Character Interviews

Character interview: Marshall Dudley

AM- I’ve dreamed about you.

Marshall- I’m sure you have. You’re not alone in your nocturnal yearnings. I’m willing to wager apparel was noticeably deficient.  

AM- Whoa! OK, this is a family show. Keep your innuendos to a minimum please.

Marshall- Minimum, maximum—it’s all rather an impossibility when this face is at the helm of your escape from reality. 

AM- It’s nice to see you have a healthy measure of self-confidence. What motivates you?

Marshall- Love. I have everything a being could ask for. I’ll have love and procure dominion.

AM- Just like that?

Marshall- Its been revealed through reliable sources. I’ve no reason to believe otherwise. Though my Love’s heart burns bright for another, I’ll abide by patience.

AM- Of what are you most proud?

Marshall- I know not pride. Should I embrace the vile attribute I’d be cast out of the kingdom proper. I was witness to the uprising—saw the wicked among my brothers fall like lightning out of heaven—exchange their beauty for a rather disastrous disfigurement. All those prideful I statements availed them nothing.         

AM- You’ve been a resident on Paragon for almost a year now, what would you consider to have been your most embarrassing moment?

Marshall- Shame? (Long thoughtful pause) I admit to being overzealous and perhaps recklessly indulgent with more than one willing female. It was all out debauchery— not my finest hour. 

AM- Have you met the person of your dreams?

Marshall – A fine young woman with exceptional bloodlines has taken my heart captive. 

AM- Would you love her if her bloodlines weren’t exceptional? 

Marshall – I’ve pledge my devotion to her for all eternity. I’ve made it a point to do whatever necessary to be available in whatever capacity she might need. The blood is a mute point but a valid attribute nonetheless.

AM- Word on the street is, she has other suitors. How does that make you feel?

Marshall – The bumbling Olivers? That incompetent duo needs more than fortune by their side to overcome both the faction war and the war they’ve enlisted their hearts in. I’d be slow to crown them suitors—more like irritants, a plague on the time spent between my love and I. Nothing more than a heartache, headache, take your pick.   

AM- So you’re not a fan.

Marshall – They are but a vapor. Once they dematerialize from Skyla’s life, she’ll be more focused on what really matters—me. 

AM- Well this was a ton of fun, but it’s going a bit long for a blog post. Would you like to do this again sometime?

Marshall – Not particularly. I prefer to have run of the facility if you please, the keys to the kingdom, full charge of every letter placement. 

AM- So you’d like to run the blog sometime? An entire post to yourself?

Marshall – A supervising spirit for the day if you will. I assure you I’d execute the challenge superbly.

AM- Sounds like a plan! Thank you for your time and perhaps I’ll see you in my dreams?

Marshall-   I’ll be sure to provide you with a good night, indeed. 


AM –Logan! It’s so nice to get a chance to speak with you away from all of the insanity that goes on in that island. How are things going with you?

Logan- Let’s see—my business is suffering, I gave up my girlfriend in an effort to protect her, and now we’re both victim to our worst nightmare, so I would venture to say not well.

AM- Sorry. (Slinks in her seat a little) Obviously I know what would make you happy, taking down the Counts and getting the girl, right? So let’s go in a different direction. Tell me something that you have never told anyone.

Logan – (Shifts uncomfortably) I guess, (swallows hard) I’ve never told anyone the real story behind the protective hedge—how my grandmother received it, how it came to be in my possession and why I gave it to Chloe in the first place. 

AM- Well? Spill!

Logan – Not today. I think if I ever do tell that story I owe it to Skyla first.

AM- Fair enough. What motivates you? 

Logan- My love for Skyla, the Celestra people. I know something (his features darken) something about the future that drives me to do whatever I can to ensure Skyla and I arrive there safe, but things can change in the ethereal plane and alter everything if we’re not careful.  

AM- What is it about the future that keeps you pressing forward at such a breakneck pace?

