Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Tuesday Tease plus Logan Oliver's POV

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! Guess what? TOXIC Part One is back in my hands! And shockingly, the edits are less than minor. It’s going to be ~quick~. Then all I need to do a series of psychotic read-thru’s. That’s where I lose sleep and forego food so I can marathon read until my eyeballs bleed. And guess what else? My husband came through and finished the covers for both Part One and Part Two~! I should be debuting both those in the next few days. *happy dance* It’s all finally coming together. As soon as I kick Part One out the door I’ll attack Part Two (it’s mostly all edited).  
Okay, I have a really BIG surprise and I’m hoping you’ll love it as much as I do. I’ve completed one of my secret projects…ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (The Olivers). It’s ETHEREAL retold from Logan and Gage’s perspective and it’s…well, a bit steamy. I let the boys run wild so turn up the AC ladies, Gage is not shy. I’ll send it to my editor as soon as I can. It’s a full-length novel and ideally I’d like to put it out back to back with TOXIC Part Two.
BTW, my contemporary romance is with one of my editors as we speak and hopefully I’ll do a jacket blurb and cover reveal soon.
On to the teasers! Here’s one Marshall tease and then an entire scene from ETHEREAL KNIGHTS from Logan’s perspective. It’s the scene where he and Skyla visit the Falls of Virtue. It falls right after this scene: click here.

(Skyla and Marshall discussing her biological mother )

“She is insane,” I scream, standing in the middle of Marshall’s living room.
He jabs a finger in the direction of the fireplace and it roars to life in one giant blaze.
“Of course she’s insane. That would be your genealogy by the way.” Marshall points to the ceiling and the lights dim, music filters in through the air. He holds out a hand and I absentmindedly take it.
“She just basically declared open season on my vagina,” I say, leaning into Marshall’s chest as we begin to slow dance. “I mean one conjugal visit and we’re as good as married?”
“It needs to be consensual.” He insists. “Of course, the bride price still needs to be paid but these days all that amounts to is a clerical fee at the county court house,” Marshall rambles.


