Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cover reveals and Tuesday Teasers!

It's Tuesday~! And maybe the best Tuesday ever because it happens to be right before Thanksgiving. I love that feasting holiday!

There are two new covers to share! 
First, Someone Like You (Someone to Love Book 2) 
Just a heads up, the paperback is only $3.70 right now! It will probably double or triple, so if you want a paperback I'd pre-order now! Get it HERE! E-book, here

And a Christmas anthology that I'm a part of, in which I give the first chapter to BEAUTIFUL ILLUSIONS (Beautiful Oblivion 2) Gavin's story! 

*All proceeds from Christmas Lites III go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. There are over a dozen Christmas themed stories by different authors. Christmas Lites III goes on sale first week of December.

On to the teasers! 

*News! Entropy is on the way to the editor and betas! *finally*

ENTROPY (The Countenance Trilogy 3)

(Cooper’s POV)

*Coop with Laken

“Say it’s not true.” She slides down my body like a pole, her shoulders sagging once her feet hit the ground. “I can handle what you’re trying to do, I swear it.” Laken pleads with those prism cut eyes. Her lips tremble, desperate to hear the words she longs for me to say. “Do you want to see other people?” Her mouth opens as if she just had a revelation.
My gut pinches because holy hell I swear I never thought she’d go in that direction. 

New Adult  17+

*Skyla’s POV
(Skyla with Ellis)

“Oh crap,” I whisper, looking at the rundown facility, the paint is chipping so bad you’d think the entire building suffered a third degree sunburn.  A few windows have huge spider-webbed bullseyes through them as if they’ve taken a bullet, and to add a touch of class, tinfoil lines the inside.
“I know, Dude.” Ellis slaps me on the back. “This is the shit!”
“It is shit. Ellis, your dad is a slumlord. There’s no way I’m living here.”
“First month is free.”
“Great. Where do I sign?”

*Happy Thanksgiving all! xoxo

Thank you to all who have supported Perfect Love

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Someone Like You cover reveal!!!!!

Eeeeeep! I've waited so long to show you this! Here it is, the awesome super hawt cover for book 2 in the Someone to Love series~!

Someone Like You (January 28th 2014)

A little about the book: 
When coed Ally Monroe literally falls into the arms of a tattooed bad-boy one summer night, she can't seem to let go. Morgan Jordan is everything Ally doesn't want—he's a playboy from a blue collar background, and Ally's looking for upper-class stability. Though their relationship starts off as a one-night stand, once Ally learns Morgan is her best friend's brother, there's no escaping him . . . or the growing fire between them. As Ally and Morgan become closer, they confront bitter enemies, his sister's disapproval, and paths pulling them in different directions at summer's end. The second book in the bestselling Someone to Love series proves that in love and passion, sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

Gah! Morgan Jordan is so freaking hot. I CANNOT wait to share him with you!!!! 

Someone Like You releases January 28, 2014

I'll start teasers for Someone Like You sometime in December~!

Pre-order available here!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

It's here again! Tuesday~ and that means teasers. :) 

Thank you to all who supported the release of PERFECT LOVE!!! I hope you're all enjoying Logan's special point of view. Logan will always have a piece of my heart. *If you would like to purchase Logan and Skyla’s song on iTunes please click the following link : Candle Wax —single— Charity Shatwell & The Cobblers

Great news! ENTROPY is DONE!!!!! Well, not done-done, but it's thisclose. I penned the end, and now my editor and I can henpeck it to death. I'll try to move on with the cover.   

What to tease next? I'll finish out the Entropy teasers and of course Celestra Forever After. I'll start up with Sugar Kisses soon as well as Someone Like You which is set to release January 28, 2014.

And finally Beautiful Illusions (Beautiful Oblivion Book 2) will have a special preview in Christmas Lites III (all proceeds from Christmas Lites III go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). I can't wait to share more of Gavin with you!!!

On to the teasers...

ENTROPY (The Countenance Trilogy 3)

(Laken’s POV)

*Laken with Wes at a dance

Wes crashes over me with a kiss. His mind opens, murky at first then clear and light as if it were a dark cave and he had invited in the sun. Wes shows me an image of a couple lying on top of dark sheets—two vanilla bodies writhing over one another. I recognize that dark-haired boy with his body of chiseled marble, hands as wide as baseball mitts as they travel down familiar thighs, mine.
I pull back, panting. “Wes.” A smile comes uninvited to my lips. “I’d say get your mind out of the gutter but I like it.” I look down because Coop is in the room, and I want nothing more than for the sparkling chandelier hanging up above to fall on my head.

New Adult  17+

*Skyla’s POV

(Skyla with someone) I’m sure at this point most of you know who. :)

Heartbreak comes in colors, mostly greys and blues, but love comes in a burst—a rainbow exploding over you like confetti. And lust, well it’s safe to say that tonight lust comes in cobalt, in raven-colored hair, skin hard and pale as marble under the kiss of the anemic moon.
“Come here.” I lure him over with a curl of my finger—my toes digging into the ebony sand beneath my feet.
“Everything go okay with your mom today?”
I give a slight nod. My mother opened a pathway that I thought could never be. She healed me in so many ways and showed me the truth about love and loss, about what comes next and how important it is to keep your heart open.
His lips curve up one side. His dimples go off and my stomach bottoms out.
I press my hand up over his chest like touching heated steel. His lids hood low. That sexy grin presses in over his face, and I can feel our bodies magnetizing like two trains that are about to collide. 

Enjoy the week!
And happy reading~!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Perfect Love is LIVE!!!!!!

It's here! It's here!

I love Logan Oliver with all my heart. I hope you'll have fun with this novella as much as I did. 
Enjoy the trip back to Paragon!
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iTunes to come.  
About the book:

When circumstances in Logan’s world lead to a life-altering event, he decides to be as forthright with his nephew, Gage, as possible. But there’s one person Logan doesn’t want to be forthright with, not now or ever—she’s the very person he lives to protect—Skyla Messenger. Willing to deal with the fallout of his actions, Logan chooses to remain silent…but fate has other plans.

*Intended for mature audiences only* Sexual situations* Strong Language* New Adult*

Have a great weekend!

Happy reading!