Logan – I don’t know everything but I see a future with Skyla. I see us together and we have a life. There’s another reason, a very beautiful reason, but I don’t know if we’ll ever get there. I’ll die trying if I have to. 

AM- Sounds pretty ambiguous. Let’s try something concrete. If you could move anywhere on the planet and do anything, where would you go and what would you do?

Logan – Easy—Paragon, run the bowling alley. It’s simple and both make me happy. 

AM- What about tackling Wall Street? Or living in Paris?

Logan- That’s not the dream for me. 

AM- What’s your greatest fear?

Logan – That I’ve caused all of this misery. That in my effort to save Skyla, I walked her into the greatest harm possible. That at the end of the day she’ll think I was a bigger monster than the Counts ever could be, and that she’ll wish she never knew me. 

AM- It breaks my heart to hear that. If you could change just one thing what would you alter? 

Logan – Simple. I’d steer her clear of Gage. (Gives a little laugh) But that wouldn’t have changed anything. I think both you and I know that destiny would have found a way.

AM- Do you believe destiny always finds a way? Even if the circumstances are impossible to conquer?  

Logan – Always. There is no separation from Skyla that can ever keep us apart. Our lives were meant to be together, I can feel it. Our love is pure, it’s right—this is our story. 

AM- Will you get your happy ending?

Logan- Yes. I will grab destiny by the reins and drag it there myself if I have to. 

AM- Sounds like a battle cry.

Logan- It should. It’s going to take a war to get there. 


Character Interview: Chloe Bishop

AM- Wow, I’m really glad to speak with you today. You’ve amassed quite the reputation on the island as the wicked mean girl. Any truth to these rumors?

Chloe – I guess it would depend who you trusted. If you asked my friends I think they would count me as loyal and forgiving. If you talked to my enemies they would suggest otherwise. If you talked to Skyla Messenger she would tell you her version of the truth, but she only knows part of the story.

AM- What do you mean she only knows part of the story? Doesn’t she know that you were responsible for more than one tragedy in her life? Isn’t that enough?

Chloe – It’s enough if you that’s all you’re interested in. She replaced me in more ways than one, but I have my methods of dealing with people like that.

AM- So you’re not done with her? You’ve already taken from her the two people she loved most.

Chloe – Have I? Or does she love herself the most?

AM – What motivates you? Power, love? 

Chloe – I have both. What motivates me is hatred. Hatred is the one constant in my life that I can count on. 

AM- Shouldn’t you rely on love—focus your attention on kindness and forgiveness?

Chloe – That’s for the weak, the powerless. 

AM- I’ve come to understand that you have an affection for Gage and yet you’re with Ethan Landon. How does that work for you?

Chloe – Gage. (Malevolent smile) Gage and I have an understanding. Ethan (averts eyes) I need him to trust me, and he does. 

AM-  Who do you see yourself marrying, raising a family with?

Chloe – (Takes a breath at the thought) I will marry Gage. 

AM-  You seem fairly confident about this. 

Chloe – I don’t waste my time on doubt. 

AM- What are your thoughts on Skyla? Who do you think she might be most likely to spend her life with?

Chloe – Skyla? I hope Skyla burns. I’d like to arrange for that myself. I think a nice bath in lighter fluid and a match would do her some good. In fact, she can give Logan and that Sector she has wrapped around her vagina both a nice long hug in the process. Now there’s a sight I’d pay to see, record it so I can watch it over and over. 

AM- Sounds like a felony in the making.  Tell me one more thing about yourself, something that would surprise the world if they new it.

Chloe – I have a secret. 

AM- I thought you might. Feel like divulging?

Chloe – I’ll never tell. But you will, won’t you? I hope you go to hell. 

AM- On that note, I think this interview is over. 


Character Interview Gage Oliver

AM- Gage! I’m so happy to have you here today. You are so very loved, and for some reason as of late, you’ve been the focal point of much controversy. What do you make of all this?