Logan’s POV

The Falls of Virtue are a testament to the Master’s glory like nothing else I’ve ever seen—until I met Skyla.
The fog skirts by our feet at this heightened elevation as I lead us down to the waterline where the view is best.
There they are—three falls, each perfectly spaced across the back of the hillside. We watch as they rain down with fury and passion into the open mouth of the lake. It’s a heated exchange, pulsating and throbbing, something just this side of erotic. It’s so blatantly beautiful here. It makes you feel as if you’ve accidentally landed in paradise.
“Wow.” She looks up at a rainbow just beyond the peak and a laugh gets trapped in her throat. “It’s…”
Skyla struggles with words. Her lips part. It takes all of my self-control not to dive down over her mouth and cover it with my own.
“You have unicorns here too?” She laughs.
“Not at this location. They prefer the higher elevations where it snows.” I bite my lip until it feels like I might draw blood. I’m having serious withdrawals from kissing her, and yet, I don’t want her to think I dragged her all the way up here to maul her. But God, how I would love to maul her.
“So that’s where the water comes from?”
“Year round.” I knock my head back trying to ignore the fact I’m starting to get the shakes just looking at her.
She heads out toward the edge of the lake, the water nearly lapping over her shoes. I step beside her and wrap an arm around her waist, safely from her skin so she doesn’t feel like I’m trying to listen in.
“This is where I want to get married someday.” Her face ignites with color. She swallows hard as if realizing what she just let slip. “Gage said I was going to marry him.” She averts her eyes as if the theory were more than laughable.
Everything in me goes numb—the expression bleeds from my face.
A thousand thoughts assault me all at once. 
“So it must be true,” I whisper.
Gage—this was his girl—his dream come to life. He knew it and he didn’t tell me. He gave her the knife and she gutted me without even knowing. But this is Skyla, the Celestra that stole my heart with one bat of her lash. The minute she set foot on Paragon, she lit up my universe with her smile. To hell with Gage and his weepy eyed dreams. I’m not letting go. If he wants her—if he wants his unblemished “prognosticating” track record to continue, he’ll have to go through me to get her. 
“I’m not marrying Gage.” She spits it out as if it were a fact—as if she had any say in it at all. “I thought it was funny,”—she shakes her head—“Brielle thinks maybe he has a crush on me.”
“He does.” I can’t seem to break my deer in the headlights gaze.
“Anyway,” she breathes, “I’m not into him.” She pauses, waving her hand over my face to capture my attention. “I’m into you.”
And there it is. Just the words I needed to break the spell. A smile curves on the edge of my lips and everything in me aches to kiss her.
 “I’m into you,” I say, pulling her in close.
Skyla with her out of the box wicked beauty. I want to run my tongue over every inch of her, devour her in one quick bite—swallow her down.
I sweep my lips over hers and an involuntary groan wrenches from me. We kiss in waves of heated passion. We drink down the wine of new love by the vat full. This is meaningful. This is right, and for damn sure it’s meant to be. Every angel on earth and in heaven can testify to the truth of what’s unfolding between us.
I love kissing Logan, Skyla’s mind reels with lust. Kissing Logan at the Falls of Virtue is like stepping into a fairytale. Suddenly I’m transported to a land with dragons and villains. Of course, I’m the princess, which in turn makes Logan the perfect prince.
I pull back and dot the tip of her nose with my lips.
“You up for a swim, princess?”
Her mouth falls open at the realization I read her thoughts.
“I don’t have my bathing suit.” She gives a sexy as hell smile and the bulge in my jeans rises to salute her.
“Swim in your underwear, or without. Your choice.” Choose without. I relax my grip around her sweater, too bad she didn’t hear my preference.
“I don’t have a towel.” It comes out pressured and gives away the fact she’s not so hot on the idea.
“I have a few in the truck for emergencies.” No point in letting her off so easy. I try to hide the grin wanting to take over.
Skyla licks her lips, slow in one clean sweep, like she’s trying to seduce me. “Does this qualify as an emergency?”
“It’s the only one I know of.” My jeans tighten just below the hips and I turn slightly so I don’t stab her in the leg with my newfound protrusion and send her running for the hills. “I’ll stay in my boxers.” I hold up a hand, swearing to my declaration.
She takes a heated breath as if a preview of what’s to come just swirled through her mind like some wild porno flick. Not that I plan on doing anything wildly pornographic with her. In fact, I plan on taking it slow—doing things right. This isn’t some dime a dozen girl I’ve latched onto at one of Ellis’s VD Petri dish get-togethers. Skyla is special—a princess, someone to build a life with. 
 “Sure.” She finally concedes and starts heading toward the truck.
I whip out my cell to send a big FU to Gage and my thumb hits “camera” instead of messages, so I go with it. I aim high and snap of picture of Skyla’s arms in the air, her sweater knotted up by her wrists.
I’m mesmerized as her golden hair falls against her bare skin. Her pink bra straps set my body on fire, and I groan pushing off my jeans. I’m already testing the resolve of my boxers. I’d better get control, and fast.
I land my phone and jeans on the hood of the truck, take off my T-shirt and hook it over the windshield so it doesn’t fly away.
Skyla walks over slow and methodical, swiveling her hips like a well-polished vixen. Her pink toenails call to me like candy. Her tans legs rise like skyscrapers that I long to climb. I ride my gaze up her body and trace out her yellow lace underwear, her hot pink bra with a diamond cut jewel shining between her cleavage. If I didn’t know better, I’d think swimming in our underwear was a well thought out plan on her part.
Her face turns ten shades of red as she sweeps her eyes over me, she blinks down at my boxers and bounces her gaze right back to my face.
I pull her in by the hand, pressing my lips against her and land her stomach over mine. My body seizes with the touch of her hot skin and a strangled sound of pleasure gets trapped in my throat.
“You think the water’s cold?” She lands her cool hands over my chest and pushes me back a good twelve inches.
“I hope so.” For the sake of my sanity it’d better be.
I walk her over to the “diving board”, a granite ledge that hangs over the top of the falls, and smile over at her as we jump in hand in hand. The lake swallows us down, engulfs us with its sharp icy sting—fire and ice all in one. This is what it feels like being with Skyla, a delirium of sensation, the logic of up and down, hot and cold is all erased in her bewitching presence. 
Skyla and I cement our feelings for one another under each of the three falls by way of our lips, our arms—her legs riding over my back. These are lust-born kisses, mysterious kisses that stretch back and forth in time, explosive lingual exchanges that just might be illegal in all fifty states. We set the water on fire—turn the entire lake into a boiling cauldron as we drop beneath the surface, our mouths interlocked, exchanging the air from our lungs like currency.
Skyla coils her legs around me. Her fingernails dig into my back as she pushes in with great intensity. There’s no way I would ever become Gage’s anything. Logan has me totally and completely. This is something that surpasses the length of years, the ladder of time. We’re building something eternal. I can feel it.
We pop to the surface and gasp for air as laughter trembles from our lips.
Something catches her attention off in the ebony pines and I follow her gaze.
I let go of her for a minute and dive back under. Gage won’t let her out of his sight and I finally know why.
I’m about to prove Gage and his gift of knowing wrong. I’ll be damned if I let him get in the way our love.
Skyla and I will get our happily ever after, with or without destiny’s approval.

