Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teasers, hugs and Someone to Love release date

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease. 

Hugs to all. I feel like this week we need them all around. So BIG (((hugs))) and peace.

I don’t have much to say other than I’m turning Someone to Love over to the formatter tonight. I’ll call Saturday 12/22/12 the official release date although I will be uploading on Friday so you never know.
Here are some quick teasers, I hope you enjoy!


(Kendal, a.k.a. Kenny, and Cruise)

He grazes his bottom lip with his perfect straight teeth, so unearthly white they glow. “Do you believe in love at first sight, Kenny?”
Everything in me freezes. If I did believe in love at first sight, I would hope it would be with someone as godlike as Cruise Elton who saw fit to back me in a corner and bless me with his rock hard body—but alas the answer is no.
“After my mom’s fifth marriage ended, I stopped believing in love and Santa.” It comes out much cheerier than the sad news it really is.
He pulls his cheek to the side and gives a sexy smile that sears me with heat in places I’ve never felt before. 
“I don’t believe in it, either. But you can’t tell me Santa isn’t real.” His grin widens. “I knew I liked you.” He cups the side of my face and swallows hard. Gone is the playful flirt as his features take a turn for the serious. His eyes close as he comes in for the kill. My heart gives a few wild thumps, alerting me to the fact that Cruise Cock on Fire Elton has the power to induce a cardiac episode in me if he wanted.
“Whoa.” I slap my hands over his chest and give a good shove. “Sorry, cowboy, I’m not into one-night stands either. I get it. I really do,” I say, trying to maneuver my way from under him. “You’re on a road show with your penis, and trust me, I’m the last person who wants to get in your way. But I’m telling you, operation occupy-my-vagina is a no-go for the evening.”


(Logan with Skyla in Ellis’s pool house)

“So”—I take a breath not knowing what’s about to fly out of my mouth—“how long have you known?”
Shit. Wrong question. Barron specifically said to test her first.
I hand her a pool stick with a reluctant smile. I can’t help it though. Skyla has me all twisted up whenever she's around. She could get me to rattle off the combination to the floor safe at the bowling alley if she wanted.
“Known what?” She blinks up as if she’s got no idea what I’m talking about, but something about the way her lips twitch tells me otherwise.
I tilt my head to the side and study her—those high cheekbones, her cute pinched nose, hair like a lion's mane. God, all I want to do is pull her in and cover her mouth with a kiss that goes on for days.
       “That I like to play pool?” She looks up at me from under her lashes before shooting the ball across the table. “Stripes.”
Skyla remains frozen, bent over the table, most likely amazed that she got the ball to obey her command. I snap up a stick and step in behind her. My heart is about ready to blow from my chest, amongst other bodily explosions that are demanding to happen right about now. I lay over her without processing anything my grey matter might like to inject in the situation. I’m firing on one hundred percent primal instincts at the moment, and God, I love these primal instincts. Her body rises to meet me, her bottom tucks into my hips and I give an inaudible groan.
“Solids.” I blow the word over the side of her face while trying to control my breathing.
Skyla spins around. Her eyes glitter up at me with a smile all their own as she touches her nose to mine for a brief second.
Hot damn. I do believe she’s flirting in the best way possible.
      I run my fingers through her hair before stroking the back of her neck.
Kiss me, I roar it out like a lion and wait to see if she heard. 

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)

(Laken with Wes)

So many nights I wondered what it would feel like to have Wes with me, to be nestled in his arms, to hear him breathing—now, here we were, and it doesn’t feel at all like I thought it would. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine death would regurgitate him back to me, only to have reality expose him as something just shy of a monster. Deep down inside, I still want Wesley—just not this version.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8)

(Skyla with her biological mother)

“Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you,” I say it sharp and clear, leaving her without excuse.
She turns around slowly, burning with anger—the promise of an execution fresh in her eyes. Her face is a perfect resemblance to mine, such a close second it feels as though I’m arguing with a mirror. If ever I wanted to kick my own ass, here it is—my golden opportunity.

***Hope you enjoyed! 

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Unknown said...

Again loved the teasers !!!! Thank You!!!! Saturday can't get here soon enough :-)

Unknown said...

Again loved the teasers !!!! Thank You!!!! Saturday can't get here soon enough :-)

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Great teasers, as always. Ha! I've used the phrase "kicking my own ass" many times myself, usually in reference though to cardio. ;) Love Skyla's inner dialogue.

((Hugs)) right back to you and anyone else who needs them. I know I do.

kcasanova88 said...

Awesome teaser Tuesdays are my new favorite day of the week. I am still working on Toxic part 2 and getting frustrated with myself cuz it's taking me forever.(due to my son being sick) but so far is awesome. Can't wait for the new books to be released.

Amanda said...

When will Someone to Love be released?

Addison Moore said...

Belinda Crawford - You're so welcome! I can't wait for you to meet Kendal and Cruise.

Amy - lol, I feel like each day does that to me successfully but I try to implement it myself when working out. Why is working out so tough, anyway?

kcasanova88 - Oh, I hope your son feels better soon! T2 can wait. I hope he's A ok before next week.

Amanda- Hi Amanda! STL is set to release Saturday, unless of course Amazon and B&N have another idea. ;) If I upload on Friday it will probably be Friday for afternoon or evening for Amazon.

Unknown said...

Loved the teasers, as always! (((Hugs))) right back at ya. I'm so excited to jump into STL. I can't remember what book is next on your to-do list. either way I'm hoping it's soon as well! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the family members I gave my Xmas list to comes thru on sum celestra pj swag! Lol if not i'll just be sweet talkin the hubby into ordering me some! I WILL have some!! ;)

I'm thankful to be able to get lost in books when I just need to get out of my head. Rereading your books this past few days, has helped keep my mind off of the devastating tragedy that is every parents worst nightmare. My heart breaks for all family's involved. I can't begin to understand thier grief. It's just tragic.

well I'm heading back to Paragon with my toes crossed that I will have STL downloaded Friday!!!

Unknown said...

So excited, so happy I found your books, I fell in love and can't wait to read more.

kcasanova88 said...

Omg I just finished Toxic part 2 and I was just crying at the end. I can't believe what happens to the Oliver's. and what Marshall pulled on Skyla at the party. I am an anxiously waiting for the last book.

KelseyWalasek said...

Hi Addison. (((hugs))) were definitely needed here... With the recent trgedy and losing my father this year... So thank you and (((hugs))) back to you and everyone else who needs to get through these days. I can't wait for the release date of Elysian. I love your Celestra series. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year as well!

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - Hi Jami! Let me know about those PJ's. And, I'm so humbled and yet so very glad the books have helped you escape. I feel the same way when i dive into a book. Somehow reality melts away and I feel transported to a whole new world. I'm so glad Paragon has given you that. BIG hugs, again. :)

Live Love Dew - Aw, thank you! The fact you fell in love makes me feel all warm and tingly. I really hope you enjoy all the books. Happy reading!

kcasanova88 - Yay! So glad you enjoyed T2!! I really wish I had ELYSIAN ready to go. And I reallllly hope you'll like the way things wrap up in the series. After Celestra I'm moving Skyla to another series. ;)

KelseyWalasek - Oh Kelsey! I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope you have peace and joy this holiday season. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. :)

Unknown said...

love it!! when does elysian come out i cant wait!!!!