The titles for book 4 and 5 in the Celestra series are, WICKED, and VEX! 

*The cover for VEX is just a working cover, but I wanted to have it as a place holder over at Goodreads, and the sidebar. I'll do an official cover reveal when the book launch gets closer. VEX isn't the final book in the series, although I am inching my way towards the end. 

I have to tell you that I have the world’s greatest readers! Seriously, you are amazing, and I love to hear from you either here, FB, twitter, or Amazon’s discussion boards. I’m finding you everywhere and I’m really loving it!

In about a month I should have some really *exciting* news, which I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning, but who better to share my burgeoning excitement with other than you guys? I can’t give any hints, but stay tuned because IT. IS. EPIC! 

Unrelated, but just as important-- here's a really cool link, so if you get a chance please check it out.

Book Hookup; Celestra book to film. You cast Logan and Gage (for fun).

And lastly I wanted to leave you with a few snippets of book 4 WICKED. I was going to put in the entire preface, but decided to find some random tidbits instead.


(Skyla regarding Chloe)

She’s the demon I’ve called into being through the labor of my marrow.

(Skyla’s thoughts while looking at Gage)
He pulls back, a direct stream of moonlight pours over his features. There’s such a magnified splendor about Gage. Every piece of marble should ache to be carved into his likeness.

(Skyla’s thoughts while light driving with Logan)
Damn—Logan is hot when he’s defying his parents.

(Marshall to Skyla in regards to Logan and Gage’s whereabouts)
His eyes track over me with a look of serious disdain. “Are they all you ever think about? Does it ever cross your mind that maybe Marshall’s down there? Gee, I wonder if Marshall’s safe today?” He postures himself as though he were me.

All thoughts are welcome! Let me know what you think!