***I hope you enjoyed it~!***

And I still can't thank you guys for all of your support for EPHEMERAL! 

Here are the links if you need them:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, it's also on iTunes!


Unknown said...

COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!!! Not a real word I know. I am sitting next to my husband and he looked at me like I was loosing my mind when I squealed with delight at reading about Ethereal Knights. I am SO EXCITED!!!!! I love the teaser for Toxic. And I of course love the POV. At the risk of repeating myself you are an AMAZING author. I am so jealous of your talent but at the same time I am so glad you have it. lol

TInkertink 86 said...

O..M..G.. i'm speachless lol

can i just say that this is the best news!! how exciting for you (and all ur fans ;) like me lol)

so happy that we get to read from the POV's of the Oliver Boys... hmmm this will be VERY interresting ;) ive been checking this blog all day for this lol

thank you for sharing yur talent with us :)

Sheri said...

I fell asleep waiting for the new pov to post...so here I am at 530 in the morning scrambling for my phone to get here to read it! Totally worth wht time of thee morning it is to get to read this! I think its wicked awesome that you take time to answer people whn they comment...thanks for shareing all your hard work with us...you have by far become one of my favorite authors...can wait to read whts next!

JMama said...

That. Was. Awesome!
And regarding the POV novel:
I'm counting the minutes until I can get my hands on TOXIC, having some Paragon withdrawals over here ;)

Unknown said...

OMG!!! I'm so excited!! What a great start to the week. So much to look forward to in the weeks to come, I can hardly stand it! You're the best!!

Virginia Griffin said...

I cannot wait for Toxic! I recommended the series to my husband while he was deployed and now we have a running bet over who Skyla will be with (if anyone) in the end. He's team Gage all the way while I root for Logan :)

Ethereal Knights sounds very intriguing, It will be exciting to get an Oliver boys perspective on things.

Harmony said...

I absolutely love the idea of you writing the series from the guys point of view! Its rarely ever done
I have fallen in love with this series and I am so excited to continue it! I really hate when such an amazing series like this one ends. I also want to know what the hell Gage was thinking being the well placed boyfriend. I really do hope you write the guys POV from start to finish like you are with Skyla. I guess I just don't want their story to end!

Harmony said...

I absolutely love the idea of you writing the series from the guys point of view! Its rarely ever done
I have fallen in love with this series and I am so excited to continue it! I really hate when such an amazing series like this one ends. I also want to know what the hell Gage was thinking being the well placed boyfriend. I really do hope you write the guys POV from start to finish like you are with Skyla. I guess I just don't want their story to end!

Alysha P said...

I absolutely cannot contain my excitement right now. :) I am so excited about all of your news but especially the Ethereal Nights! haha. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait for any of the books!

Kindlemom said...

I love the idea of Ethereal Knights!! That teaser was awesome!!

As you know I love this series and to be able to have the Oliver's POV just rocks! I think I am looking forward to reading it just as much (maybe more) than Toxic!

kcasanova88 said...

Omg this has totally made my week. I am so excited.(:

Amy said...

