Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TOXIC is up + Tuesday Teasers!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease~! TOXIC Part Two is up and running!

Thank you so much to those of you who have already devoured it and stopped by on facebook/twitter to let me know your thoughts. And thank you to those of you who left reviews. I appreciate that so very much! And if you haven’t had a chance to read EPHEMERAL yet, this would be a great time because there are a few characters that bleed over into both series. Try not to hold the fact they’re Count’s against them. It’s a fun read that interweaves with Celestra and with Skyla’s new series even more so. I really hope you’ll enjoy it!
Right now I’m putting the final touches on SOMEONE TO LOVE and will have that up in a week to a week and a half. My editor is getting ready to bounce it back to me one more time.
ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is up next in the editing queue
If you won something through reader appreciation month, most of it is on its way. I’ll do another run to the post office later this week. If I owe you a book, it will ship slowly but will eventually show up in the mail.
This week for reader appreciation
One set of EPHEMERAL PJs

One Celestra Mug (Not pictured)

One signed poster

One signed copy of EPHEMERAL

Five signed bookmarks

Off to the teasers!

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8)
(Skyla and Marshall)

I hedge my way over to him. He’s so handsome, my heart breaks for him like this. I want to do something for Marshall, something special.
“Do you have a birthday?”
“No”—he cuts me a quick look before continuing with the task at hand—“I was created.”
“We should give you one. Halloween would be fitting,” I tease.
“Demon’s delight? No thank you.”

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)
(Laken to Cooper)

“Oh, I don’t know—if a strong guy like you could take on a zombie or two, I think you could handle sleeping next to me in a bed for a few hours.”
“Like I said, I’ll take the floor.”

SOMEONE TO LOVE (New Adult, mature audiences)
(Cruise talking to Kendall, a.k.a. Kenny)

“You’re so beautiful.” I press a kiss over her cheek and linger. Kenny would do anything I wanted. I could have her right now. I could burry myself inside her, put an end to this aggressive build up brewing in me once and for all, and explode with relief from the pressure but I can’t. Kenny deserves to have someone say those magic words to her, one of which is the very word she declared war against in class this morning. I suppose I’m a big enough asshole to take her anyway, screw good morals and serendipity but I can’t—not Kenny.
“I think tonight’s lesson is snuggling.” I gently roll her into me until we’re spooning again.
“Snuggling?” She burrows her hair into my neck, scented with flowers and vanilla and her skin burns an erotic hole right through me. I close my eyes and take in the ecstasy and the misery as if she were writing a poem over me with her flesh.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TOXIC Part Two is up!

TOXIC has already loaded to Amazon (Link): TOXIC Part Two
And, Smash words (Link): TOXIC Part Two

Barnes & Noble (Link): TOXIC Part TWO 

I'll update once I see it on iTunes.

If you enjoy the book please consider leaving a review-- even a sentence would be appreciated!

Enjoy the trip to Paragon! 

Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving~! xoxox

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Teasers + News~

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!

OK. So. I have finished Toxic Part Two. I actually finished days ago but my OCD demanded I do several thousand additional “slow reads” to make sure it sparkles and shines just the way you deserve it to. This is my last Tuesday Tease for T2 and I’m super relieved. The teaser cupboard was getting rather bare. Honestly, I’ll just throw out the reserves in my teaser file and it’s probably a bunch of stuff from Marshall since he always seems to have the lions share of stockpiled quotes.
So when does the book come out? Well, tomorrow I format my brains out. As soon as I square that away and my paperwork/blurb etc, I’ll upload the files. I’ll tweet and facebook as soon as I hit publish (with the forewarning it could take days). Sometimes Amazon spits it out in a couple of hours like it did with Toxic Part One but that seemed unusual. Anyway, it might be off balance as to when it arrives at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Apple because they all have minds of their own even though I upload within the exact same hour. Go figure.
About the book: Gah! SO close to the end!!!! I really did pour my heart and soul into this—and might have accidentally sacrificed my children’s arteries in the process. (I’m look at you KFC). OK, questionable nutritional practices aside, the book is done. It was an intense labor of love. I’m insanely grateful that you’ve hung on for ride this far. I really hope you’ll get a laugh, shed a tear, and simply love the book from top to bottom. This one’s for YOU!
Reader appreciation: Reader appreciation has been a HUGE hit! I am loving this interaction with you guys and a few people actually won prizes twice so please don’t hesitate to enter. (And a few haven’t responded back to me so check your inboxes.)
This weeks prizes are:

One Tremble necklace

One Toxic Part One flask necklace

Two Toxic Christmas ornaments

Three Signed copies of EPHMERAL (Yes, I have a paper baby!)

