Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Teasers

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!!!
SOMEONE TO LOVE is still rocking the NYT Bestsellers list, three weeks in a row!
And sadly, the flu doesn’t care much about that because it’s come to visit, and it looks like it’s taking up residency in our household. It’s ironic that when you’re really not up to doing laundry, you find yourself running emergency loads at midnight.
Anyway! I got ETHEREAL KNIGHTS back from my editor! Yay!!! I’ve already fixed the suggestions, and now I have to do another final "once over" and then several slooow reads to make sure every word is in place. I really hope you’ll enjoy the Oliver boys as much as I did. Again, fair warning, they are racier than Skyla, but I think the book is such a nice supplement to ETHEREAL, that I’m thrilled I ventured into their incredibly racy minds.
I’m letting EVANESCENT cool until I put out EK, and in the meantime, I’m penning SOMEONE LIKE YOU and ELYSIAN~. (I edit in the morning and write at night. Somewhere in the middle is my so-called life.)  ;)
Off to the teasers!

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (ETHEREAL rewritten from Logan and Gage’s perspective)
*Gage’s Point of View

“You think she’s Celestra, huh?” Just another thing pretty boy and Skyla have in common. My stomach turns at the thought.
“I know she is. You know what the best part is?”
“She can see what a douche you are, inside and out?” I tease.
Not really. It’ll probably only magnify the fact that deep down, Logan Oliver is one of the nicest guys Skyla could ever hope to know—and that’s just too bad for me.
“You’re funny.” He takes the turn outside the estates a little wide, and I hold onto the grab bar. “No, I just keep thinking about how intense it’ll be with her.” He says it quiet—serious, and it sends every nerve in my body on red alert. He’s going to do it. He’s going to make a move on the girl I’m supposed to be with. I don’t get it. If I’m feeling it—if the visions confirm everything I know is true—then why on earth is Skyla the last person to get with the program?
I glance back over at Logan and sink in my seat as a horrible realization sets in. Maybe, just maybe, Logan has been a part of the big picture all along.

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)

*Laken engages in a ritual called, the slaughter of plenty. (BTW, Laken is not a monster. These creatures were severely injured.)

The most humane way to kill a beast is by breaking its neck. I try to stand but my foot glides in a pool of blood.
Wes tries to help me up, but I push him off. Instead, my blade finds the long slick necks of each one of those creatures as I carry out a decapitating spree that goes on for what feels like hours.
“Shit, Laken!” Fletch pants in disbelief at the bloody carnage I’ve entrenched myself in. “What the hell?”
“They were suffering.” I glance up at the crowd with their hoods pulled back, their eyes locked in disbelief. I rise to my feet with the blade still secure in my hand—blood dripping to my ankles. I latch my gaze over to Wesley and try to steady my breathing. “I won’t let anything or anybody suffer.”
Especially not Celestra. Although, it’s not their heads I’m after.
It’s the Counts. 

ELYSIAN (Celestra book 8/ The final installment)
*(Skyla and Logan)

“Logan?” I can’t breathe. I can’t even hope to catch my breath.
I feel so powerless. The impotency of the entire universe is exemplified by what he’s just said.

I hope you enjoyed! I’ll edit the heck out of ETHEREAL KNIGHTS and hopefully have a publication date to give you by next Tuesday. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

Happy Tuesday~!

SOMEONE TO LOVE hits the New York Times bestseller list for a second week!!! I’m thrilled, and honored, and extremely humbled that its hung in the air for so long. BIG thank you to YOU guys for all of your ~wonderful~ support! *Hugs and chocolate all around*
The Books: I should be done with the first draft of EVANESCENT by Wednesday. It’s taken the entire time I've allotted to write it, but I’ve had fun with the storyline. It looks like The Countenance is shaping up to be a trilogy, which I had originally intended it to be. I should pen the final book in late spring if not sooner. The tie-ins to Celestra increase with each book but you don’t have to read Celestra to understand The Countenance.
ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is still with the editors. I’m hoping at least one will release it back to me this week. I’m so excited about this book!!! In fact I’ve actually had Oliver withdrawals and have been thinking about penning TREMBLE for Me which would be book 2 in the POV series. I just love me some Logan and Gage. Is that so wrong? Lol!
ELYSIAN will get my full attention around the second week of February—for sure by Valentines Day. Then I pen it to the end. Sad to see Celestra go but super excited to bring you the rest of the story. Then Skyla gets her New Adult series which will officially be my guilty pleasure.
Also, I’m going to try and get my injured cover artist, A.K.A. my husband, to churn out some of his amazing work so I can share them with you guys. Here’s hoping!

Enjoy the teasers!

ELYSIAN (Book 8 - The Final Celestra Book)

(Skyla to Chloe)

“It never ends with you. It’s always the same story.”
“I am the story, Skyla. And I’m going to stick around to make damn sure you never forget it.”

