Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tease

Hi Guys! Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! I’ve been working nonstop on Someone to Love while my editor plows through it once again. She said I’d have it back today so I’m thrilled with that. It shouldn’t be too long after to format and load it. If it is, well, I blame Christmas, lol! Shopping seems to sideline every project under the sun these days.
There was so much interest in ETHEREAL KNIGHTS last week (I’m humbled, thank you guys!) that I’ve included a teaser for that. It’s next in line to give my editor and I’m going to work my hardest to get that out in January. It’s all done but it needs her awesome eyes to gloss over it.
On to the teasers!

(Kendall runs to Cruise’s bed, past midnight, scared out of her mind.)

“What brings you for a visit?” He runs his gaze down my ridiculous state of dress. Perfect. I’m pretty sure I’m the least sexiest woman to have ever graced his bed.
“The rats of Massachusetts have gathered in my room for a state-wide conference,” I whisper in the event their tiny ears perk up at attention and they decide to migrate over. “You my friend have an infestation of the vermin variety.”
Every rat in Massachusetts has congregated in your bedroom?” His left dimple goes off, mocking me, and suddenly I find his vexing good looks annoying as hell.
“That’s right,” I say accusingly. “And I bet you’ve been planning it all along.”
He belts out a laugh that startles me.
“You got me.” He holds out a hand. “I had a big meeting with all the rodents in the neighborhood and orchestrated the entire event. I’ve got an alligator working his way through the sewage pipes as we speak.”
“No way.” I cover my ears. “If I listen for one more minute I’m going to pee standing up for the entire next year.”
“I’m teasing. I assure you the throne is still a safe place to rest on your laurels.” Cruise sits up and pulls me to my knees. “Clothes”—he drills into me with those lucent blue eyes—“on or off?”

(Gage and Logan are at the faction meeting that they didn't want Skyla to attend. Gage gets bored and he begins to replay the evening, casting himself as Skyla’s love.)

Nicholas Haver segues right back into the minutia of everyday life, discussing the potholes on Saddle drive, and my mind goes numb from listening. If you ask me the Faction Council is in need of new leadership. For all practical purposes this could be a "city" council meeting because not a thing about the factions has been brought up once.
I’m so fucking bored. I wish I were back at the party. Hell, I wish I could rewind the night and have it all work out different. Now there’s a “superpower” I’d love to have.
I imagine the house with all of its haunted memories of Chloe—those paper butterflies that I’m not even sure Skyla is aware of yet, lurking in the attic room just above her closet. I picture Logan and I walking in and starting the night anew.
“Hi!” Skyla would be eager to greet me. She wouldn’t even notice Logan and his pretty boy smile.
I’d try to say something and she’d place her finger over my lips. “Don’t talk. Just kiss me.”
I’d plunge my lips over hers and we’d kiss right there in front of every person I know.
It would be me that Skyla wanted to make a public proclamation with, not Logan. It would be me peppering her head with kisses, me with my arm secured around her waist, but it wasn’t.
I don’t know if it ever will be.

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Book 2)
(Laken thinking about Wes)

Maybe our love had its chance and we lost or maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure puncturing my teeth into an imprisoned stranger is not going to bring us closer as a couple. I’m almost certain it’s going to move us the hell away from one another pretty damn quick. I can see now the spiritual terrain on which we’ve landed for what it is—a landslide. I’m not sure we’re ever going to recover. And with Wesley’s strange enthusiasm for all things wicked, I’m not sure I want us to.  

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8)
(Skyla and Marshall)

I clasp my hand over his and then I see it, our entire future laid out in one seamless erotic stream.
“Good God,” I pant. “This had better be some warped fantasy or I’m going to…”
“Or you’re going to what?” He firms his grip over mine and I choke out a breath, completely intoxicated by the viral sensation he’s railing through me.
“Viral sensation,” he huffs. “You know very well you’re trembling from the sheer pleasure of the escapades you’re privy to. In fact, why waste another moment leering when we can indulge our flesh in real time. I’ll take you to the future at once.”
The room claps to darkness and we disappear.  

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I hope everyone is enjoying the season!
           Happy shopping and wrapping!


Unknown said...

Hey addison awesome teasers as always lol. Just wondering if you have a date in mind for Elysian yet? I can't wait for it to come out. I also hope something actually happens with Marshall in this one!! Hint hint if your still writing :p

Unknown said...

As always you have me on the edge of my seat!!I can not wait to read all four of these books especial elysian!! Actually all of them I can't wait to read! I love you're Tuesday teasers

suprmama5 said...

After all this I pray that Skyla ends up with Marshall!!! I've loved Marshall from the very beginning. My sisters and sister in law never loved Marshall like me. So come on Marshall!! This whole series is fantastic and frustrating and I have thrown my kindle a few times across the living room. Thank goodness it never broke but it might if her and Marshall don't end up together!!

CeeMarieXD said...

