Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Logan Oliver's POV

Here it is! The world from Logan’s point of view.
And….since you guys have been SO kind I’ve decided to throw in a BONUS Logan POV in the near future. I’ll either do it before or after Gage. In fact, I’m having so much fun with these POV’s I’m thinking of rewriting ETHEREAL through Logan and Gage’s perspective. It would be mostly Logan’s POV because of the nature of the storyline but I’ll try my hardest to balance it out with Gage.
Just real quick, here’s some TOXIC news: Since the book is twice the size it should be (200K+ words), my editor suggests I chop it in half. I’ve hired a second pair of eyes, so TOXIC Part One goes back to the editor on Friday and then we bounce it back and forth before I put it out in a few weeks. It’s very close. I’m going to work hard on the covers so hopefully I can do a reveal soon. TOXIC Part One and TOXIC Part Two will both be considered book 7 since the story arc is continual. Unless, of course, my editor changes things, and if she does, I’ll let you know. That’s where it’s at for now.

Here is Logan’s POV is from ETHEREAL. This scene takes place the morning of chapter 15 (Virtue).
The next POV of Logan’s, that I’ll put up soon, will be chapter 15 through Logan’s eyes. That’s the chapter where Logan takes Skyla to the Falls of Virtue and waterfall kisses ensue. *sighs*
However, in this scene, there is definitely some brewing tension between Logan and Gage.
Happy reading~!  

“Breakfast with the Olivers”

Logan's POV:

I’m dreaming of Skyla when my eyelids crack open to a burst of violent sunshine.
Gage treks out of the room after committing the solar felony, and I throw my pillow at him, nailing him in the back of the head.
It’s the same crap he used to pull when we were little—opening my curtains on the rare morning the sun has the balls to show and waking me up out of a dead sleep.   
“Stay the hell out,” I groan, trying to bury my head in the crook of my arm. The covers are off and my boxers are pitched like a tent.
He doesn’t say anything, just stomps down the hall with those cinder blocks he calls feet. I jump out of bed and hit the shower. By the time I get dressed and head downstairs, a fogbank has seeped over the island and all is right with the world.
“Morning!” Aunt Emma sings while Gage and my uncle discuss something at the breakfast nook.
“Morning.” I bullet toward the fridge but she herds me in the direction of the table with a plate at the ready.
Gage leans back and inspects me as I take a seat.
I don’t say a word, just bow my head for a moment of gratitude before digging into my food.
“Rough night?” Gage asks with a pissed expression layered beneath his paltry concern. I doubt Gage is too broken up over the fact he interrupted my early morning fantasy. It's like he knew I was in the middle of some serious cardio with Skyla.
The scene comes back to me in detail, and my lips twitch with a dirty smile.   
“What’s with the tension, boys?” Barron singes the two of us with his salt and pepper brows.
“Nothing.” I shrug as if I didn’t suspect that Gage and his perpetual hard-on for Skyla have everything to do with it. I thought he’d get over her by now. I thought he loosened up the obsession, until Bree informed me he was giving Skyla a ride home from the mall yesterday. I know what kind of ride Gage would prefer to give her and it has nothing to do with those underinflated tires sitting in the driveway.
“There’s definitely something going on.” Emma takes a seat next to my well-aged brother whom I’ve grown accustomed to as my uncle—heck, my father. “Is this about a girl?” Her hand crops up around her neck, and for a second I’m afraid she’ll choke herself. God knows there’s not a girl on the planet that will ever be good enough for sweet baby Gage.
I don’t say anything, just sink in my seat and drill a cold look into my nephew—waiting for him to affirm or deny the theory.
Barron huffs a laugh. “The silence suggests nothing less. Who is she?”
“Skyla Messenger,” I offer. “My girlfriend.”
“Gage!” Emma jumps in her seat. “Don’t dream for a minute of letting a girl come between the two of you. Remember what happened with that Bishop girl? Then she disappeared.”
I’m not sure what she means by, ‘Then she disappeared’. Unless, of course, she’s implying that she herself offed Chloe and hid the body in order to protect her offspring from potential girl parts. If that’s the case, I could’ve used a little help from Emma myself. Chloe latched onto my balls in front of everyone at West and plucked them off like apples in the fall. I’m sorry about whatever happened to Chloe though—wish I could have stopped it.
Gage shifts in his seat. “I don’t think we should bring up Chloe.”
“Gage,” Barron’s voice dips into his I’m-about-to-school-you register, “if Logan here is dating a young lady, I think you should be a gentleman and step aside. Give them some space.”
“Yes, Gage,” I say, knocking my foot into his shin with a little Celestra missile guidance. “Give us some space.” I try to bury a laugh as he writhes at the other end of the table, probably more from the thought of losing Skyla than the gnarly Charlie horse I’ve just inflicted.
“Someone else will come along.” Emma does a poor job of hiding her relief. “When it’s the right girl, nothing—not even Logan will be able to stop it from happening.” She winks over at me.
I flex my hands in surrender. “Who am I to stand in the way of destiny?” Funny how Mr. Dimples suddenly forgot about his imaginary girlfriend. He could have had Chloe everyday and twice on Sunday if he weren’t saving himself for that figment of his ex-rated imagination. I tried to warn him not to read too much into those visions of his. I specifically told him that crap has a way of cementing itself into your head—leaves you believing weird stuff, like Mrs. Right is going to stroll into your life one day out of the blue—sort of like Skyla did for me. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Everything about Skyla is pretty amazing.
“You’re right, Mom.” Gage hardens his glare at me. “I’m pretty sure when destiny places me in someone’s life, there won’t be a darn thing Logan can do to stop it.”
He pounds me with those brooding eyes as if destiny has already laid out the cards for him, shown him a full house with a beauty queen on top.
A cold surge rips through me.
He doesn’t think its Skyla, does he?
I’ll have to squash his misinformed fantasy before he gets his interpretations crossed with my brand new girlfriend. Skyla is going to be my wife one day—I can feel it. Gage has always been better than a brother to me. I’d hate for there to be permanent weirdness between us.
I should probably pay Miller a couple grand to lure him away during Harrison’s next unholy gathering—get his mind twisting in other carnal directions. I’ll have him declaring Michelle Miller as the girl of his wet dreams before homecoming.
I raise a glass of orange juice to Gage. “I give destiny full permission to intercede.”
Gage offers up a fist bump and sharpens his features as we connect. It’s on Bro. A smile slopes up the side of his face and that ditch in his cheek winks at me.
It’s on? I give a little laugh.
I’d say, ‘bring it’ but something in me knows he’s more than capable.
Nope. I don’t like this one fucking bit. 