Gage – I think once the truth comes out people will see if they were wrong or right about me. I know where my loyalty lies and soon everyone else will too. 

AM- You’re a senior next year, any thoughts on what you might like to do post graduation? 

Gage – A neighboring island has a university, I’ll probably be applying to in the fall. I was thinking I might try out for the team—see if I make the cut. I don’t know. I guess it depends if I can keep my grades up.

AM- You seem down. 

Gage – I am. I’ve got a lot going on right now. I upset a lot of people—guess they thought I was something I wasn’t. 

AM -  What’s your relationship like with Logan?

Gage – It’s hanging in there—by a thread. I’m not sure if it’ll ever be the same like before Skyla came into our lives. He’s like my brother. We’ve been through a lot but nothing like this. I don’t know if things will ever be the same for us.

AM- Did you sacrifice everything for love?

Gage – Not yet, but I will if I have to. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for the people I care about. 

AM- That sounds ominous. Let’s move to a different subject. What are your thoughts on Marshall Dudley?

Gage – He’s a kook. I’d like to send him back to wherever the hell he came from. He’s nothing but a six thousand year old pervert. 

AM -  What do you think about what happened to Skyla and Logan at the stone of sacrifice?

Gage – I think it’s horrible. I never wanted that to happen.  

AM- Chloe arranged for that it. Does it change your opinion of her? 

Gage – Not for a minute. 

AM- You have the gift of knowing. Has that helped or hurt you?

Gage- I don’t know. I guess I’d have to say both. When I was little it was like a game. I would see things and when they would happen it was like Christmas. It was amazing to know I could see into the future. Lately it’s been nothing but a ball of confusion. I’m not sure I trust it anymore.

AM-  Do you know things you haven’t shared yet?

Gage- (Quiet for a moment) I know some things that are pretty painful. I know some things that if they do happen, they’ll be wonderful. I know things about Logan. I know things about Skyla, and I know things about Chloe. 

AM- Would you ever tell any of them the things you know about their future?

Gage – Not these things. Sometimes it’s best to just let the future play out, let destiny do its thing.

AM- That’s almost the opposite of what Logan said.

Gage – That doesn’t surprise me. (Dimples explode, no smile) Logan and I have a different way of looking at life sometimes. He charges, I take my time. 

AM- What kind of future would make you happy?

Gage – I want to live a simple life right here on the island, raise a family—maybe help my dad out with the mortuary or go into business for myself. I’m not sure yet. I like to write. Maybe I’ll write a book someday. 

AM- What kind of book would you like to write?

Gage – Hmm, maybe a thriller, a mystery full of love and deception. I seem to know that best. 

AM- Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. If you do pen a novel I’d love to read it. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Gage – One day, I’d like to tell my side of the story. I don’t like being villainized. Things happened, and I take responsibility for those things, but I don’t think I should be judged for helping the person I love.

AM- Fair enough. I’ll see to it that you get your side of the story out. I’m really looking forward to hearing things from your point of view.  

Gage – Thank you. 


(Here's an interview the boyz did with The Book Hookup)

Who is on the cover of Ethereal Knights? We want to make sure you didn’t use a model, so you will both need to take off your shirts so we can accurately compare.

Logan  - That would be me.

Gage – That would be you and photo shop.

Logan – You’re right. They cut my biceps in half.

You boys seem to have a little *cough a lot cough * of sex on the brain....did you filter AT ALL when you were telling Addison your story? Or are your thoughts even naughtier than that? Tell us EVERYTHING. Please.

Gage – That would also be him.

Logan – Please—I read that filth spewing from your brain. And, no, I’m pretty much an open book. My nephew here obviously has a hormonal overflow he’s ruminating over at all hours of the day.

Logan, how do you feel that only Celeste from The Book Hookup is on your team? (Can you BELIEVE Ana & Jag??) You must feeling like rewarding Celeste by letting her rub your pecs and abs giving her a hug, right?

