Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Character interviews, news, and teasers...

(From Facebook with love! ;)

Link: Logan meets Skyla. Logan's POV!

Marshall Dudley Speaks: On Love and Such

Link: Gage meets Skyla. Gage's POV!

Link: Interview with Marshall Dudley

Link: Interview with Logan Oliver)

Link: Interview with Chloe Bishop

Link: Interview with Gage Oliver

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! First, character interviews and all kinds of cool stuff are happening at Supa Gurl Books this week, so please go over and visit, follow her blog, and comment because she is beyond awesome! (Click here for LINK.)

And guess what??? I penned ‘THE END’ of Book 7!
It sure would be nice if I had a title to go along with it. I’m down to two but heavily leaning towards one so maybe I’ll do a title and mock cover reveal soon.

Nevertheless, book 8 is already outlining itself, and I’m toying with the idea of 3 POVs Skyla, Logan and Gage. As for Marshall, well, we pretty much all know what’s on his mind. (Although that might make for several interesting chapters.) And for sure I wouldn’t count him out in the race for Skyla’s heart. ←Really.

TV series news: I’ve been invited to Fox studios to talk CLESTRA in just a few short weeks! I’m super excited and totally anxious, but I’m trying to ignore my nerves for now. I’ve put in a request to have a twenty-four pack of Dr. Pepper and Matthew McConaughey waiting for me when I arrive. Do you think it’s too soon?

I jest.

Honest to God, my big plan involves wearing hawt yet comfortable shoes and keeping my mouth shut so they might invite me back. I’m just hoping the error of my home haircut would have grown out by then.

Anyway, in other news, I’m full throttle all over EPHEMERAL this month because, well, it’s time to push that baby out the door. So there’s that.

Hope you enjoy the teasers!

EPHEMERAL (The Countenance)

*(Laken and Wesley)

“It’s because we’re not Celestras.” I dig my hands into my pockets. I want to lay it on thick and call him out on the fact Celestra is obviously the most powerful. I have the distinct feeling the reason their numbers are so low is because the Counts have arranged for that very thing. A genocide is underway no thanks to their vampire-like efforts and it sounds like it’s a pretty exhaustive effort—and that Wes would be an active participant makes me want to vomit all over his shiny brown shoes.

Celestra Series Book 7

*(Skyla and Ellis)

“See that necklace she’s wearing?” The giant wicked rose lets off a necrotic flicker of light as if winking in our direction—knowing Marshall it probably is. “It’s basic training for Fems. They invade her mind and turn it into a big gelatinous puddle of crap.”

“That’s effing sick,” Ellis recoils at my masterful descriptive.

“I know this because I swallowed it once and it really effed with my mind.” I borrow his doctored expletive to prove my point. “You were in my hallucination. You were an ox with a body of a man. You were kind of hot if I don’t say so myself.”

“Cool,” Ellis expands his chest to annunciate said hotness.

*(Skyla and Marshall)

“I must leave. Shall I grace you with my lips? I believe Jock Strap is witnessing this encounter with great interest. Oddly, he’s replaying our resplendent exchange of passion, casting himself as the lead in a rather pornographic display of affection. I doubt we'd be so crude, and in this, a public establishment.” Marshall glides into a wicked grin.

*(Skyla and Gage)

“About last night,” his hot breath warms my bare shoulder. I’m suddenly regretting wearing nothing but a tiny bikini top and cutoffs. I wish I could wrap myself in a blanket around Gage. I never want him to look at me.

“It won’t happen again.” I wanted to tell him that I would have done that with any boy that happened to be in my room—that he wasn’t special, that he never was. But that’s one lie I don’t think I could pull off. When all is said and done, and I look back on my life, Gage Oliver will have been my biggest heartache.

He presses up from behind and warms me with his body. His cologne enwreathes me, makes me ache to touch him.
“I was sort of hoping it would,” he blows it hot in my ear.

*(Skyla and Logan)

I brush the pads of my fingers along his jaw. I can easily spend an eternity like this with Logan in his perfect dreams. Well, they’re usually perfect. Tonight they’re a bit scattered and x-rated in nature.

“Are all your dreams this explicit?” I hold back a laugh while reeling him in by the lip of his jeans.

“Mostly.” He breathes into my neck and dots a trail of kisses up to my ear.

“I bet you look forward to this every single night.”

“What I look forward to,” he pauses, grazing over my earlobe with his teeth, “is turning this into reality—with you—every single night.”

Character interviews, deleted scenes, and even a few short scenes in the boys POV (point of view) will all be taking place this week over at Supa Gurls Blog --don't miss! 


Bonnie's Place said...

I am so for Logan and Marshall. Great interview with him. Loved it!

Heather said...

LOL. Just come to Austin. We have frequent Matthew sightings ;) I'm SOOOO excited about your meeting!! Fortunately, I had not headed into Starbucks yet so the loud SQUEE went unnoticed.

Curse you and those teasers!! Made my heart hurt a little for Gage. I STILL don't like Logan and Marshall, per usual, made me laugh. A good sense of humor is so important and he's certainly put up with a lot from Skyla. #TeamMargage ;)

Nichelle Cross said...

I am seriously so excited for the next book! I'm too darn impatient, I want it now! But I'm glad you take your time to get the books just right instead of pushing out something mediocre to satisfy everyone. The books are well worth the wait! These teasers are killing me though... :P

lizziedee said...

Thanks for the teasers - they're killing me! I'm a new reader and probably a little unusual as I'm in my thirties! But I have to say that very few writers have the ability to make me say WTF at a book's ending like you!

