Wednesday, November 30, 2011


UPDATE: VEX is live on Amazon, here's the link: VEX (Celestra Series Book 5)

I hit publish this morning at both Amazon and B&N! I'll update with a link when it goes live. For some reason mobile users are able to purchase first on Amazon.

I included a sample chapter of my new series, EPHEMERAL The Countenance Book 1, at the end of the document. I really hope you'll enjoy that along with VEX.

Look for, EXPEL Celestra Series Book 6, COMING SOON! ;)

I'll put up the cover's for both EPHEMERAL and EXPEL as soon as I have them.

Happy Reading~!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Auction news!

UPDATE; Thank you so much to all who placed a bid for the Celestra necklace and bookplate. I want to especially thank the winner for your generous donation to KOPN. If you would like, please email me anytime (email is to the left under complete profile). I would love to offer a personal thank you.

The Celestra necklace is up for auction!! The auction is being held by and all proceeds go to fund the nonprofit station. Penguin tracks is one of their on air shows that supports young adult books and music. Here's the link if you're interested!   The necklace comes with a signed BURN bookmark. The necklace itself is engraved with Celestra across one of the butterflies. There are only two of these necklaces  and I own the other one. =) Happy bidding!

Friday, November 11, 2011

NaNo, and non news, and writers, oh my!!!

First, thank you to all the Vets!!!! What an amazing thing you do for us, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you for being our protectors.

I’m really going to try and be a better blogger and put out more than one post every two months, so here’s my best effort. I have some non news, auction news, and some Indelible writer friends I’d love to share with you guys.

NaNo!!! I officially ate it when I received my edits back for VEX, so I’ll have to continue my NaNo efforts another month. DeNo or JaNo, anyone? But, forget about me. How are YOU doing? Please leave me some seriously awesome or not so awesome NaNo news in the comments section. I’d luv to hear an update! 

The non news! Yes, there is such a thing in my world. My ~big~ *epic news has yet to be revealed. I think the universe is trying to teach me a lesson in patience, and I’m failing miserably. But trust me, I have a blog post all ready to go, and I will hit send as soon as the-powers-that-be allow such a miracle.

The celebrity auction! Yes Virginia there really is an auction. I was starting to wonder myself, but lo and behold it’s up and running!!! Only, my CELESTRA necklace hasn’t been added to the list yet. Perhaps they’ve discovered the celebrity part doesn’t quite apply, lol. Turns out they ARE adding the necklace and the signed bookplate (BURN postcard) at some point this month. As soon as it’s added I’ll post the link. =)

And last, but not least, I was so honored to have been welcomed into a great writers group called the Indelibles. Here’s a list of these wonderful writers with a link to their blogs.


Please fill me in on your NaNo stats! I want to cheerlead, cattle prod, whatever it is you need.

Are you a writer? Have a book you want to pimp? A blog? Or simply tell us what an all around wonderful person you are? Please feel free to leave your testament to greatness in my comments section. I’d love to do a little literary matchmaking and connect readers and writers. =)

Are you a reader? Have questions that are VEXing you? I may not be able to answer, but I can try!