Oh, for the love of Celestra babies. I seriously love both of those Oliver boys. I am beyond ecstatic for all of your new books! Just the thought of Ethereal Knights is enough to put the butterflies in my stomach in a frenzy! Throw in my daily 2 pots of coffee and I am going to be bouncing off the freaking walls and ceiling today after finding out all of this. ;)

Is book 8 still going to be in Skyla/Gage/Logan POV? Thanks for the great Marshall teaser as well today!

#Team Aw Hell as always ;)

Addison Moore said...

Tiffany Garris - I accept it as a real word, lol! And please tell your husband that I totally loved the fact you squealed! I had SO much wild fun hanging out with Logan and Gage. I wanted the book to go on forever.

TInkertink 86 -You're so welcome! It's been such a labor of luv. The boys were super fun to write. The Olivers are just as entertaining to me as the Messengers. ;)

Sheri - Oh no! I'm so sorry! I went to post Midnight PST and then realized I had a scrambled post due to "track changes' being left on my word doc. It took me forever to figure out how to turn it off and get the words to look normal, lol! I'm all for posting early in the future. So glad you enjoyed the POV!

JMama - I'm SO ready to take you back to Paragon! Now I really need to tighten the screws on Part Two so you can have the complete story.

heather peiffer - lol! I wish my editors felt that way, lol! I feel like I'm about to bury them with work, but they are the best. :) I can't wait to push them all out the door (the books ;) and work on a new batch.

Addison Moore said...

Virginia Griffin - Virginia! I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to hear that both you and your husband are reading the books! Oh my gosh you guys are so funny as far as who'e going to win Skyla's heart! lol! I know the answer. ;)

Harmony - I had so much fun with the boys that I really wouldn't mind doing TREMBLE next. I'd probably exclude Marshall because I have something very special planned for his naughty self.;)

Alysha Parent - Yay! I'm excited that you're excited!!! :)

Kindlemom - lol! I can honestly say that writing ETHEREAL KNIGHTS was just as fun if not 'funner' than TOXIC as a whole. The only war was over Skyla's heart. ;)

kcasanova88 - I'm so glad. I really do love spending time on that island spying on the Olivers. I wouldn't mind making a habit out of it. ;)

Amy - "For the love of Celestra babies" lol! I can't tell you how funny that is! And I love that the butterflies in your stomach were set a flutter. I couldn't think of anything more perfect. ;) I can't wait to share TOXIC 1&2 plus the POV book. It's Celestra on overdrive and right before Christmas! *waaay before Christmas*

Brandy said...

Um....all I can say is Yum!!! Love love Logan. So cant wait for Toxic and Ethereal knights:0)
And you know I love Ephemeral! Im reading it again. So glad you have lots in the works.

Addison Moore said...

Brandy - Yum is the best sentiment when it comes to Logan. ;) And reading EPHEMERAL again? I love that you're reading it again!!!! It looks like TOXIC Part One will be done sooner than later so hopefully I'll have something new for you to read real soon!

MagentaCR said...

A whole book of Gage and Logan POV coming SOON! SQUEEEEEEEE! so excited. Can't wait to find out whats going on in those boys heads, even if it is dangerously dirty terrain ;)
I am slightly worried it might change how i see them though... especialy Logan, he seems a little meaner in his head than in anything he would say out loud. Especially to Gage... i mean finding out she's Gages dream woman and not only determining to steal her anyway, but taking pictures of her stripping to wind Gage up...very bad Logan! It would serve him right if Gage had taken pictures of her naked.
But i'm still excited all the same.

Nick & Tamie said...

Can't stress enough how addicted I am. Addison this is truley amazing. These words deserve to be printed and bound in hard cover cases with beautiful bold gold writing, to be put in the greatest love of all time section of one of those real fancy libraries. And then when I women reaches 16 she should be given these books as her right of passage

Nick & Tamie said...


Jenn said...

Oh my gosh--I think I just switched back to Team Logan!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. steamy;) I can't say enough how excited I am to hear about ethereal night's!!! I also am on the edge of my seat waiting for Toxic!!! I can't wait to see what you do next.!! I'm hoping it's out before the end of next month. I'm having surgery the 22nd and a trip to paragon will be nice durring my recovery... ;) much love keep up the amazing work!!