In addition to all these wonderful things I want to tell you about two anthologies I was lucky enough to eek into. First Jingle All the YA with a bunch of great YA authors and the best part is its FREE!!!! Please go and get it! Because what’s better than free?

And second, Christmas Lites II, which is raising money for a very good cause. All proceeds from the book are being donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Enjoy the teasers!

  *(Skyla about to witness an encounter with her two mothers)

Then it happens.
“Lizbeth?” My mother, the one who gave birth to me, the one who bears my striking resemblance and has long since passed away, approaches the partially clad woman I now call Mom. Candace wears her signature I’ll cut your throat smile. Honest to God, she might have been better suited as Chloe’s mother than mine.

*(Skyla and Marshall)

Shit has hit the fan ~S
Really, there were probably a million other things I could have said to Marshall that were more to the point and less cliché in nature.
You’ve created eunuchs of both Oliver boys with a dull blade from the kitchen?
I don’t even know what the hell he’s taking about but then again the feeling is mutual I suppose.
We have an uninvited party guest—Cerberus!!! Help now! ~S
You’re having a party without me?
I can practically hear the indignation in his voice.

*(Skyla debating on telling the truth)

I shake my head. I’ve told lies before, plenty of them. In fact, it’s a hobby I’ve come to realize is morally reprehensible, but truthfully, this is one time I think I should distance myself from the truth in a spectacular way.

*(Skyla thinking about Marshall) (BTW, this is a quasi deleted/rewritten teaser)

I drop the girls off at the mall. I made the stupid mistake of letting them know where I’m going after and all the way over they accuse me of getting it on with “that teacher.” They looked both fantastically disgusted and excited beyond reason at the same time. They didn’t bother hiding the fact they think Marshall is “cute.” Marshall is a lot of things but cute isn’t one of them—more like smoldering, insanely good looking, a sexual god of alien descent. 

*(Sklya and Marshall)

“Where shall we spend our honeymoon?” He goes right there without provocation.
“No honeymoon—but, well,” I fold my arms across my chest. “I’m sort of not really seeing Gage since I can’t trust him. Logan wants to wait until the end of the faction war before we see where our feelings lie, so I suppose I’m open.”
“Open?” His head twitches to the side just so.
“You know, for your wooing. No kissing though. You’ll have to woo without lingual contact.”
“No kissing.” His chest broadens under the guise of this new turn of events. “This is fantastic.” He says it sharp like it were a war and he just gained ground on the enemy.

*(Skyla and Marshall)

“Sounds like we’re an afterthought.” I pull on a loose thread at the base of his shirt lost in a momentary bout of madness with visions of our flesh contorting in unison. It’s easy like this with Marshall. I never question what his motives are or if he’s going to turn out to be one of Chloe’s psychotic minions. He simply wants to marry me and create a super race of Sector, Celestra half-breeds—nothing more, nothing less.

*(Skyla and Marshall)

“Nothing but the best for the love my life,” he says situating himself across from me. “Get use to having the finer things at your fingertips—your disposal.” He punctuates it with a sexual leer that lets me know he’s the luxury in question. There’s no doubt Marshall would be a luxury for any woman.

*(Death comes to Paragon)

“Pity,” Marshall muses with a false sense of charity, “would you like to bury or burn her?”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Teasers + more reader appreciation!

It’s Tuesday again! Welcome back to the Tuesday tease and reader appreciation month~!
WOW~ what an amazing response to the reader appreciation week giveaway! Thank you so much for entering. I extended the winners from 10 to 40 last week. This week I’m trying rafflecopter and I really hope you’ll enter again for a chance to win. If you won last week you’re still eligible!
Here are the prizes this week:

One pair of Toxic PJ’s

One Tremble necklace

One Ephemeral tote bag

One Ephemeral mirrored compact

As many signed Toxic/Ephemeral bookmarks as I can send out~! 

