Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday Teaser/ EPHEMERAL to release Friday!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!

Yes, I’ve moved the content to my blog for now. Strange right?

There was some talk of content issue and who owned what once I put it on Facebook so until I figure it out I’ll keep the teasers here for a while. Hope you don’t mind!

*** UPDATE: EPHEMERAL will release this Friday September 14! I'm SUPER excited to share this book birthday with you! ****

GREAT news from my editor! TOXIC Part One should be back in my hands by the end of the week, or early next week. In truth, this final stage of edits is my favorite part so I’m super excited!

EPHEMERAL is done. As in laid to rest, finished—forever to be left alone. It’s going through some last minute formatting issues. Anyway I had SO much fun with Laken, Wes, and Cooper. I can’t wait to share them with you!

On to the teasers!

EPHEMERAL (The Countenance Book 1)
Fun Facts about the Countenance series:

*Skyla’s original name was Laken but I didn’t think it fit her.

*Skyla was originally going to have an older sister named Jen, but when I moved Laken I moved Jen along with her.

*EPHEMERAL takes place two years before Skyla sets foot on Paragon.

*The Countenance storyline eventually converges with Celestra. Characters from EPHEMERAL are in TOXIC Part One and Part Two.

*The second book in the Countenance series EVENESCENT will most likely be in 3 POV (point of views) Laken, Wesley, Cooper unless of course my editors decide it is totally botched. In that event I will happily blame Wes and Cooper.

*There were a few scenes I refused to edit before bed because I'm a big chicken. (I’m looking at you- end of chapter 39 beginning of chapter 40)

*I’ve been doing Tuesday Teasers for EPHEMERAL longer than most Celestra books combined. True Story.

Anyway, hope to get the book to you SOON!

TOXIC (Celestra Series Book 7)

*Just a tiny fun fact for both parts of TOXIC: On a few occasions Marshall says the most outrageous things that I would never dare put on my blog or facebook. I blush just reading them.

 *(Skyla speaking with Marshall while Gage is present)

“I can’t wait until our honeymoon,” I say with the last bit of energy my body is able to dispense. I have high hopes of Gage having a coronary episode while envisioning my post marital vacay with our math teacher—how apropos for him to succumb to his demise in the morgue of all places. And with no Dr. O around to save him—tsk, tsk.

*(Skyla about to witness an encounter with her two mothers)

Then it happens.
“Lizbeth?” My mother, the one who gave birth to me, the one who bears my striking resemblance and has long since passed away, approaches the partially clad woman I now call Mom. Candace wears her signature I’ll cut your throat smile. Honest to God, she might have been better suited as Chloe’s mother than mine.

*(Skyla and Gage)

“Are you a liar, Gage?” It comes out lower than a whisper.
He holds my gaze much longer than he ever should have to. His left eye twitches as if he were weighing his options.
“No, Skyla.” He takes up my hand and dips my finger into his mouth as if it were a confection. “I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a liar.”
It makes me wonder what exactly those things might be.

*(Skyla and Logan at a secret location)

“Skyla,” Logan shouts victoriously. He lands a kiss over my cheek and holds me while tumbling us down the hillside. He kisses my lips, my nose, my eyelids. “We're here. We made it.” He jumps to his feet and pulls me up.

*(Extra tease: Skyla yelling at Gage in front of Chloe, Drake, Brielle)

“Oh, my God. She did see your baseball bat!” I scoot my chair the hell away from him in the event his pants decided to catch on fire because he is so a liar.
“Dude.” Drake marvels. “You’ve got a baseball bat down there?”
Brielle walks in and breezes over.
“Talking about Gage?” She says it so nonchalant and so correctly pegged the phallus in question all eyes redirect themselves to her. “What?”

Hope you enjoyed the teasers!
I’ll give you the heads up for EPHEMERAL’s release as soon as I can!

*If you would like, you can leave comments either here or on FB. Either are appreciated!



TInkertink 86 said...

ah omg I love these teasers I can't get enough :-)
also love the idea of POV's from other characters it's great being able to know both (or 4 lol!) sides of the story!!
any news on "Skyla goes to Hollywood" ?

Nick & Tamie said...

Loving it! It's so messy it's addictive!
Loving Skyla's Attitude!

Brandy said...

Baseball bat??? Lord help us all~ha ha! I LOVE it when Marshall says outrageous things and anytime Logan is just present ;0). I am soooo ready to head back to Paragon~ Past or Present or both preferably.
Thank you Addison for your stories that keep us all hangin by a thread for some juicy little tidbit :0)
Sending healing thoughts to your hubby. Hope he's doing well. Till next time my friend. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I'm so happy! Thanks for the extra Gage tease!! you really did help a girl out:) How long till the Gage POV? sorry, I know that I'm relentless, but I can't help it when it comes to all things Gage. Anyway, I should go to bed cause I worked all night, but I suddenly have this urge to play baseball...;)

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the books to be released :) I'm missing the whole gang, Marshall the most strangely enough ;) and looking forward to the new gang x

TInkertink 86 said...

ha baseball bat.. oh boy

TInkertink 86 said...

ha baseball bat hmmm.... oh boy lol

Anonymous said...

