Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Someone Like You is live! + Teaser

It's here! It's here! 

Someone Like You is live on Amazon~! *squeals* *runs in a circle* *throws confetti* It feels like I've waited forever to share this book! Link: Amazon

I'm so, so, SO happy to share Ally and Morgan's story with you. Someone Like You is the second book in the Someone to Love series and focuses on the story between Ally (Kendall's best friend) and Morgan (Kendall's brother).

A little about the book:
When Morgan Jordan barrels into town for his mother's wedding the last thing he expects is a one-night stand but when an angel falls from her stripper pole the sky, who is he to turn her away? One thing leads to some runaway kisses and the rest is best forgotten—until they meet again and the angel is formally introduced as his sister's best friend... things get messy. 

One important note: SOMEONE LIKE YOU will only be available through Amazon for e-book or paperback purchase. My publisher is Amazon (Skyscape) so that would be why. BUT Kindle apps are ~*free*~ for just about every device. SUGAR KISSES will be available on all platforms. It's just the SOMEONE TO LOVE series that will be on Amazon exclusively. Hugs to all because you've been such great supporters of my books. If you would like to read SOMEONE LIKE YOU and are unable to utilize the free kindle app please consider the paperback. 

*I'll be hosting paperback giveaways on facebook over the next few days so look for those on my author page!

Extended teaser:

Someone Like You (Someone to Love series Book 2)

(Ally's POV the day after the one-night stand)

The elevator doors open, and I hurry outside. The air is thick and muggy, already perfumed with the familiar scents of summer: suntan lotion mixing with the evergreens.
Kendall stands next to a large white pickup, waving like she hasn’t seen me in months, so I wave back and freeze with my hand in the air like I’m about to swat someone and honest to God I just might.
“Holy sh*t,” I hiss under my breath. It’s the dark knight from last night's romp and stomp. He’s sporting a goofy grin that melts off his face faster than a glacier in hell, and that’s exactly where I’m about to send him.
Crap. He’s going to ruin everything. Here Kendall was nice enough to show up with her better half and her brother . . .
Oh, no. Oh, God.
Everything in me freezes.
Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t.
“Ally!” Kendall bounds over and drags me to the ebony-haired Adonis. His lips twitch a devilish grin and his dimples press in deep.
Just f*ck.
“Ally, this is my brother, Morgan.” My stomach clenches when she says his name. “And Morgan, this is my good friend, Ally.”
Here it is. That awkward moment when you want to gouge out your best friend’s brother’s eyes, and perhaps a few other unnecessary appendages.

*I hope you enjoy the book! Have fun hanging out with Ally and Morgan!!!

Happy reading~!

(We'll return to our regularly scheduled teasers next week. ;) And I might just have some pretty cool Celestra Forever After news! Can't wait!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Someone Like You teaser and news!

SOMEONE LIKE YOU is getting ready to launch next Tuesday! January 28, 2014! (Giveaway at the bottom of the post!)

One important note: SOMEONE LIKE YOU will only be available through Amazon for e-book or paperback purchase. My publisher is Amazon (Skyscape) so that would be why. BUT Kindle apps are ~*free*~ for just about every device. SUGAR KISSES will be available on all platforms. It's just the SOMEONE TO LOVE series that will be on Amazon exclusively. Hugs to all because you've been such great supporters of my books. If you would like to read SOMEONE LIKE YOU and are unable to utilize the free kindle app please consider the paperback.


SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Someone to Love #2)

Morgan’s POV:

