Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skyla goes to HOLLYWOOD!!!

*Update* The option has expired but the series is being shopped again. I'm hoping for all good things! 


I am so honored and thrilled to announce that 20th CENTURY FOX has optioned FILM RIGHTS to the Celestra Series with the intent of turning it into a TV SERIES!!!!!!

In July, I received a call from my literary agent, extraordinaire, Rachelle Gardner who informed me that 20th Century Fox was interested in FILM RIGHTS!!! I was completely blown away. Rachelle quickly procured highly coveted film agent Joel Gotler (I LOVE that man!) who handled all the details and made sure my fairytale came true.

Guess what?

There’s more!

-->Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe award winning, Executive Producer Stephen Gaghan of SYRIANA and TRAFFIC fame is championing the project!!!<--- AMAZING, right?!!!!

I’m so glad that after many, many months of celebrating in silence, and happy dancing in the dark, I’m able to share this great news with you.

So, on behalf of Skyla, Logan, and Gage, well, OK, Marshall, too, thank you for reading and sharing in this happy, happy news.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Indelibles Blog Hop- Win a Kindle Fire!

Welcome to The Indelibles Blog Hop!

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In celebration of our official launch, we are giving away a KINDLE FIRE! If you’d like to start at the beginning of the INDELIBLES ON FIRE GIVEAWAY BLOG HOP, then please start here:
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Marketing guru Shelli Johannes Wells has teamed up with twenty-four other indie and small press authors to bring you the Indelibles.

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We are The Indelibles.”
Each week, we’ll explore fun, fabulous, and fierce topics for today’s teens, drawing on pop culture and themes from the books we write. Check out our official launch Monday, January 9th for fun giveaways at We’ll also be having a “blogger” chat on January 11th and a writer/author chat on the 18th to answer questions about self and indie pubbing. See our blog for details.

If you're stopping by for the first time, I'm Addison Moore author of the Celestra Series and other YA novels in the works. ETHEREAL is the first book in the Celestra Series.

The contest begins at 12:01 PM Monday, January 9th and ends at 12:01 PM Thursday, January 12th. If you've stumbled on this post early, please be aware that all the links might not be working yet, and you'll have to come back during the official contest to complete the hop. =)

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