Unknown said...

I am glad I was up too late. thanks for this! I love these POV scenes!

Bckygnzlz said...

Aww that's just not enough Logan for us! :( we want more! We want more! We want more!!


Unknown said...

LOVE! Thank you for sharing! And good luck on Toxic!

Brandy said...

God I LOVE Logan! What a greaf surprise to wake up to. Thank you!

Brandy said...

God I LOVE Logan! What a greaf surprise to wake up to. Thank you!

kelly jenkins said...

Omg!! I kinda like Logan now! I'm torn! Just give her both Oliver's! They can share custody!

*Charlene* said...

Oh Logan I luv u!!!!! I can't wait!!! I have one request if u do the book as 2 can they please be released the same day! I hate waiting for books!!!!

MagentaCR said...

Hehe, I swear sometimes Logan is almost as bad as Marshall for dirty thinking in his POVs. Almost. Certainly had me giggling (and blushing) at the tent in his boxers and him calling Gage's visions wet dreams.
*sigh* I do wish there was a way they could both still get along, despite both wanting Skyla. Its a shame they have to be such jerks to each other, when they're really such nice people underneath.
And hehe at Logans speculation of Emma killing Chloes 'to protect her offspring from potential girl parts'.
Thanks for the update and another delicious pov scene, can't wait for the next. And would be AMAZING if you did Etheral from the boys POV!
Any chance of maybe sneaking an Ellis POV in at some point? I've been thinking about it a while, I'm sure it would be hilarious!

Amy said...

Oh man, love those Oliver boys. Never before have I rooted for two guys in books with love triangles (or love quadrangle in this case), but I love both of them. Team Aw Hell for sure. ;)

Can't wait to get addicted to the Countenance series as I have with the Celestra series. Thanks for Logan's POV. Wonderful as always!

Geri said...

If you did redo the books in Logan's/Gage's POV I would definitely buy them all. It is really refreshing to see what the "other half" is thinking. Good job!!