Ally tilts her head seductively and smiles with those strawberry-colored lips. Her eyes lower to slits as she reaches down and pulls off her T-shirt, revealing a barely there red string bikini. She peels off her shorts, and my dick pulsates just taking in the bandage of a bottom held together with a few measly strings. Suddenly I’m overcome with the urge to unwrap her like a present. I’m enjoying the hell out of the fact her bottoms are equally as pleasantly scant as the top.
“Hot damn girl,” I say, pulling her in by the waist.
“Your turn.” She plucks my shirt off and runs her hands over my chest in a series of achingly slow circles.
“You’re pretty good at that,” I say, picking up her hand and kissing each of her fingertips.
“Stripping?” Her eyes widen as if a slap is next on the agenda.
“No.” I push out a little laugh. “Taking my clothes off.” I gently pull her in by the face and give a playful bite to her bottom lip. “I’m going to have to keep you around, Ally.” Shit. Did I just go there again? Is there any way to get through this afternoon and not depress the hell out of us by bringing up the not-so-distant future? I mean it’s obvious Ally and I have a future, right? What the hell am I saying? Of course we do, a brilliantly long one—paved with happiness and hot sex right through to our golden years and beyond. 
“Are you going to keep me around?” Her features soften as if she had started it out as a smart-ass remark, then it became a general interest question that directly affects her well-being.
“Hell, yes.” My lungs pump out some serious steam as if I ran all the way here from Cruise’s cabin. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”
“And, you’re . . .”—a smile twitches on her lips—“it!” she screams, slapping me on the chest and taking off toward the waterline.
Hey”—I shout, taking off after her—“that hurt, Ally. You’re going to have to kiss it to make it feel better.”
Laughter bubbles from her as she streaks across the sand. Her ponytail whips around her shoulders like a white flame.
“You’ll have to catch me first!” She shouts as she races down the waterline.
“Sweetie, if I catch you, you’re going to have to kiss a few other body parts as well.”

Preorders are available for both:paperbackaudio &

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Someone Like You by Addison Moore

Someone Like You

by Addison Moore

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

It's here again, Tuesday! I hope you've had an awesome week. I've been crazy busy but mostly that has to do with life grinding back to normal post-holidays. 

Fun stuff! I'm taking pictures of bizarre crap and anything else that amuses me, so, if you'd like, follow me on Instragram! @authoraddisonmoore

Book news! I've been working non-stop on Celestra Forever After—yay! It's fun, it's wild, and steamy, and boy are there plot twists. This series has a whole new feel and I'm primarily writing it for fun and my natural curiosity to peer into Skyla's life once again. I have to admit I sort of feel like a resident of Paragon so anytime I get to spend on the island I feel at home.

More book news! Someone Like You releases NEXT TUESDAY!!!! I'm SOOO excited for you to finally meet Morgan Jordan. He is sweet, and sexy, and I think every girl needs a guy like Morgan in her life. Someone Like You is book 2 in the Someone to Love series.  Someone For Me book 3 releases in July and that will feature Kendall and Cruise again. 
On to the teasers!

Someone Like You (Someone to Love Series 2)

Morgan’s POV (Point of View)
The night we shared runs through my mind—hot, mindless sex with no pretense, no words for that matter. This is exactly why one-night stands have a magnificent downside. You might be sleeping with a goddess and not even know it. If I could go back I would appreciate things a whole lot more, savor Ally’s body like it were the most exotic fruit, the last bite of my entire existence.

Sugar Kisses (3:AM Kisses Book 3)
Roxy and Cole’s story
“I haven’t had sex in weeks.” He flat lines.
“Oh, poor you. Are you cramping up? Do you need me to run out to some all-night sex shop and buy you a blowup doll?”
Cole spears me with those glowing green eyes. “You’ll do.” His cheek rises up one side because he’s too damn cocky to give into the shit-eating grin that’s dying to break out on his face.

New Adult  17+ (quasi-spoiler)
*Skyla's POV

I head up into the stands and sit between Laken and Brielle. They look tense, unhappy. Laken looks either scared or pissed—knowing Bree, it’s probably both.
“What’s up?” I pull out my phone and get the camera ready to zoom in on the field.
“Nothing.” Brielle looks more than mildly guilty, so I know it’s something.
“Brielle was just filling me in on all of the awesome things you’ve done together.” Laken says the word awesome as if she were mocking Bree.
Crap. It’s like Brielle is threatened by Laken for no apparent reason. Well, other than the fact I have no other close friends than Brielle. I’m sure seeing me hang out with Laken is setting off all kinds of BFF alarms and I get it. I’ll have to reassure her she’s still my girl once the game is through.
“So how does it feel?” Laken wrinkles her nose. “You know, being a married woman.”
“What are you talking about?” Brielle belts out a laugh. “Skyla’s not married. If she was, I’d not only be the first to know, but I’d be right there next to her as maid of honor—we’re that close.” She shoots Laken a look before training her attention back to the field.
       Oh crap.

