Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Tuesday Tease and the awesome giveaway continues!

It’s here again! Tuesday! Welcome back to the Tuesday tease. I was going to tease another book as well as Elysian but I’m barreling through edits so I think I’ll give it another week. I managed to send most of the book to my editor and betas to get the ball rolling. The book is very loooong, and I don’t think I’ll ever write another one quite this long again but for Celestra, especially since it’s the last one, I’ll let this slide. ;)  And here’s a fun fact about the final book: if you skip ahead to the end to see who Skyla chooses, you won’t understand a darn thing! *holds back a smile*
Was that too wicked of me? Maybe. Or maybe I have far more wicked things in store…

Off to the teasers!  

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series
* (The cheer squad discussing their senior prank)

Nat makes a face. “Those are totally juvenile ideas. We need to do something big like drag a couch over to senior lawn and set it on fire.” Her copper locks bounce with approval at the five-alarm disaster spewing from her lips.
“Enough with the fifth grade high-jinks.” Chloe bites the words out. “We need something far more sophisticated, something fierce—something deadly. I was thinking of a hostage situation.”
Figures. Chloe’s prank involves a medley of her specialties—prisoners and death.
“Listen”—Brielle pushes out a breath—“I’m all for ‘bonding” with you guys, but I’d rather do it outside of the pen. Let’s think legal, and naked boys.”
Brielle always has her priorities straight.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series
* (Skyla lost in thought)

I glance back and notice that both Logan and Gage are watching me like hawks. The future and all of its secrets get buried by the love those two are emanating in my direction.
I wish it was last year, that I still had Logan on a string, and Gage lying over me like a bulletproof vest—Marshall and all of his sexual musings wrapped around me like a blanket.
Damn I hate the future.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series
 (Skyla and ???)

“I promise you, everything I have ever done since the day I met you was because I wanted to protect you. I love you so damn much I would cash in every chip in my arsenal to make sure you're safe.” He strokes my cheek with his finger. “I already know you’ll be loved. I just wish it were by me.” 

*Hope you enjoyed! I look forward to introducing you to new characters and new books in the weeks to come. Remember, it's the final week in the giveaway! To win one of 5 awesome prizes, simply enter below!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Big news, bigger giveaway!!!

Welcome to the Tuesday tease!
Yes! It’s here, my ~BIG~ news. Things have been happening behind the scenes and I’m so glad to finally share them with you! Drumroll………The SOMEONE TO LOVE Series has been purchased by Skyscape publishing in a three-book deal! *throws confetti* *happy dances*
Skyscape is a division of Amazon’s traditional publishing arm, and has an amazing team that’s dedicated to making their books succeed. I’m so excited to be working with everyone over at Skyscape including the super awesome, Tim Ditlow! *waves at Tim* I’m super thrilled to experience everything they have to offer and super excited to get started.
I want to especially thank my agent Rachelle Gardner for helping me get there. She’s my ninja fairy godmother, so it’s no surprise she makes magic happen. She always seems to get me to exciting places. Thank you, Rachelle!
And I can’t wait to bring the rest of the series to you. It's steamy, and fun, and well... more Cruise. ;)
So, what does this mean? SOMEONE TO LOVE will be released as a paperback sometime in the fall (October-ish). Book two, Ally and Morgan’s story will be released around the New Year—and the final book which reverts back to Kendall and Cruise will hit the bookshelves shortly thereafter.
I’m really excited—so much so that I want to get you excited too. So here's a little giveaway to celebrate this awesome publishing news, the launch of EVANESCENT, and as my thank you to YOU for getting me on the bestseller’s list this year. I’m giving away four Amazon gift cards for $25.00 each, along with a Kindle fire HD!!!! That’s right, FIVE winners!!!!!!!! I’ll announce the winners on May 7, 2013. The deadline to enter is midnight pacific time May 6, 2013 and the only way to enter is through rafflecopter. (If you’re reading on facebook please drift on over to the blog!)  

Now for some odd news…
Saturday morning I wake up groggy, sans coffee, flip open the laptop and see the new ad for this season of the Bachelorette. Fun right? I’m their biggest fan so I’m already there! But I must say I was a bit surprised when I saw the dress the new bachelorette donned to kick off her hormone-laden journey. It looked a little familiar. Like really familiar. As in Laken Stewart, familiar. Well, anyway here are my book covers, and their ad for the new season so we can do a little juxtaposition…

SO what do you think? A little photo-shopping and I can use it as the final cover for the trilogy. Right? 
I’m teasing. I’m totally awestruck to be in such great company. And I guess this is a great time to tell you all about my New Adult book entitled, THE FINAL ROSE, in which my protagonist Christina Harrison goes on a wild and steamy adventure while shopping for love on a reality show. Sounds cool, right? I jest. I JEST!!!
I love my covers. I love their ad—great minds and all that good stuff. I’m still their number one fan. Or at least I will be once I procure some tickets to the season finale.

On to the teasers and please don’t forget to enter below with rafflecopter!
Happy reading!   

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.
 (Logan to Skyla in front of Chloe)

“You and Chloe are friends?” Logan wraps his arm around me tight as we follow Ingram down the winding path. “When did this happen?”
“It happened never. She’s just trying to meet her quota of lies for the day. I’m her most prolific subject if you haven’t noticed.”