Unknown said...

that was interesting it would be amazing to read ethereal in the boys points of view

Unknown said...


it would be really cool if you wrote ethereal in the Oliver's point of view!

Thanks for sharing can't wait till toxic comes out

Addison Moore said...

Delphina - So glad you enjoyed! I hope you got some good sleep after that. ;)

Bckygnzlz - lol! I plan on more. He's very fun for me to hang out with.

Andrea @The Bookish Babes - Thank you girl! Can't wait to share both parts of TOXIC with you~!

Brandy - Aw, he appreciates your affections. ;)

kelly jenkins - Why didn't I think of that! #custody

*Charlene* - That's what I was going to do but realistically it would put off the first Part of TOXIC by a lot longer than I would like. So sorry! I'm working fast though!

MagentaCR - Yes Logan can most definitely join the ranks as dirty dog. ;) And Ellis? He's so fun for me. I have something special planned for him in the future. One of my favorite scenes from TOXIC Part Two is with him!

Amy - I love that you're rooting for them both! I would really have a hard time if I were Skyla. Lucky for me I can watch from the sidelines. ;)

Geri - I agree, it's fun to see what someone else is thinking. And with Logan and gage the storyline changes a little so it's sort of new in that respect.

holly brooks - Thank you Holly! I'm already working on it and it's much more fun than I imagined.

Sarah Ritter - Thanx Sarah! ETHEREAL would feel like a different story from their eyes. At least I hope!

James R. Nobohn said...

I don't even know where to start, that was AWESOME. I loved it has much as Marshall's POV. I literally had this big cheesy grin on my face while I was reading it :D You make it impossible for me to choose so Team MarshLo it is lol.

And why did Logan lie to Skyla (and to us! lol) in TREMBLE - why didn't he just tell her that Barron was his brother back then? Because I don't think there's a bigger secret than revealing you're not from this time, so I think she would have let the whole brother-nephew thing slide lol

And would it be crazy to ask for a rewrite of the entire series someday as maybe a virtual boxset, with each book told thru one person's POV: like Logan would narrate all of ETHEREAL and Marshall would narrate all of TREMBLE and so on with Chloe for BURN and Demetri for WICKED and Ellis for VEX and Logan would tell EXPEL...we don't really need to hear what Gage has to say lol

And I totally agree with MagentaCR about an Ellis POV chapter. I know that only makes 2 votes for El :( but the series wouldn't be the same without him

And I know around this time we're usually hounding you for cover reveals but we're just glad your graphic designer (aka hubby) is okay so an all-black cover with just a title will be perfectly fine

James R. Nobohn said...

And I just have to say this POV was so telling - I had no idea their beef started so early on in the series and that my fave bromance was beginning to erode even back then, and that Gage is a mama's boy lol, and Logan + morning wood = LOLZ

(okay, I'm really done now lol :/

Anonymous said...

awwwww. I LOVE Logan!!!! He's my total fav.

Unknown said...

I live on the Gulf coast so I just got back home from evacuating for Hurricane Isaac. One of the first thing I did was look at you blog page for an update and found this lovely surprise. I love the POV's I cannot tell where the story is leading into the Toxic stories especially with Skyla's love life but I am so stoked to find out. I reread the books while I was away from home and they kept me from stressing out because I was so into them. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!

Panthera said...

Will there be a way to pre-order on Amazon for Kindle?

I just finished 6 (1st time through the books) and screamed at the end of it! Nothing got done while I was reading, no unpacked from the move I just made, no email, Facebook, anything. I read obsessively! Then I read the great POV's.

Thank you!

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - (Ack! Sorry for the delay!) Hi Amber! Ha! I love that you're team Marshall! I have the best time with him. *sighs* As for Logan, I don't think he lied, he's sort of come to accept Barron as an uncle, it more of a formality that it's really his brother. But when I rewrite ETHEREAL from Logan's perspective you'll see he has a little bit of a different story to tell. ;)

Boxed set of POVs? I'm all over that idea! My brain hurts just thinking about it but one thing I love about Celestra is the characters. I don't think I could ever let them go. In fact I've mapped out my writing a few years out purely centered around that island. I'm pretty excited to dig into it every which way.