Unknown said...

Ps. Skyla from the past should light drive to the current time and live as her long lost twin sister Luna so both Gage and Logan win ;) aww what the heck throw in a third one Star for Marshall. lol just kidding but I am so torn as to who she belongs with... I'm still a Gage fan over all.... but not by much the gap is closing in fast after this teaser..

Unknown said...

Omg I love your books thanks for writing them

Addison Moore said...

MagentaCR - lol, yes dirty terrain is a good way to put it. As for Logan, he feels rather betrayed that Gage let him fall for Skyla so hard, all the while knowing she was his dream girl. I think that was the biggest thrill for me in writing ETHEREAL KNIGHTS, the fact I could explore what was really going on in their hearts while fighting for the same girl. I can't wait to share!

Addison Moore said...

Nick & Tamie - I have to tell you that your comment brought tears to my eyes. How very exceptionally sweet and awesome of you to say such kind things! I especially like the right of passage part.Thank you for your larger than life support. xoxo

Amy said...

I just had to swing back by and respond to the fact that you might do Tremble in the Oliver boys' POV. I was just thinking yesterday how I would love to read what was going on in Logan's head when he was an asshat to Skyla at the party for the "breakup." Reading that made my tummy knot up so he better have had some turmoil going on in there!

Damn woman, talk about juggling multiple projects! I am so impressed! You have all these books going at the same time which is just fantabulous for all of us. I so, so, so love how you have the Celestra and Counts series overlapping and the books coming out at around the same time instead of the Counts coming out after Celestra wraps up (aw man, that hurt to think about!). It probably sounds like I am a** kissing, but I'm not an a** kisser so this is just me being honest and throwing some thanks your way for all of your hard work!!

Addison Moore said...

Amy - lol, you're so funny. I have to say that I'm humbled by your kindness.

I'm trying to remember the party scene, I think the one you're talking about is in ETHEREAL. I believe in ETHEREAL KNIGHTS it's written in Gage's perspective but Logan considers it quite a bit. I think that's a scene that needs to be added to the back of the book as a bonus through Logan's POV. I have a bonus Gage POV in the back as well instead of posting a scene twice in the book. But if it is a scene from TREMBLE let me know!

Also, I'm just wrapping up the read-thru's for TOXIC Part One. I should have it done shortly then it's off to formatting. But the book I'm really looking forward to editing is ETHEREAL KNIGHTS. I can't wait to sink my teeth back into those boys, I mean that book. ;)

Addison Moore said...

Jenn - Logan loves you for that! I'm all tied up three ways. I really couldn't choose if I were Skyla. #SoTrue

Jami Freed - Surgery yikes! I really hope all is well and soon. As for the books. I will pull all of my hair out if TOXIC Part One is not out by then. I really hope to get this to you way before your surgery! I should be posting a date soon, as in hopefully Tuesday along with a cover reveal. A girl can dream, right? ;) As for Luna!!!! I literally lolled! you are hysterical and brilliant! Of course she would need yet another twin for Marshall. He's not letting go so easy. Oh to be Skyla...

Elizabeth Stevenson - You're welcome and thank you a million times over for reading them! BTW, I am mesmerized by your beautiful avatar. ;)

Amy said...

Okay, got it - the scene is in Tremble, chapter 4 (Party) through chapter 5 (Broken). To make it appear to the Counts like things are over between him and Skyla, Logan gets all touchy feely with Carly and is an asshat to Skyla in front of everyone before she pushes Carly into the pool. Then to add insult to injury, he calls Skyla a psycho after she tells him not to come by later (and he doesn't, sniff). That was a gut-twisting scene, and I would love to know what Logan was going through during it. I'm sure Gage felt bad that Skyla was hurting but was pleased that Logan did that. Aw hell, I miss those boys!

James R. Nobohn said...

YES! God does answer prayers. I've been dying for an Olivers POV novel since, well, the 1st ETHEREAL lol.

I'm so excited for ETHEREAL KNIGHTS that I literally can't blink right now lol.

