Thursday, March 22, 2012

EXPEL has arrived!!!

Amazon Link EXPEL

Nook Link!!!!

Happy Birthday EXPEL!

I pushed the publish button for Kindle and Nook! It's up on both sites now. Enjoy!!~

Here's a mini-blurb for the book:

A death.
A war.
An old enemy.
A new enemy.
A well-placed boyfriend.
An ending you won’t believe.

Happy reading~!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EXPEL release date, March 22!

(From facebook with love ;)

Welcome to another Tuesday Tease!!!


EXPEL will officially be released for sale on Thursday, March 22 for Kindle and Nook!!! 

I know, its kind of far, right? Secretly, I was hoping for this Saturday but one of my betas, the one I happen to be married to, requested a little more time to comb through it—so I thought I would accommodate him. ;) 

I then wanted to release it next Tuesday, which is the 20th but horror of all horrors, I’ve actually agreed to do a radio interview. Me, the girl who doesn’t say more than ten words all day is going to try to speak for an hour. Rest assured, things will end badly. I may or may not put up a link after the fact. We shall see.  Worse comes to worse I can just pick up EXPEL and start reading, God knows that will easily make sixty minutes evaporate into thin air. Of course, that would probably just be the first few chapters, EXPEL is one big puppy. 

That being said, there are only two more teasers for EXPEL so enjoy!

EPHEMERAL (The Countenance Book 1)

* (Laken and Cooper)
“What’s that suppose to mean?”
“It means the Counts like to control everything—right down to who you’re with.”

EXPEL (Celestra Series Book 6)
(I don’t know if I’ve used these before but I think not. Sorry—busy with edits!)

*(Skyla and…)
“I was just thinking about you.” There is not one note of anger, or sarcasm in his tone as he settles his thoughtful gaze over me. Those hungry eyes burn for me, and it takes everything in me not to bow in his presence.

*(Skyla and …)
I let him come to me with his lips, cover me with the hot of his mouth and indulge in a kiss that ignores the constraints of age and time—it spells out love and forever much better than any careless sentiment that I could ever utter.

*(Marshall to Skyla)
“My love blooms in triplicate each day for you Skyla. I’ve never felt so charged, so alive for another my entire existence.”

(Skyla and…)
My stomach swims with the rhythm of his voice. I pull him in and share a deep kiss that has the power to ignite the two of us into a Molotov worthy explosion. There’s something more profound than lust here, something stronger than puppy love or infatuation. We sit for a small eternity fogging up the windows with the heat from our desire.

 Hope you enjoyed the teasers!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

EXPEL cover reveal!!!

I thought I'd share the cover with you guys! I may tweak it a little but for the most part its finished. I'll also be posting the cover for EPHEMERAL (The Countenance Book 1) hopefully Tuesday. Since I have no major announcements or even a hard release date for EXPEL (which I should have super soon.) I'll leave you with a few facts about EXPEL:


*EXPEL is the longest book I have ever written. I fear letting the word count out of the bag so I'll hold that close to the vest for now.

*I wrote two sentences in the middle of the book that would have given away the ending to the entire series but I decided to delete them because you guys are soooo good at decoding what I say.

*I haven't divulged a single plot line through the teasers and that my friends is a miracle considering there are more teasers for EXPEL than any other book.

*The death toll rises by two.

*EXPEL was almost split into two books. I decided against it because there were no natural endings to the storylines in the middle of the book. But, when it goes to paperback, the odds are good (not certain)  that it will be split in two, EXPEL part 1 and EXPEL part 2.

*A part of the reason EXPEL is so long is because I never wanted to leave.

I really can't wait to share EXPEL with you guys! I always say that but I always mean it. ;)

Let me know what you think of the cover or what your thoughts are on EXPEL in general!

Just FYI I'll be posting a character interview soon for a new series. If she does well I might just let my characters have run of the blog once in a while. I'm sure Marshall will have a thing or two to say. Any character interview requests?