As for Ellis, he has one of my favorite scenes in TOXIC Part Two. I might try to rewrite that from his POV. That would definitely be a writing exercise! I do have something super special planned for Ellis but it's spoilery. He is one of my favs to hang out with though.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the POV! Yes, Logan's view def shows some signs of early erosion but for now the bromance lives. ;)

Addison Moore said...

Adrianne Williams - I love hearing that because Logan is one of my favorites, too. I like the idea of undying love and Logan really knows how to bring it.

Tiffany Garris - You're comment melted me! First, I'm glad you're safe and second, I'm humbled that you would check my blog. :) I hope you found more than what you were looking for. I'm SO glad you found comfort in the books while you were away. I can't wait to share TOXIC (all of it) with you very, very soon!

Hi Panthera! I wish! Amazon doesn't have the pre-order option for indies yet. Hopefully soon. Although then I'd have to commit to a date and I'm sort of a date phob. I committed once with VEX and shaved 10 years off the backend of my life. lol! True story.

I have to say that I loved that you screamed at the end of EXPEL. *sorry* I just love the level of emotion EXPEL was able to pull and I hope that means you sort of enjoyed the ride. As for the part about getting nothing done, I can totally commiserate!! Now that edits are in hyperdrive my house looks like its been ransacked. 'Clean' is over rated, right? ;) *the OCD girl in me just died a little*

So glad you enjoyed the POVS!!!! More to come!

Unknown said...

Thank you I am glad to be safe and sound lol. Thankfully my house only took on about a foot of water it could have been much worse. And the is no need to be humble you are an amazing writer and I LOVE to read. For years my only favorite Author was Nora Roberts. Now you are my other favorite author. And yes i did find more than I was looking for and am looking forward to your rewrite of Ethereal from Logan and Gage's point of view. And I can't wait either for Toxic. Tuesday's are quickly becoming my favorite day all thanks to the Tuesday Tease!

Unknown said...

NOOO!! Don't put the book in the boys POV! I love it the way it is! When a book is writen in a girls perspective its easier to realate to. Maybe you can make a short book that we can read while the next is in the process of being edited, published, or writen! You know, like a .5 book. You know what i mean, you can take one charactor and write about events that already happened or upcoming events but put it in a different charactors perspective, like someone that doesnt get the credit they diserve by other readers *cough*(Marshall)*cough*.... from an aspiring auther- please dont change a singal way the book is writen <3

javalotta said...

I LOVE this and I can't wait for Toxic!!! I absolutely adore your series and you dialogue is the best ever! Good luck with everything and thanks for this great post!:)

James R. Nobohn said...

while watching President Clinton's awesome speech at the DNC, I had the most totally random thought: are the Olivers Democrats or Republicans? lol

Addison Moore said...

Tiffany Garris - Oh my gosh, when I read "a foot of water" I started to cry. I really hope everything has dried out by now. And again I'm totally humbled (yes, I used it again, lol) that you would mention me in the same sentence with Nora Roberts. I've read so many of her novels as well her J.D. Robb books. I'm completely flattered, so thank you!

You're welcome for the teasers! It's my pleasure. Just FYI they'll be on the blog from now on.

Addison Moore said...

Lilbeaver Beaver - I love that you're an aspiring writer! Actually you're a writer already if you've put words to paper of computer screen, so congratulations on living your dream and I hope you have a blast with every page you write! As for ETHEREAL from the boys POV, it'll just be an extra. In fact it will even have a new title and cover so that there won't be any confusion. I have to say that of all of my upcoming projects, that one is one of my favorites. There's just something hawt about crawling into a guys mind. I'm already having way too much fun with it! I really hope you'll enjoy it once it hits shelves!

Addison Moore said...

javalotta - Super huge thank you for that! I really can't thank you for all of your wonderful support! I mean it, you have been of great encouragement to me!

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - Ha! That brought a smile to my face because the Olivers are so real to me and I care about all of those details in their lives as well. The Olivers, though red letter church dwellers, have a bipartisan attitude in their home when it comes to politics. They'd like to see the economy pick up because both Emma's daycare and Barron's mortuary have felt the hit. Times are tough everywhere, Paragon included.

Laura Tijerina said...

eeeekkkkk I can't explain how ready I am for this book!!!!! akldfjklasdjf!

Unknown said...