I remember how Skyla was so self-conscious in ETHEREAL about her non-matching bra-panty set, but you show us in Logan's POV that he thought she actually looked hott. Keeping track of all these little details would be a struggle for other authors, but not Addison Moore =) I swear if I could just touch the hem of your garment or the CTRL key on your laptop or something, I would be an amazing writer lol

And in a crazy roundabout way your blog post announcement has given me the plot idea for my NaNoWriMo novel, so thanks for that =)

James R. Nobohn said...

And I 2nd Amy's request for Logan's POV for Ch. 4 in TREMBLE. And please feel free to include Marshall's POV in that book as well since it's when he first makes his appearance =)

I love how you haven't even published ETHEREAL KNIGHTS yet but we're already making requests for TREMBLE IN THE TRANSFER (I'm sure you'll come up with a much better title lol)

Celestra fans are so needy, how do you even put up with us lol?

Addison Moore said...

Amy - Oh, yes! That one!! Ok, I actually loved writing that scene! It gutted me though. That would be a very fun scene to read in Logan's perspective! I have no problem doing the POV book for TREMBLE. I really had the best time with ETHEREAL KNIGHTS. Spending time with Logan and Gage was intoxicating. ;)

Amber J. - lol! I'm glad your prayer was answered! That's always nice. The book is done and in edits along with TOXIC Part Two. I think I'd better wait to put it out right after T2 in the event it's slightly spoilery. But either way it would probably be fine.

And LMAO about touching my CTRL key lol!!!! I'm going to laugh for days, Amber. ;) I've very little magic in me, and a ton of reference on the side. Although I will say it has been nothing short of magical spending 100% of my writing time with Logan and Gage. Talk about some serious yum. I wouldn't mind doing TREMBLE at all.

Congrats on your NaNo idea!!! I love NaNo! And gah! Is it really that time of year again? Get a good outline going girl! Ready, set, write!

Unknown said...

I would love it if you did all of the book from the guys pov ... it add another level to the story makes you understand it so much more. I love that you spoil your fans each week with these teasers and updates. I love these characters. I bet there are so many stories in that brilliant head of yours and I for one can't wait till they all find their way out for us to enjoy. you have moved to the top of my favorite author list;) that is saying a lot with all the brilliant minds I have on that list. but you, what you do for your fans, how personable you are, how humble you are, the way you take time out of your days not only to write these amazing story's, and blog... but find time to respond to every comment! That my friend is what sets you far apart and above everyone else on that list!! Thank you Addison I can't wait till I have your next book downloaded and ready to go!! My daughter Kyleigh was right. you ARE covered in awesomesauce!!!

Unknown said...

O one last thing I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere so I figured I'd go right to the source. do you do book signings, or meet n greets? I would love to come meet you sometime if your ever in Michigan!!

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - Oh my gosh you are so sweet. Thank you for that kind comment.

I really do love to put up the POVs and extras on my blog. I just hope I don't spoil things for you~! lol!

As for book signings I haven't done any yet per my deficiency in paper books, BUT I so am ready to rectify that. I hit a little snag with EPHEMERALS paper book but that should be cleared up soon and I think I'm ready to tackle CELESTRA as well. If I do any signings at all I'll put the word out on my blog.

Thank you again for the kind sentiments. You rocked my socks off! And please tell your sweet daughter Kyleigh, hello. She has an awesome name and vocabulary. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you from us both. I truely ment every word. Tuesdays are my new favorite day of the week!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get that book tour someday soon. we will be at the front of the line;)

LaughingSun said...

phew, hot and steamy! I can't wait for Toxic 1 & 2 to come out and I'm eagerly awaiting Ethereal Knights too!

oh you go girlie!!! Keep 'em comin!!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Lol thanks cant wait for toxic I got the sixth book right after I came out on the kindle been anxiously awwaiting toxic ever since you made such lovely cliff hangers I am litterally baking from them.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Lol sorry for all the mess ups

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - I would love a book tour and I would very much look forward to meeting the two of you~!

LaughingSun - Andrea, I hope to have them all out sooner than later. Not to bog you down but so I can work on penning the end and EVANESCENT as well. :)

Elizabeth Stevenson - Oh wow, you've been waiting for a good long while! I really can't believe there was such a big delay between books but it mostly had to do with the size of the TOXIC. I blame Skyla. ;)