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Book 2)

(Wes to Laken, talking about the Celestra tunnels)

“You’re going to be powerful after our visit, Laken.” The muscles in his jaw pop as if he means business. “This place, it’s called the Tenebrous Woods. It’s where prisoners of war are held.” He shoots a nervous glance behind me. “Laken, the only way to get this power is to take it from them physically.”
I stare at Wes a very long time. I’m boarding up the windows and doors to my thoughts so he’ll never get inside and see what a monster my eyes are conveying to me at this very moment.

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Logan and Gage’s POV novel—Ethereal rewritten through their eyes)

(Logan and Skyla talking about Chloe)

“I think we should do this with words.” I press a finger over my lips, wishing I were touching hers instead.
“Afraid to let me in much?” She says it like a dare. I wonder what she would do if she knew I could withhold my thoughts from her at will—that I seem to hold a secret from her at every turn. I doubt she’d believe any of this was in her best interest.
 I shake my head. “More like, afraid to hear you.” It comes out slow, measured. “It happened twice with Chloe and me. It was stupid. Chloe and I…” I wish I could take it all back, every last kiss. “She wasn’t the right person for me.” I interlace our fingers soft as feathers. “By the time she disappeared we had already broken up, which put me at the top of the suspect list.”

Hope you enjoyed!

BTW, because so many of you were so kind to chime in last week, I wanted to let you know I finally ditched the gel nails and traded them in for acrylics. Since I was an acrylic virgin, my fingers ached the first night, but now I can’t stop staring at them because they are so darn purdy. Also, I can’t stop strumming them against things because it makes an awesome sound. Like I needed another psychotic obsession.  

Thanx again for supporting SOMEONE to LOVE!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It happened

*screams* jumps up and down.*
I can honestly tell you that no one is more floored (and happily so) than me. I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your awesome support—the kind words to friends, the reviews, all of the wonderful shout outs you’ve given me and my books has just blown me away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. XOXO
My husband and kids are on cloud nine with me. We celebrated with champagne, cheesecake, and of course there was chocolate (unfortunately for my jeans, perhaps too much.)
So here are the stats and I’ll get right to the teasers:
#6 New York Times Bestseller List e-books
#10 New York Times Bestseller List print and e-books
#8 Wall Street Journal Bestseller List e-Fiction
Cool huh? I’m loving my miracle.
Onto the books!

EVANESCENT is almost done!!!! Things have moved a tiny bit slower. I blame the piles of Christmas decorations amassing in the center of my living room, asking who in the heck is going to put them away. Where's the Grinch when you truly need him? 
Anyway, I should pen “the end” by next weekend.

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is already off at the editor, and I’m probably going to have two editors look at it because I’m OCD that way. So whenever they give it back to me I’ll sweep over it and give it to you. Fair warning, those Oliver boys are not at all as sweet and innocent as they would like you to believe. I’m questioning what kind of warning to put on this book. *I’m looking at you Gage*

ELYSIAN, (the FINAL Celestra book) is to be completed in February. It’s in pieces at the moment. I may reveal Skyla’s new series title in a few weeks!!! You may laugh or cry, depending how you feel about it. I’m in love!  

SOMEONE LIKE YOU Gah! How can I not write Morgan and Ally’s story? Morgan is Kendall’s brother who comes into town for seemingly innocent reasons and happens to come across Kendall’s BFF Ally. The first chapter has me reeling in a good way. And can I say Morgan Jordan is ~hot~??? Honest to God, he could teach Marshall a thing or two. It should make me uncomfortable to have such insanely gorgeous, ravenously, vexingly delicious men roaming free in my head and yet I welcome it. (I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t read my blog. You don’t read my blog, right honey??? It doesn’t matter. You’re the hottest man I know and you’re real, so you win!)
And hitting the NYT Bestseller list hasn’t changed me one bit as evidenced by my to-do list tomorrow:
1.     Allow 11-year-old daughter to cut my hair. (Two inches straight across the bottom, no bangs.)
2.     Continue to chip off the gel nail polish I got roped into trying back in November. It was fun while it lasted. And why is it lasting?
3.     Ignore the large storage bins marked “x-mas” in my living room that have learned to multiply.
See? Still me!
Happy reading!


(Chloe to Skyla at a football game. Marshall is present.)

“Oh hell, Skyla. Why don’t you just kiss me and get it over with?”
Marshall balks in the distance. Yes, Ms. Messenger. Why don’t you kiss her and spark every male in the vicinity into a hormone-induced coma. You’ll be fodder for fantasies well into their golden years.
I watch as Chloe slips it into her mouth and my heart thumps wild in my chest. I can feel Paragon—the world watching over us with an inordinate amount of curiosity. My mother in the sky must be more than slightly amused with what just happened.
Ms. Messenger, I command you to step away from Ms. Bishop.  
“Shut up, Marshall.”