Do not cry it will all work out for me in the end. I am (sometimes unfortunately)an optimistic person. I tend to look on the bright side even when I do not want to. I rent so it is not my problem. I have put in a request for disaster assistance and I am calling the association my landlord goes through to make him change out the insulation since he did not do so during our last flood. We were better prepared for it this time so I actually spent two days getting the important things packed to take with us and the other stuff off my floor. Not that my all of my books were safe since my husband came home before we flooded and decided to rearrange my hard work but I did manage to save the important things like pictures and most of my books. lol. I have my own personal library which after these two floods has been depleted, which wouldn't be bad if the books that were ruined weren't mostly Nora Roberts books which I have spent hundreds of dollars on. But it is all good. Do not cry for me. My family is safe and that is most important to me anything else can be replaced. As long as I have access to my favorite books(yours fall under this category) my peace of mind is intact. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Toxic 1 and 2. I am also looking forward to anymore POV's you have and if you decide Ethereal from Logan and Gage's POV. Thank you for caring. And thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination with the world!

Nick & Tamie said...


Nick & Tamie said...

I Cant wait for all of it, and Addison - mate your writing and Books know the socks off most the Authors I have read - Thats 61 books if you look at my goodreads account.
so approx over 45 authors.
Your books have me completely captivated, that I pretty much drive my Husband and kids crazy whilst waiting for your next book, complaining how not so attached to the characters I am compared to reading your books.
I believe that its because your head is so wrapped around all the characters. I cant wait to read anything you write form any of the characters POV as it just feels so right, so real, so Natural.
That said, hurry with the next book. Im almost out of crazy!

Addison Moore said...

Laura Tijerina - Oh my gosh, can I just tell you how much I loved the enthusiasm in your comment?? Thank you for that!

Tiffany Garris - You are so amazing! Just the amount of positivity you are able to exude is mind boggling. I truly admire you for that!

As for the POVS I should have time to try and put one more out later this week. *hopes* I just put EPHEMERAL to bed and am in the process of sending a new book to the editor. I should get TOXIC Part One back soon!

Nick & Tamie - lol, no you didn't miss a thing. I do have a scene from TOXIC Part Two that is one of my favs with him in it. I'm going to try and write it from his POV. I really do have a heart for Ellis.

And I'm very humbled about your sweet words regarding my writing and the goodreads stats of authors to my books ratio! I love that. ;)

I have to say that I really do buy into Paragon. A part of me lives there. I love to know each of its inhabitants intimately. I've put down roots. I plan on hanging around that island for a very long time.

Alysha P said...

Absolutely loved it! I hope that you really do consider writing Ethereal from Logan & Gage's POVs. It would be awesome! PLEASE!! :)

Unknown said...

I just recently stumbled upon this series 2 weeks ago while searching for a new series to read. found ethereal for free on my kindle and thought what the heck. before the night was over I purchased all the remaining books in this series. then was on a mad search for the release date of the next book.. now I'm the type of person who is always reading I can't sleep without one. so I read a lot. and find myself googling that series for release info and the majority of the time run into a brick wall or sometimes I'll find the authors blog which they update sparingly with little to no info.usually packed with excuses that they are going to school as well as writing and has been busy and the fans need to be patient or the I'm taking a step away to work on another series and will come back to the one your already vested in when they clear there heads..blah blah blah. imagine my surprise when I found this blog... not only do you try to keep the fans updated on everything but you find the time to add character POV sides to the story and much more bonus stuff. but you take the time to try to respond to every comment posted..that's just amazing you truely show us fans how much you love and appreciate us, and what you do. you have a fan for life in me. I will read anything and everything you publish. can't wait for toxic and will be purchasing ephemeral asap! Ps total gage fan here ;). keep doing what you do and I'll keep reading... jami freed

Addison Moore said...

Alysha Parent - I'm glad you enjoyed! And I am so doing this!!! It's on my fall to do list and I've already started so that makes everything easier. I'll keep you updated!

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - Jami! I'm so happy that you found the books! Celestra really is a labor of love for me because I feel like I've been living on that island forever and I know the characters inside out. I'm super happy that you've enjoyed the POVs! I have one more Gage and Logan coming up. And I'm really looking forward to the POV book. It's way too fun to be inside their minds. ;) Thank you for reading~! I have a new book out today EPHEMERAL. If you're interested, I hope you'll enjoy it!