lol! I love that. Oh, and if you missed my random 14 things post on facebook here's the LINK! Have a great week!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Tuesday Tease and book news!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start, and I hope those of you who were locked in a frozen tundra last week are finally thawing out. We’re having unusually warm weather here in L.A. and, if I could, I’d ship you some sunshine in exchange for some much needed rain.
News, we got a puppy! A Siberian Husky named Harley has landed in our midst. Aww, right? She’s cute as all heck and has doubled in size the four days we’ve had her. We thought she ran away, for about two hours today, and my daughter and I shed some serious tears only to find her sleeping under my daughter’s bed. She obviously got lost in the mess and passed out. God knows I want to pass out each time I’m in there. (For pics of Ms. Harley girl, feel free to follow on instagram: authoraddisonmoore

Lots of book news! First, I wanted to share with you once again the Order of the Books link at the top of the page. I’ll be updating with each new release, but it’s a great way to see what’s already out there.

The Solitude of Passion is a Kindle countdown deal this week! So if you haven't had a chance to read it, Amazon has discounted it for the next few days. Link!

Celestra Forever After news! Yes, I’m knee-deep in Skyla’s twisted life and enjoying every Paragon-lovin’ minute. It’s fun to be back, even if things have shifted in her world. It’s a wild, steamy ride, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

SUGAR KISSES news! Release date: February 11, 2014 (Tuesday). Roxy enters Cole’s world, and, well, teaches him a lesson. ;) Roxy is feisty and Cole is about as much of a manwhore as they come. Hold onto your skirt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU is finally here! Yay!!!! January 28, 2014 (Tuesday). That’s just two more weeks!!!!!!! I cannot wait to share with you Ally and Morgan’s story. This is the second book in the Someone to Love series. Ally is Kendall’s best friend, and Morgan is Kendall’s big bro. There’s still plenty of Kenny and Cruise in this one, too. The third and final book in the series Someone For Me releases later in the year and features Kenny and Cruise once again.
On to the teasers!

Sugar Kisses (3:AM Kisses Book 3)
Roxy and Cole’s story.
 (Cole’s POV at the apartment)
Roxy sways her head over her neck as a light moan escapes her. Her eyes are glazed over with a lustful look that’s just this side of feverish. Her mouth covers mine, and I don’t fight it. I’m in, and Roxy can have me any way she wants. We’re all tongues and teeth, heated breaths, and groans for a small eternity. 
Roxy finally curls into me until we’re spooning right there on the floor.
“I’m sleeping with you whether you like it or night,” she purrs.
I wrap my arm around her because I happen to like it a hell of a lot.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Someone to Love Series #2)
Pre-order here!
(Ally and Morgan, um about to have a good time right after they meet…)
“Let me guess, you’ve got a thermometer in your Levi’s and you’d really like to take my temperature.”
His chest vibrates with a silent laugh. “Everyone knows an internal temp is the only way to go.” His voice rumbles, deep and secretive. “The name is Morgan. And I’m no doctor. But tonight I can be anything you want.”

New Adult  17+

(Skyla’s POV, Skyla with Brielle)

 “At first glance I thought, how did he get his foot up there? Then I thought, my God, is that my foot? Then all kinds of crazy things went through my mind like maybe it’s his hand—his freaking arm, but—”
“What the hell are you babbling about Messenger?” Brielle looks more than worried for me. “Oh my, God, you saw his baseball bat!” She inhales a lung full of air. “So I guess it really is that big.” She goes to high five me and accidentally smacks me in the face.

*Ha! Poor Skyla.
Enjoy your week!
You can pre-order Someone Like You : here!