Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skyla Goes To Hollywood Part Two…

Well it finally happened! My fab agent Rachelle Gardner arranged for a meeting with the wonderful Suzanne Jaskow of Unsupervised productions last week and we had a fantastic time!!!

First, I had never been to the Fox studio lot before so already I knew I was in for an adventure. The lot was huge and gorgeous. There were beautiful wall murals on the sides of the studio buildings, gorgeous topiaries at every turn, and the entire lot had an old Hollywood feel.

The day went something like this: meet Rachelle at the mall. Fun, right? Head over to Fox together. Trek across miles of what feels very much like a college campus. Locate the awesome office of my wonderful producers and find the wonderful, amazing, Suzanne! Head over to the caf for a lunch of salads and diet coke. Zip my lips so nothing ridiculous has the chance to escape. Mostly listen, but interject when extremely necessary and enjoy a heavenly conversation of all things film, movies, and TV!

What about Celestra? We touched on that, too. Right this minute the project is with a writer who is working to convert it into a pilot!!! Exciting, right? Evidently these things take time, lots of time, but that’s perfectly fine with me. I’ve got all the time in the world, and I’d love to see it happen.

We talked a little further about the project and potential sales channels were mentioned such as CW and MTV. <----- Pretty awesome, right?

After lunch, Rachelle and I walked around the lot for a while and even paid a visit to the gift shop where I splurged on a 20th Century Fox coffee mug that I’ve been using religiously ever since. ;)

Fun Times. 

Book updates! I’ve finally concluded my endless polishing marathon of EPHEMRAL and am ready send it off to the editor and betas this week! *breathes *

Also in the back of EPHEMRAL I’ll be debuting a new series that is not even remotely Celestra related and I’m super happy about that. I was thirsting for a book that I could unleash my inner snark on and I think I’ve found it. *hopes*  I cannot wait to share Talon and Levi with you, also Vampires are involved. An insanely good time is being had by me and my keyboard.

As for Celestra, I am now all about TOXIC Book 7 and am 1000% committed to walking Skyla and friends to the e-book store later this summer. I’m planning to dedicate every hour in June shaking, scraping, polishing that book until it glows in the dark. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be ready to send it off for edits. It’s a long book but I’m ready for the challenge.

As soon as I hit publish on TOXIC, I’ll be penning book 8 and once that’s done, I’m jumping right into the new series with Skyla. I hope you’ll join me. This wild ride is not nearly over. 

Have any burning questions? I'll be glad to answer if I can.    


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Placeholder cover for EPHEMERAL

Welcome! Here's the working cover for my new series,  EPHEMERAL (The Countenance Book 1).

The book is under the editing knife as we speak. Laken my new MC had a brief cameo in VEX as the girl in the blue tube, and Wesley, her boyfriend, is featured in Celestra Book 7! The Countenance is a spin off series of Celestra and has loose ties to themes and characters. I anticipate The Countenance to be a trilogy, but it might span out to four books.  

Here's the preface~  Happy reading!


I used to believe in things, in people, in places, and names—concrete forms of life that ended at some point in the unknowable future. I used to believe memories were infallible, that they could never collapse around you like a house of cards, burn to cinders before ever touching the ground.

People vanish all the time. Other people. You hear about it on the news, see their smiling faces staring back at you on milk cartons—their pictures plastered around town like wanted posters. But it was a world within a world, and innately you knew this could never really happen.

I used to believe in death. I used to believe once they put you in that box and tucked you away for one very long night under six feet of soil it was finished. The sunlight, fresh air, a warm embrace, they would never be yours again. It was the final vanishing act—your curtain pulled down and covering your casket. That was the day it would all start anew. Staring into the face of God, awaiting your final judgment.

But I was wrong about everything.

I had my name, my life, and my eternal judgment revoked in one passing hour at the hands of madmen who share my bloodlines.

They took everything but my memory. They tried and failed, and now I am nothing more than a liability, a spark in a bed of dried timber, waiting to unleash an inferno. I don’t know how long I can go before they stop me or if they even care.

I used to believe so easily and now I strain the most insignificant detail from each passing day as if it were poison.

I know one solid truth. Everything about this new world is a lie.

I’m going to infiltrate their ranks—dismantle their kingdom—take them down until they all vanish, evaporate like smoke from the planet, erase any memory of them as if they had never happened.

Or I’ll die trying.

And I just might.  

Hope you enjoyed!

Thoughts on the cover? I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Character interviews, news, and teasers...

