Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Tuesday Tease!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!!!
Ethereal Knights is live! With the exception of iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. I’m so sorry about the delay. This happens each time. I’m hoping by the time you’re reading this, B&N has already finished processing. The file says it’s still in that position so all I can do is wait until they unfreeze the file. I really do hit publish within the same hour at all vendors. I use a distributor to upload to ibookstore, so they take an extra two weeks, but Amazon and Smashwords are up and running!
I hope you enjoy those Oliver boys as much as I did. That book was truly a labor of love! Or was it lust? Either, or.
Evanescent is my next book in edits! Yay!
Elysian is my primary focus. I’m talking write-in-the-car-while-my-husband-trods-us-down-busy-L.A.-freeways action. It is so on.

Onto the teasers:

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Trilogy 2)

*(Laken and Wes driving to Charity Lake at night)
*Wesley’s point of view

“There’s a new student.” She sits up and her sweater slips off her shoulder. She didn’t bring her jacket. I promised to keep her plenty warm, but I like the direction her clothes are headed in.
“The blonde?” I try to sound casual. “Coop looked like he was into her.”
Laken smirks into her reflection.
Shit. Laken is the one that’s into him.
A hot stone settles in the pit of my stomach.
I’d better cut Flanders out of the conversation before he gets too far into her head. The only thing I want her to focus on is us, as in Laken and me. Just the thought sends a surge of adrenaline through me.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The final book in the young adult series!
(Honestly, I had a difficult time finding a teaser that wasn’t spoilery or, too…well, over the top. lol! That says something, doesn’t it?)

*(Skyla pulling up to Marshall’s house)

I pull into Marshall’s driveway and sit in the car for a moment trying to cool myself down. The last thing I need is to walk in there all charged up, ready to cave to his every desire.
Oh, who the hell am I kidding?
I snatch my purse and speed toward the porch.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ethereal Knights is live!

Ready to go back to Paragon? I hit publish this afternoon and Ethereal Knights is already up at Amazon and Smashwords.
As soon as it's up on B&N and iBookstore I'll update this post!

Ethereal Knights is a point of view book: Ethereal rewritten from Logan and Gage's perspective. This is a full length novel. Enjoy~! 

Also, Ethereal is being featured as a breakout book  over at the iBookstore! Here's the link: Ethereal. Here's is a formal announcement from Smashwords on the featured breakout books! There are some great novels being featured and I'm honored they chose Ethereal! 

If you enjoy Ethereal Knights please consider leaving a quick review at your point of purchase. It would be much appreciated!

Have fun on Paragon and happy reading!! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday Teasers

Hello all~! Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!
Guess what? Here’s the working cover for ETHEREAL KNIGHTS!

I have the book ready to go, but I’m waiting on one more beta. I’m thinking I'll do one more read-through in the meantime then send it off to the formatter. Lol! Sorry this is taking forever! I really do want to get it just right for you. And, as soon as I get it back from the formatter I’ll give you the heads up because that’s when I hit publish.  
I’m also knee-deep in ELYSIAN. Exciting and scary things are happening per usual. ;) But all of those good things will come to an end. Right now, Logan, Gage, and Marshall are dying to know how this all goes down, and I’m ready to let everyone in on the big secret.
Onto the teasers!

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)
(Grayson to Cooper in front of Laken and Kresley)
*Cooper’s point of view

“If you ever get tired of playing with little girls, let me know.” She gravels it out so low it sounds like a threat.
“I’ll find Wes and send him over.” Kres bites down over her pink lip as she twists into Laken. “I wouldn’t want him to miss seeing his girlfriend hit on another guy.” The two of them stalk off into the crowd. I wish they’d magically disappear. I wish a lot of people would disappear from Ephemeral and Laken’s “boyfriend” is at the top of the list.

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Celestra Knights)
(Gage at the beach with Skyla)
*Gage’s point of view

Her eyes catch the light and shine like a sea of crystal. She leans over and writes something in the damp sand just beyond her legs.
The words Skyla +Gage appear across the polished slick, encased in a giant heart.
“Nice.” I say, admiring her work, my heart racing like a mustang out of the gate.
It’s all happening. Skyla and I are together in a roundabout way. Falling in love could be the very next step.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The final book!!! *sniff*
*Logan and Gage with Skyla

Dude,” Logan reprimands. “Give her some space. Take all the time you need, Skyla. It’s only senior year. We’ve got the rest of our lives.”
Gage shoots a death stare over at him and the two of them battle it out with nary a blink.
“I for one,” Gage starts, reverting his attention to me, “don’t want to miss a second with you. I know this isn’t going to be easy. I know that deep down inside you don’t want to break anybody’s heart. But I beg of you, if you know the answer, don’t put it off just to spare someone’s feelings—not even if they’re mine.”

Have a great week! I’m going to try and work a miracle and actually have book out this week. I’m foregoing sleep for this one. Wish me luck!

BTW, Someone to Love hit 6 weeks on the NYT list! Go Kendall and Cruise! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

Welcome back to the Tuesday tease! I hope you’ve had a great week!
I’ve been busy around the clock, reading and rereading ETHEREAL KNIGHTS. I wish it was out already but I really want to make sure it’s the best it can be. Speaking of EK, I think it’s going to be complete and coverless so I’m kicking my cover artist into high gear because this needs to go quickly. Plus, ELYSIAN is whispering to me on the sidelines. Can I just say how much I LOVE being back on Paragon? I’ll miss Celestra once I’m through but I’m all ready to venture into Skyla’s new life post high school. Things are going to get interesting and heated. ;) 
Off to the teasers!  