TOXIC Part Two news~! I’m close. SO close. I have to bounce one last time with my editor and that takes about a day or two for her to peruse my corrections. Then I do as many final read-thrus as I’m comfortable with. Will I have it up by next Tuesday? Your guess is as good as mine but that’s how very close we are!
I hope you’ll hang tough for the final book (8) as our journey comes to a close. And I hope to have Skyla’s new series ready to go shortly thereafter to smooth the transition.
Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter drawings on facebook and my blog~! The drawing is open until Thursday-midnight! There are lot’s of chances to win because I really do appreciate you guys! xoxo

TOXIC Part Two (Celestra Series Book 7.5)

 (Brielle and Skyla discussing Chloe)

Brielle ribs me. “I’m still planning a take down.”
“Good luck with that.” I’ve been outsmarted, out witted, and out played. Chloe is virtually indestructible. I’m betting not even my mother in the sky could hold her down and make her cry celestial uncle.
A flash of lighting comes from nowhere, startles me to attention as if my mother had heard and begged to differ.

(Marshall and Skyla)

“Delphinius was generous enough to cast me a vision of our future.”
I spike up in a panic. “What did you see?”
“Arms and legs, and a tangle of flesh contorting in a deliciously disturbing manner.”
Gah! Disturbing is right.

(Gage yelling at Logan at the beach)

You had your chance with her and you blew it.” He glares into him. “Just like you blow everything else in your life.”
Logan scoffs at the blow. “Sounds like my life interests you.” He leans in. “I bet you wish you were me.” Logan gravels it out, his mouth rising on the sides. “Deep inside, you know you’ll never have what Skyla and I share. Why don’t you go hook up with Chloe? Everyone here knows you want to. You could do her in the parking lot—write a poem about it after.”


*Enjoy the week~!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday Teasers + Reader Appreciation~!

It’s here again~! The Tuesday Tease!!!

Guess what? I have TOXIC Part Two back in my hot little hands!! *jumps*throws confetti* That means no sleep for me as I work 24/7 to get this baby clean and mean and ready to be seen. I really do apologize for the gigantic delay.
In other, far more important news, it’s reader appreciation month! That’s right. I need to thank YOU in the biggest way possible. Each Tuesday I’m going to be gifting you with all sorts of Celestra and Countenance bling (mugs, signed bookmarks, necklaces, earrings, …). And I’m just giving it away. You don’t need to answer a question, or like me in five hundred different places, simply leave your email addy in the comments section as follows... yourname  (@) yahoo.com, and you're entered to win! I’ll count out the entries and have my daughter pick a number because that makes her feel special. You can enter either on facebook or my blog I’ll do two separate draws. 8 winners on facebook and 2 on my blog. Feel free to enter at both places if you like. Please get your entries in by midnight Tuesday and I’ll contact the winners sometime on Wednesday.
Prizes up for grabs this week are as follows:
One set of Ephemeral P.J.s~! (I have a selection of sizes/ Black shirt available)

One Ephemeral mug

One Tremble necklace
One set of Tremble Earrings

3 signed Ephemeral posters

3 sets of signed bookmarks *

Thank you so much to all of you for your continued wonderful support. I owe you everything. xoxo

On to the teasers!!!

TOXIC Part Two (Celestra Series Book 7.5)

(Skyla talking to Logan)

“I’m hungry for you in the worst way. I don’t think I could ever get enough.” I don’t think I’ve ever spoken the truth like that before where it hurt like hell, where I could feel the breaking of a dam deep in my heart and it felt like the sweetest release. That was our relationship in a nutshell, pain and relief rolled into one. “I love you.” I peck another kiss just shy of his lips. “I love you more than the heavens love the sun and the moon.”

*(Skyla begging Marshall for help)

“Get rid of it,” I hiss.
“Sorry, I’m tied up at the moment forming the guest list for our coming out party. Word on the golden streets is the Soullennium is rife with envy and gossip. Tsk, tsk, it brings shame to the Kingdom. The quicker the celestial scene sees you for itself the sooner the jealousy can properly set in.” He gives a sly look before evaporating into thin air.

*(From the beginning of the chapter entitled The War and the Whore)

The morning greets us with a slate grey sky, rain falls like axes. It has the power to etch the glass with its hellish fury. I wish it would. A storm like this should have the knowledge to inscribe my future on my bedroom window, tell me what the future holds for Gage and me—let me in on why he’s so damn insistent on cutting out my heart and gifting it to Chloe. She is the witch who desires nothing more than to devour my existence. Gage is the hunter eager to please.

***Have a great week and please go out and vote! Happy Election Day~!