(Wesley meets up with the Olivers behind the English building at Ephemeral)

The blond winces—he narrows in on me with hatred then it hits me. Every muscle in my body freezes. I know him.
“You’re Skyla’s Elysian.”
“Logan Oliver.” He ticks his head back as if things were suddenly casual, as if he and his buddy, who happens to wear my face, didn’t just travel two years in the future to pay me a visit. “My nephew here has been dying to meet you. His fist is looking forward to bonding with your lips—you know, those things you use to hurt Skyla with?”
The dark haired one, steps forward. “Gage,” he says, glancing over me. “I’d tell you to memorize my face, because you’ll be seeing a lot of it, but it looks like you’ve one-upped me and put it on like a mask.” He takes a step and digs his knuckles in my jaw. My teeth bite over my tongue and a squirt of blood runs down my throat.


(Gage and Logan the morning before Skyla sets foot on Paragon. Gage's point of view.)
“It was a vision.” I stamp it out and watch as his eyes widen, his demeanor grows all too serious on a dime.
“What’s going to happen?” Gone is the sarcastic bastard I know and love, replaced with a vulnerable boy locked in a trancelike state, waiting on pins and needles to see if there’s good news on the horizon.
I haven’t shared a vision in ages, especially not one that concerns Logan. Its no wonder the idea sobered him up.
“It was more informative than visual.” I try to sound casual while popping a slice of bread in the toaster. The truth is, there was something about that prophecy that felt more like a night terror. It jarred me. “It was dark.” I shrug. “I saw you and the shadow of this girl.” I glance over at him as his eyebrows twitch with curiosity. “She was Celestra, like you.”

Hope you enjoyed~!
      Have a great week! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Tuesday Tease~!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! I hope your New Year is off to a rockin’ start.
BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have read and reviewed SOMEONE TO LOVE!!! You have blown me away. I plan on revisiting Kendall and Cruise's world one day soon. I also hope to write Ally and Morgan’s story (Kendall’s bff and brother). Big hugs to you guys for your awesome support! XOXO
Congrats to Sarah Joy, one of my awesome editors who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a few days ago. I’d like to think SOMEONE TO LOVE sent her body into a hormonal tirade and helped thrust her into labor. ;) I’m just thrilled Mommy and baby are doing great.
Book news: ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is done and will be sent Amy Eye (my other awesome editor) at some point today. I’ll spare Sarah since she has her own little ethereal knight to contend with. ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is ETHEREAL rewritten from Gage and Logan’s perspective. It’s a bit more heated than the original mostly because the boys are not as pure and innocent as Skyla was in the beginning.
EVANESCENT is framing itself out nicely, And ELYSIAN (The final Celestra Book) is in pieces, but I’m very hopeful for early spring. Skyla’s new series will begin on its heels. I really hope you’ll like the way Celestra ends and will join me on Skyla’s new journey. It’s going to be ~HOT~!
Happy reading!!!

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Ethereal rewritten from Gage and Logan’s perspective)

(Logan thinking about Skyla)

I land over her gently and meet my mouth with hers, pouring my affection into her in one blissful exchange. I never thought I could feel this way about anybody. I never thought I could want—crave anybody so damn much. Skyla is water and oxygen, and I need to soak her in, drink her down—be near her—in her, just to survive.
This night is definitely ending far, far better than I had ever hoped.

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)
(Wesley and Laken at a Count ritual)

“You’re a treasure, Laken. Once you’re sealed, you’ll forever be a select possession.”
I glance down at the bowl of blood and ashes he’s cradling, fragile as a newborn. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be anybody’s possession let alone the devils that run this twisted body smuggling operation.
“There’s one more thing.” Wes gazes into me with all of the tenderness he can muster. “I’ve poured my blood into this cup, Laken. I’m sealing you for myself as well—that is if you’ll let me. If you want to be with me and with no one else forever.”
Cooper blinks through my mind. I’ll be Wesley’s forever if I agree, at least according to the Counts.
Mom and Lacy hover in my mind like ghosts. I’ll sacrifice everything to save them, including Cooper if I have to.
“Yes, Wesley,” I say it sweetly. “I’m already yours forever.” A part of that is gospel—and the rest of its a lie of the highest order.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8)
*(The final installment of the Celestra Series)

(Gage and Skyla in a confrontation)

Gage ticks his chin back and takes in a breath, incensed and angry with me of all people. We stare at one another a very long time with sorrow glossing our eyes, and yet neither of us is willing to let a single teardrop fall.
“Maybe that’s all this has ever been to you”— his brows swoop in like birds in flight—“one big game.”
My body comes to life with something just this side of rage.
“No Gage.” I stop shy of charging at him. “I’m not playing games. I’m through with games, now and forever.”

Hope you enjoyed~! Have a great week!

Links to SOMEONE TO LOVE: Amazon, B&N, Smashwords (iTunes to come)
Happy reading~!