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Ethereal rewritten from Logan and Gage’s perspective)
*Gage’s point of view

“Hey, you okay?” He rattles my shoulder like he’s waking me up from a bad dream. Little does he know, he’s the one who’s morphed into my worst nightmare.
“I’m great—just did one too many push-ups today gearing up for the big season. I think first games against East.”
“We’ll kill ‘em.” He looks past my shoulder. “Bree better show soon. She was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago. I’ll cover the shoes until she gets here.”
“You do that. I’m off the clock, boss. I’m out of here.”
“Go for it.” He socks me in the arm just enough to make it hurt. “Don’t worry about the game. We’re destined to win. Remember—when the Olivers go after what they want, they always get it.”
Logan jumps over the counter with a whistle on his lips, and I shake my head at how quickly everything’s falling to shit.
I wanted to say, what happens when two Oliver’s want the very same thing?
What then, genius?

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Trilogy 2)
*Cooper and Laken are in the transfer.
Laken’s point of view

“She said to meet her here.” Coop squeezes my hand as we enter a carpeted corridor. A blue glow emanates from the entry to our right and Coop doesn’t hesitate leading me inside.
“I recognize this place. It’s the room with the floating coffins.” Everything in me seizes as I take in the long glass tubes that extend from floor to ceiling. Bodies float inside, submerged in blue fluid. Their blank open gaze, their flesh uniformly sealed in body suits makes them look like an army of petrified soldiers. This was truly a killing field, a mass watery grave that begs for intervention.
“How many of these do you think have been stolen?” I ask just above a whisper.
Before Coop can answer, Ezrina scuttles into the room with her dark cloak emphasizing the hump over her back, her wild hair wafting in the breeze from behind.

ELYSIAN (The final book in the Celestra Series) (I’m working overtime for a spring release~!)
*Marshall to Skyla in front of Logan and Gage

“Slowly I will love you.” A lewd grin twitches at his lips. “Then of course you’ll beg for more, and I’ll be forced to comply.”
I glance over at Logan and Gage as they avert their eyes in disgust—disbelief. I don’t dare say a thing—that every word Marshall just breathed happened to be the God’s honest truth. A light drive into the future doesn’t lie too often, and I could tell by the look on my face that I wanted him more than the air in my lungs.  

 Hope you enjoyed!
BTW,  SOMEONE TO LOVE scored 5 weeks on the NYT's list! If you need something hot to read Thursday night, Cruise is there for you!

Happy Valentine's Day! Chocolate and roses to all! XOXO

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

iBookstore shines spotlight on indie titles!

I had to share this awesome news with you. The kind people over at iBookstore have added a new feature to their already rockin' book store, a spotlight for inide authors, called Breakout Books. Every few weeks they'll spotlight a list of different indie authors. I clicked over and was thrilled to pieces to see they've featured both SOMEONE TO LOVE and ETHEREAL! (Thanks iGuys!)

iBookstore: ETHEREAL (Celestra Series Book 1)

The New York Times did an article on the Breakout Book feature this morning: NYT

If you'd like to learn more about the Breakout List or see a list of featured authors, visit the Smashwords blog for all the details: Smashwords Blog 

The Tuesday Tease

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. We’re healthy once again at my house so I’ve had time to crunch out words and edit like a maniac. I’m on the final read-throughs for ETHEREAL KNIGHTS. I keep giggling, or sighing, or gasping as I edit and I love that the Oliver boys have that kind of power over me, even though I’ve read the book a couple hundred times. I really hope you’ll enjoy it. As for release date, I’m not positive. I need to talk with my formatter and I need to cinch up the details on the cover as well. I’ll try to give you 5 days notice and really shout it out to let you know its coming. It’s close but I don't think this week. It’s very, very close though. ;)
And, I’m so humbled by this, SOMEONE TO LOVE has not only hit the New York Times list for the fourth week, but it also scored a spot on the USA Today bestsellers list. And truthfully, that’s because you guys rock, so THANK YOU! xoxo

Onto the teasers!  

(The Olivers are going to dinner)
Logan’s point of view:

Emma has an obvious spring in her step, overjoyed that her son’s penis has dodged yet another vagina. She doesn’t quite realize that he’s a growing boy with hormones—that girls puddle to his feet whether he appreciates it or not. Nevertheless, she’s pleased beyond measure that Skyla is taken, even if it is by me. I suppose they’re going to demand he hand his balls over tonight and give Skyla and me his blessing. Doubt that will happen, but at least I can shovel some chips and salsa while hoping.

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)
Cooper’s point of view:

Laken barrels into the road just as my truck rounds out the driveway above Austen House.
She jumps in and slams the door behind her, manually punching down the lock.
“Drive.” She pants with enough fear pulsating out of her chest to fuel a generator.
“Are you okay?” Obviously she’s not. Obviously I’m an idiot for thinking it was all right to text her vital information that had the potential to scare the living shit out of her and send her running in my direction. And, unfortunately for Laken, I’m an ass because deep down inside this is this is exactly what I wanted.

ELYSIAN (Ceslestra Book 8/The FINAL book!)
Marshall to Skyla

“The fun, my love, is just beginning. You keep up this 'brave girl' façade and you’ll crush the Countenance into submission with your pretty little heel.”
I hold back a smile, wild-eyed at his apparent oversight.
“Who the hell is putting up a façade?”    

*Hope you enjoyed!!! I cannot wait to share these books with you!

ETHEREAL is still FREE!!!!!!! I'd appreciate it if you could help me spread the word~!