(From Facebook with love! ;)

Link: Logan meets Skyla. Logan's POV!

Marshall Dudley Speaks: On Love and Such

Link: Gage meets Skyla. Gage's POV!

Link: Interview with Marshall Dudley

Link: Interview with Logan Oliver)

Link: Interview with Chloe Bishop

Link: Interview with Gage Oliver

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! First, character interviews and all kinds of cool stuff are happening at Supa Gurl Books this week, so please go over and visit, follow her blog, and comment because she is beyond awesome! (Click here for LINK.)

And guess what??? I penned ‘THE END’ of Book 7!
It sure would be nice if I had a title to go along with it. I’m down to two but heavily leaning towards one so maybe I’ll do a title and mock cover reveal soon.

Nevertheless, book 8 is already outlining itself, and I’m toying with the idea of 3 POVs Skyla, Logan and Gage. As for Marshall, well, we pretty much all know what’s on his mind. (Although that might make for several interesting chapters.) And for sure I wouldn’t count him out in the race for Skyla’s heart. ←Really.

TV series news: I’ve been invited to Fox studios to talk CLESTRA in just a few short weeks! I’m super excited and totally anxious, but I’m trying to ignore my nerves for now. I’ve put in a request to have a twenty-four pack of Dr. Pepper and Matthew McConaughey waiting for me when I arrive. Do you think it’s too soon?

I jest.

Honest to God, my big plan involves wearing hawt yet comfortable shoes and keeping my mouth shut so they might invite me back. I’m just hoping the error of my home haircut would have grown out by then.

Anyway, in other news, I’m full throttle all over EPHEMERAL this month because, well, it’s time to push that baby out the door. So there’s that.

Hope you enjoy the teasers!

EPHEMERAL (The Countenance)

*(Laken and Wesley)

“It’s because we’re not Celestras.” I dig my hands into my pockets. I want to lay it on thick and call him out on the fact Celestra is obviously the most powerful. I have the distinct feeling the reason their numbers are so low is because the Counts have arranged for that very thing. A genocide is underway no thanks to their vampire-like efforts and it sounds like it’s a pretty exhaustive effort—and that Wes would be an active participant makes me want to vomit all over his shiny brown shoes.

Celestra Series Book 7

*(Skyla and Ellis)

“See that necklace she’s wearing?” The giant wicked rose lets off a necrotic flicker of light as if winking in our direction—knowing Marshall it probably is. “It’s basic training for Fems. They invade her mind and turn it into a big gelatinous puddle of crap.”

“That’s effing sick,” Ellis recoils at my masterful descriptive.

“I know this because I swallowed it once and it really effed with my mind.” I borrow his doctored expletive to prove my point. “You were in my hallucination. You were an ox with a body of a man. You were kind of hot if I don’t say so myself.”

“Cool,” Ellis expands his chest to annunciate said hotness.

*(Skyla and Marshall)

“I must leave. Shall I grace you with my lips? I believe Jock Strap is witnessing this encounter with great interest. Oddly, he’s replaying our resplendent exchange of passion, casting himself as the lead in a rather pornographic display of affection. I doubt we'd be so crude, and in this, a public establishment.” Marshall glides into a wicked grin.

*(Skyla and Gage)

“About last night,” his hot breath warms my bare shoulder. I’m suddenly regretting wearing nothing but a tiny bikini top and cutoffs. I wish I could wrap myself in a blanket around Gage. I never want him to look at me.

“It won’t happen again.” I wanted to tell him that I would have done that with any boy that happened to be in my room—that he wasn’t special, that he never was. But that’s one lie I don’t think I could pull off. When all is said and done, and I look back on my life, Gage Oliver will have been my biggest heartache.

He presses up from behind and warms me with his body. His cologne enwreathes me, makes me ache to touch him.
“I was sort of hoping it would,” he blows it hot in my ear.

*(Skyla and Logan)

I brush the pads of my fingers along his jaw. I can easily spend an eternity like this with Logan in his perfect dreams. Well, they’re usually perfect. Tonight they’re a bit scattered and x-rated in nature.

“Are all your dreams this explicit?” I hold back a laugh while reeling him in by the lip of his jeans.

“Mostly.” He breathes into my neck and dots a trail of kisses up to my ear.

“I bet you look forward to this every single night.”

“What I look forward to,” he pauses, grazing over my earlobe with his teeth, “is turning this into reality—with you—every single night.”

Character interviews, deleted scenes, and even a few short scenes in the boys POV (point of view) will all be taking place this week over at Supa Gurls Blog --don't miss!