Toxic. Toxic, Toxic! I can't wait! Ephemeral Friday, I'll be up right and early! Thanks, Denise

Amy said...

There are two other books on my to-be-read list coming out on Friday that have now been displaced by Ephemeral. I am so excited to become addicted to this new series! Addiction is a given when it comes to your books. ;) Ooooh, now I may have to go back and read the Celestra books for a 3rd time! Bite me, homework. I need my Paragon fix. ;)

Will the Countenance series overlap the Celestra series at some point in the books? Thanks for this week's teasers and extra bits of info! :)

Addison Moore said...

tinker86 - Yes, the POV's are a ton of fun! Especially getting into the male mind--alarmingly fun! As for Skyla's TV series I've yet to hear! Maybe I should start poking around again. There are such nice people handling it.

Nick & Tamie - "Messy" is the best descriptive yet! It's Skyla's luv life in a word!!

Brandy - Aw, you are so sweet!! Hubby needs all the well wishes he can get, so BIG thank you! And, I heart Marshall's banter, too. He's begging for more of my time. I need to figure what I can do for him.

heather peiffer - Oh I don't mind you asking at all! I had a bunch of deadlines and now I'm back *breathes* and Gage and Logan POV's are next on the list. Logan will be easy because I know the scene but with Gage it's like walking on broken glass. Maybe the scene where he sees the DVD?

darkrosieposie - I'd like to say Marshall is at his naughtiest but believe me, we're nowhere near where he'd like to go. ;) Can't wait to take you back to Paragon! Boarding passes available soon! ;)

Addison Moore said...

tinker86 - lol! I know, right? That analogy seems a bit over the top but there are quite a few girls on Paragon that are willing to play ball with him. ;)

Denise, I really hope you'll enjoy EPHEMERAL. it's different than Celestra but I had a blast penning it.

Amy - lol, to the 'bite me homework' remark! I'm so humbled that you would displace books on your TBR pile for The Counts! I hope you enjoy Laken's world!
And yes, the series will overlap. A little in TOXIC then it will grow from there. That was so fun for me to do.

Unknown said...

I would LOVE to hear what he was thinking while watching the DVD!!!!!!

James R. Nobohn said...

I had heard pictures we post on FB could be used by commercial entities without our consent but I'm surprised they wouldn't protect authors' copyrighted work. It was cool watching your FB fandom grow from 800 to 5000+ but I really like that the teasers are here now.

And I remember first hearing about Gage's baseball bat in VEX, ha! that was funny; but Gage can keep his bat in the dugout, I'd much rather prefer for Marshall to be the designated hitter lol ;-)

And thanks for giving us behind-the-scenes info about the making of Celestra and Countenance series. It's nice to see how an author's ideas evolve into the books we love.

TInkertink 86 said...

oh god only just realised I posted that twice! I was so flabbergasted ha.
I'd also like to know what other things Gage can be ;-) but I find myself missing Marshall.
these teasers are awesome, I love reading these it makes me feel more involved? like I can actually feel apart of the story. I also

TInkertink 86 said...

**** I also think it's awesome that u reply to fans! sorry I'm using awesome a lot but it really is awesome lol.

if I could go 2 paragon I would lol even for a day!!

stupid phone tried to post this twice already!!

Addison Moore said...

heather peiffer - I'll give that one a shot! lol, poor Gage.

Amber J. - Oh my gosh I rolled laughing about the dugout!!! You are too funny! And, I'm glad you enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff. I think Laken and Skyla both ended up in the right stories after all. ;)

tinker86 - I'm so glad you feel involved! The fact anyone reads what I write blows me away and humbles me to pieces, so BIG thank you~! As for Marshall, he's pressing hard for books of his own. He wants Skyla his way. BTW, I LOVE responding! In fact I feel bad when I miss anyone!

Ang said...

So much about these teasers that I love.
1. I'm a big fan of fun facts. Big big fan.
2. Can't wait to read what is causing you to blush. :)
3. 3 POV. So fun.
4. The baseball bat is too funny. And what's up with Brielle and her knowledge?!

Addison Moore said...

Ang- So glad you enjoyed the fun facts! I'll trickle them out whenever I can. As for what's causing me to blush, my husband told me I should probably take those out of the book but Marshall intervened and I decided to keep them. ;) /And, Brielle is just Brielle. lol!