Gage - *laughs*

Logan – What the hell are you laughing at? *directs attention to Celeste* Thank you. Sounds like you’re the smart one. *Offers firm, strong hug*

Gage – Or the nearsighted one.

What is it about Skyla that drives you boys wild? We knew she was pretty, but then when we read your POVs it turns out she was stunning. Is there more than just her beauty that attracts you?

Logan – She is stunning, more so than words could ever say and 99.9% of that comes from the inside. *socks Gage playfully in the arm* Gage just thinks she’s hot.

Gage  - Right. *averts eyes* Skyla is amazing. She has a potency in her that demands your attention. When she steps into the room, everyone is at attention.

Logan – When you say everyone you’re talking about the general and two colonels in your pants, right?

Gage  - Dude.

Will we ever learn more about Chloe from you boys? Why didn’t you tell Skyla more about her?

Logan – Chloe Bishop… *Looks to Gage* That would be your territory right? Don’t you sit around your room at night writing dark poetry to her?

Gage – Shut up. It’s you who sends her crotch shots nightly.

Logan- No, actually, I only send those to you.

Gage – All right. Seriously, I don’t have anything to say about Chloe. Chloe is a head case that has about as much material as an entire set of encyclopedias. She’s a bit twisted.

Logan – Lucky for you, she’s twisted in your direction.

Gage – That she is.

Are you opposed to a 3-some? jk!! (not really, just answer for us ladies at BH and we swear we won’t print it)
Were you both surprised by the level of competition between the two of you? Or has it always been like this?

Logan – Threesome? *looks to Gage* Weren’t you just setting one up with Lex and Chloe?

Gage - *dimples go off no smile* Threesomes are something you’re going to need to take the pain away once I’m with Skyla.'re obviously more popular with the Book Hookup girls...and we learned in this book that the girls call you Orgasm Oliver *giggles and bites lip* does that make you feel?

Gage – I don’t even know what to say to that.

Logan – I think instead of hello, you should say, you’re welcome.

Gage -  I’ll be honest, I’m flattered. And please tell The Book Hookup girls thank you. On Paragon it’s Logan who seems to make girls lose their panties. 

Logan – Is that why I see your panties lying around all over the house? * kicks Gage’s foot*

Gage – You wish.

How hard is it for both of you to keep the secret about your actual relationship to each other?

Logan  - I’ve always felt Gage was more of a brother to me than anything else. Barron and Emma for sure feel like parents. This is my nuclear family as I know it.

Gage – My dad thought we should stick to cousins. People don’t blink at that. He thought people might talk if we tried to pass as brothers. He didn’t want anyone to question my mother’s reputation.

Logan – Emma’s a saint. I wouldn’t want that either.

Who talks to Addison the most? How did you feel when she wanted to tell your side of the story and write Ethereal Knights? Were you excited or did you feel exposed?

Logan  - I felt good about it—especially when she mentioned she was going to give us a 50/50 split as far as the point of views go. I still think Gage gets painted as more of a wounded soul than he is. I think maybe that’s why so many readers are swayed by him and his baby blues. But, then again, he’s been incorporating unconventional warfare by infiltrating Addison’s dreams, and I’m not privy to what really goes on there.

Gage – Whoa. Don’t go there, dude. She’s married. Besides, my heart and dirty dreams belong exclusively to Skyla. And, to answer your question, I did think it was a good representation of how I felt, although I was pretty embarrassed about the poetry making the final cut. I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t put those in.

Have you guys agreed to tell Addison more of your story?  Will you be sharing more secrets with her and with us?

Logan  - I’d be up for it.

Gage – I know she’s kicked the idea with us, and I’d be OK with it.

Logan – She did mention the new series Celestra Forever After would have multiple point of views so we could get heard that way as well.

Gage – I’m good either way.

Please describe yourselves...and then each other in 3 words or less.