Addison Moore said...

Lisa - Interview with him in the a.m.! And a POV short later in the week! I'm super excited to share!

Heather - I love your Margage devotion! LOL! So much more fun to come this week. I'll keep FB and twitter alive with who's onboard for the day. Logan's up at bat tomorrow. ;)

Nichelle Cross - Oh wow thank you! I really do try to put my best foot forward and Book 7 is the biggest of them all which means looong edits. I'll keep the teasers coming though.

lizziedee - Thank you for reading~! I'm not sixteen either but we can still enjoy the escape right? Plus I'm emotionally stunted in my teens so that helps, lol!

Unknown said...

HOLY WOW!!! umm Skyla-Logan HAWTNESS! srsly... i don't even need a cover ... I just want to READ!!!


Addison Moore said...

Heather Robbins - Hello you! LOL! At the pace I'm moving it may not get a cover. At least I'm done with the draft. Now edits... ;)

kam110476 said...

I have to say Addison, that you have truly brought a ton of love, joy, excitement galore, & frustrastion into my life and I'm grateful to be allowed to get to know these sweet, rebellious, occaisionally moronic balls of hormones! I've had a desire to hop into your Celestra world for so very, many reasons that are too large in number to count!

But at the end of Expel I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or give up! You have no idea the pleasure you've brought to my life with the Celestra series...but when is it going to finally end? When are all our questions going to be answered? When is good finally going to kick some evil count a$*? When will Skyla quit leading 4 different men along and finally freakin choose her ONE? She needs to so she can finally be crowned Queen of the Celestra! I don't want it to end but I think its time!

Your written language really confused me this book. I have a huge vocabulary, I'm an avid reader and I'm a pretty intelligent young lady but was having to use my kindle dictionary almost every page with all the random words you were shooting out (btw, I learned a lot and/or was reminded of things I've learned in my life)! Lastly, what's up with all the 'eff this' 'no effing way' and the rest of the effing going around? No one talks like that and to keep from dropping so many "eff-bombs" freaking, friggin', frockin, and funking make much more pleasent filler words...in my opinion.
I do still love you, Paragon, boy-crazy Skyla and all her boys but isn't it time for some "Happily Ever Afters" to start happening for the ones we love so dearly?!!

Addison Moore said...

kam110476 - Hi Kam! I really do appreciate your feedback. The Celestra series ends in book 8. Thank you so much for reading. I have fresh teasers and info each week on Facebook if you're interested.

kam110476 said...

You sooo rock with getting back w/ you readers so quickly! I can't even fathom how you have time to answer every single comment, write, what, 2-3 books at a time, eat, sleep, take care of a family, etc. You must have at least 30 hrs in a day compared to the rest of the world! You're like super-human! (In no way does DP do that for me!)

I thought later I was rude in my post and please accept my apologies for that. I truly am sorry that it came out that way! I'm just so excited to hear all the other wicked awesome ideas and books you have stored in that super human brain of yours!

BTW, I meant to tell you that Gage's pov of meeting Skyla was wicked funny (I almost peed myself a little)! I'm still on the fence of which boy team I'm on after Expel, but I think Logan is the ONE. Maybe it's b/c he's closer to my age (you know, in his real life/light driving yrs) but he just seems to love more deeply, more seriously, and more truly.

PS...Facebook is my meth so I closed my account so that I would eat, sleep, walk my dog, and live in all the beautifu worlds I read about daily-Paragon included and at the top! :-)
Again, my sincerest apologies for last night. = think maybe I was a little too emotional after the ending of Expel, because I really do think you're a wicked fabulous writer and I will ALWAYS buy and read anything you've written!

Addison Moore said...

kam110476 - Hi Kam! Oh don't apologize! You were fine. I really do appreciate hearing peoples thoughts.

I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed the Gage POV! I really want to do something with Logan and Gage this summer but I'm still at the percolating idea stage of the game.

I really hope you'll stop by my FB page. You can still do that without an account, right? It's a bad habit of mine not to update my blog with the same info.

Right now I'm letting readers choose the title of the next CELESTRA book, either TOXIC or POISON. In the event you'd like to leave you're vote here that's fine, too. :)

kam110476 said...

100% without a doubt TOXIC! Many time while reading the series I've thought of "Celestra soundtrack songs" and Britney Spears' song "Toxic" is in thelist of songs I listen to when reading.

There's my vote! Can't wait to find out what you choose!

Happy Tuesday Addison!! :-D

Addison Moore said...

kam110476 - Thanks for voting! That seems to be the running favorite. BTW, Toxic by Britney Spears inspired a lot of BURN!

kam110476 said...

LOL...Right on! I think that song inspires MANY things!

kcasanova88 said...

I like poison for book 7. Can't wait to read it.

Addison Moore said...

kcasanova88 - Thanx for voting and for reading!

Stephanie said...

Im finishing book 6 and I am dying for book 7! Wonderfully written! Maybe that's the bad part cause I can't stop reading or weeping over the fact that book 7 isn't out yet! Thank you for these books. Im enamored to them!

Stephanie said...

Im finishing book 6 and I am dying for book 7! Wonderfully written! Maybe that's the bad part cause I can't stop reading or weeping over the fact that book 7 isn't out yet! Thank you for these books. Im enamored to them!

Addison Moore said...

Stephanie - Thank you so much for reading! I so wish I had book 7 TOXIC ready to give you. It's still on track for end of summer. I'm thrilled to pieces you're enjoying the series so far!!! Thank you again! :)

Unknown said...

When is Toxic going to come out? I am dying to read it!!!