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.
(Skyla with Barron and Emma)

“So have you decided which one you’ll spend the rest of your life with?” Barron says it so banal and polite you’d think I was getting ready to order dinner off a menu—more like dessert. Gage would be liquid fudge and Logan would be one of those exotic dishes that they set on fire before they serve it to you.
I shake the thought away.
I can’t believe my mind just reduced a Celestra to flames, it’s so not right.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.
(Gage and Skyla on Rockaway Beach with Nev)

Nev has the nerve to hop into our tiny hut and onto my back.
“Hey, dude.” Gage gives him a gentle push off my person. “If I’m not getting any action, neither are you,” he teases. 
I give a soft laugh. “God, Gage.” I trace out his perfect lips, and my muscles tense up. “Everything in me wants to give you more than a little action,” I whisper.

Hope you enjoyed!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

It’s Tuesday.
First, super big hugs to everyone because yesterday was a tough day. My heart goes out to all those in Boston, and to every hurting soul on the planet. Evil doesn’t win. It Can’t. It won’t.
I had a huge giveaway planned for today but I didn't think it was appropriate so I’m going to move it quite possibly until next Tuesday. I’ll also have some big book news to share in a few days, so I might just couple it with that. The giveaway will happen. I have to thank you for your impossible kindness which has translated in my ability to land in places like this: Publisher’s Weekly (The Bestselling Books of 2013 January-March). So BIG thank you.
EVANESCENT is out! I wish happy reading to all who are reading it. I really hope you enjoy hearing from Laken, Coop, and Wes.
To those of you who received the newsletter, I hope you had fun with it! I got a letter from “mail chimp” (my newsletter carrier) threating to suspend my account for illicit drafts. What's this? Passing illegal notes? Threats of suspension? Why, it’s just like high school! For me, anyway. 
Anyhoo, the newsletter lives to see another day. For now.
On to the teasers. Since I’m just "teasing" the one book, and it’s been a tough week, I thought I’d give you two ELYSIAN teasers—and they're long! I might tease a new book starting next week. ELYSIAN feels a little lonely down there. 

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.

*(Skyla and Logan observing Ezrina's dealings in the lab) And, it might sound spoilery, but I promise it's not!

“Transfusion?” I hop over to see who or what in the hell she’s sucking the living plasma out of, hopefully Demetri but since he doesn’t meet the human criteria I find this doubtful. In fact, I bet if we sawed the violent Fem in half all sorts of green goo—
I startle at what those twisted cords are connected to and all thoughts, all memory of autonomic responses leave my body as I forget to breathe.
Chloe Bishop lies in the stainless casket next door. Her face pale as snow, her lips a muted shade of navy. Her unpolished fingernails have turned black at the base.
“Holy shit,” Logan whispers.
This is a dream within a dream—Chloe Bishop captured and drained for a noble purpose like piecing Ellis Harrison back together again. Chloe the white witch lies with her granular appearance, ashen as table salt. She looks marvelously dazed, her eyes crossing ever so slightly as she labors to breathe.
“Sky—la,” she stutters out my name while locked in her death throes. It’s such a beautiful sight, I’d whip out my cell and take a picture, but I don’t want to miss a second of the action. Watching Chloe die has been my heart’s desire for some time now.
“I’m here for you, Chloe.” I try to hide my blooming elation. “Go to the light.” But in Chloe’s case, it’s most likely the dark.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.

*(Skyla and Gage in his bedroom)

The pipes squeal and twist as the water shuts off, and a moment later Gage steps out in a vat of steam with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.
“All dressed up and nowhere to go?” I tease, propping myself on my elbow to afford a better look. Gage is cut to precision with abs that ripple, strong as steel.
Oh, I’ve got somewhere to go,” he says it low, most definitely seductive and a mild panic surges in me.
Gage swoops in and lands beside me on the bed with dew from the shower still beading over his chest. He beams a wicked smile that lets me know it’s game on and Logan had better watch his pretty boy back. Gage is in it to win it, and I’m not sure how much fortitude I have to stave either one of them off.

Hope you enjoyed~!
I’ll keep you up to date on the giveaway and the big news!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Evanescent is live!

Evanescent (The Countenance Trilogy 2) is live over at AmazonBarnes and Noble and Smashwords! I'll update once it hits  iBookstore.

Young Adult         Mature Situations/Language

Sixteen-year-old Laken Stewart died last summer. Her resurrection at the hands of the Countenance hasn’t run smoothly. With the memory of her past life still firmly intact, Laken moves deeper into the Countenance organization in an effort to free her mother and sister from the deadly Celestra tunnels.

The love she feels for her boyfriend, Wesley, is compromised when gorgeous Cooper Flanders teams up with her in the fight to free their families. Old bonds are slowly severed as new ones are galvanized.

Wesley is sure that what he and Laken share is special but when it becomes apparent that she’s reading his mind, he’s determined to get the bottom of her true intentions. And one thing is for sure, the Celestra that’s giving her these powers is going to have to pay. Wesley’s love for Laken takes him to the dark places he never believed existed and what he discovers dismantles his world as he knows it.  

Happy reading!!!