Logan – Damn unlucky

Gage – Damn lucky

Logan - *blinks a wry smile at Gage* Grateful

Gage – You’re lucky, dude and you know it.

Logan – You’re right. I’ve got all the best people in my life, starting with you and Skyla.

Gage – That’s better.

What music would do you enjoy?  And, just between us, what would you play to get a the right mood?

Logan – Metal—and smooth jazz

Gage – Smooth jazz? You’re showing your age. * thinks about it* on second thought, you keep playing that smooth jazz. As for me, I prefer the heart-on-the-sleeve type of music, some rustic folk with a touch of rock—as for girls, I’d make the crickets sing the National Anthem if Skyla wanted them to.

Logan – The National Anthem? *grinds his palm into his eye and laughs* You keep playing the National Anthem. I’m not too worried about your alone time with her anymore.
Gage- It was an analogy.

Logan – It was a bad one.

Are there any job openings at the bowling alley? We are very hard workers!!

Logan — Will you work for pizza? If you’re game I’ve got you covered.

Gage — That sounds about right. That’s all he pays me.

Logan  — Well, girls, it looks like that’s the end of our interview. (Stands and hugs the girls from the Book Hookup). Thank you. I hope I didn’t come across as too much of an ass. Things have been pretty tense on the island and I wanted to keep it light.

Gage — Ignore him, he likes being an ass. *Hugs the girls goodbye* If you girls ever need a place to stay on Paragon, I’m sure my parents would love to have you over.

Logan – Or there’s a Sector with a twenty-two room estate that might be interested in entertaining you. Although, if I were you I’d steer clear. He’s no angel.

Gage — Come around again, Skyla would love to see you. We should all go out to dinner sometime.

Logan — Let’s do it. *slaps Gage on the back* It’s on Gage. 


Unknown said...

When did you write this? It is awesome. It is like seeing another side of them. I have to say Gage is still my favorite although since I have yet to read Toxic part 1 and part 2 he is still on my S***list. But hey I know that you wanted us to absolutely have to read the other books so hey why not throw something like that at the end of the book because mission accomplished. lol. I am dying to read the next 2 books. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful imagination with us.

Addison Moore said...

Tiffany Garris - Aw, you are so very welcome. Thank you for all of your kind words and support! These were written last spring and I had them up on a friend's blog so I decided to move them home. So glad you enjoyed them. I really love doing extras like this.

Unknown said...

Thank you so very much for sharing them. One thing that completely disappoints me when I am reading a book is that I do not get to know all of the characters minds. I get so wrapped up in their world but not all of their minds are easy to read. You take away that irritation when you post things like interviews and POVs. It brings a whole new dimension and depth to the story. Not many writers do that or even are capable of doing that. So thank you again!

MagentaCR said...

Have you changed them slightly since you moved them here? Gage's is exactly as i remember it, but not sure about the others...

Unknown said...

This is frigging awesome. . . :D Thank You Addison Moore for bringing the Celestra Series into light :D I hope I become as good as a writer as you. . . :) I'm an aspiring Ya writer . .. any tips you might want to share? I'd love to hear from you.

Unknown said...

This is AWSOME!!!! my favorite would have to be Marshall's. I love everything about Marshall. Im not hating on Gage or Logan, but my heart loves Marshall. Thank you for making this series of books. You have made my day!

skyla said...

I'm scared Logan and Marshall kept going on and on about how much they loved skyla. But gage didn't... maybe he is with Chloe...oh the suspense is killing me when is the last book coming out?

Unknown said...

I was thinking that same thing!! Why didn't Gage mention that he loves Skyla!!!?

TefyannSmith said...

I have been to your blog many times, but for some reason today was the first time I read this section. After reading Gages interview, I'm very much hoping you write a book from his point of view. I'm patiently waiting for Elysian, and I'm hopeful Marshall is where Skyla is headed, but Gage is my #2 suitor. I love how much you can suck us readers into Paragon and these characters. You are extremely talented. Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your wonderful world! :)