Omg I can not wait, these teasers were amazing! definitely looking forward to reading all these books, thanks :D

katiekayy51 said...

Addison! love the teasers. I don't want you to give too much away but I'm dying with anticipation wondering if Logan or gage will be there! I love those boys, and your writing, keep it up! (:

Books That Kept Me Up Last Night said...

Amazing as always! So super excited for all of the books! You have your own super hero powers to write like you do! Merry Christmas to you and the family!

Unknown said...

When are the realize for all four of these? I so can't wait your books are addicting!

Unknown said...


ronnie211797 said...

I must admit I too am routing for Marshall. I just keep seeing all the secrets from Gage and Logan popping up and it bothers me. However, I have always liked Marshall and besides the surprise wedding he's been honest with Skyla. I am beginning to wonder about Demetri, was he really there to help Skyla or trick her! It seemed as though Marshall and Demetri were there trying to help her.
Gage and Logan are both dead aren't they? I mean Gage had his wings and I remember only the dead get their wings, plus he was carting off Logan's body....Huh?
All these prophecies...what a head spinner! Perhaps these are different life times they are seeing. I have a feeling though that Marshall will have Skyla as his bride before Logan or Gage can even blink an eye.
I'd love to have a Marshall in my life!
Can't wait for Elysian, Ethereal Knights, and Someone To Love. I haven't started the Countenance Series as I want to finish the Celestra series first. However as soon as the Celestra series comes to an end I am planning to jump in feet first to the Countenance series!

Sally Slayer said...

Awesome! Can't wait to read the new book, as well as the last Celestra book. Thanks

Unknown said...

Yummy! Tasty teasers as always. I'm wiped out sick, with bronchial pneumonia, which is no fun... exp with a 1yr old to take.care of, so this just brightened my day! Idk why I still have Gage in my heart, but Marshall is winning me over more n more!! And I can't wait to get STL in my hands. it sound outright Steamy! I'm anxious for them all. and ready for Skylas new series as well. curious if any characters from countenance will follow as well??

ashaustin said...

Awesome Addison.... I love the tension between Skyla and Marshall. Also,I loved 7.5!! I've loved the story and was so glad that Skyla finally started getting some answers. Talk about a cliff hanger... I can't believe I hadn't figured out who was what in the mural. So when will 8 be out????????

Unknown said...

MMMMMMM....... the sexual tension is so nice and naughty lol. But then again that is Marshall's M.O. lol. I find even with all the secrets Gage is keeping I am still rooting for him. ERG I cannot believe you left off at that part in Toxic pt2. I am still mad Looks like I am going to have to read all of them a third time. Hope it comes out soon. And still waiting on Ethereal Knights. I am looking forward to reading Someone to Love as well. The teasers have made me more interested in them as well. So basically I want all of your new books out now lol. Thanks again for sharing your genius with us unworthy little people lol.

KelseyWalasek said...

I agree! So eager for Elysian's release!!! Great books... One of THE bestseries I've had the pleasure of reading.

Unknown said...

TEAM MARSHALL! Can't wait for all the books to come out!

Michelle K said...

I can't wait for the new books. I so love you're writing style and story lines. Now I guess I am starting to rootfor Marshall, but still idk. I mean he's supposed too be like an angel~ sector on the good guys side. But still he does some things like tormenting Michelle with fems. But Logan and Gage lie and manipulate things so much. And by the way. I don't know if I missed a part, or my memory blinked out. But what happened to Michelle's baby? I'll probably end up reading everything again too.

Addison Moore said...

shannara pavlic - Hi Shannara! I wish I had a date, lol! I'm actually allergic to date setting. It totally makes my hair fall out. I'm shooting for late winter if I'm lucky. But the closer it gets I'll narrow it to a month, then a week.

Jacquelyn Costiloe - Oh, I ~love~ that you were on the edge of your seat!!! Thank you for giving me the warm fuzzies. :) I can't wait to give you the rest of the story so you can relax. lol! Love that. :)

suprmama5 - Ack! Keep the Kindle safe, lol! BTW, I have such a soft spot in my heart for Marshall. I wish I could put him in every book I write.

CeeMarieXD - You're so welcome! I really am looking forward to getting them all out to you soon.

katiekayy51 - Yes, both Logan and Gage are in the final book. The final book is a little tougher and deals with a lot of things. There are also parallels to ETHEREAL with book 8. I do love me some Oliver boys. ;)

Addison Moore said...
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Addison Moore said...

Books That Kept Me Up Last Night - lol! That's sweet of you to say. I wish it were true!

Unknown - I'm hoping to release STL this month, EK next month and the other two are bit more ambiguous. ;)

ronnie211797 - I like your theories! And I agree, Marshall has always been there and been mostly honest. But if you're really interested in seeing the stories intertwine, now might be a good time to start the Counts. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

Sally Slayer - You're so welcome! I'm working hard to bring them to you soon. :)

Jami Freed - Jami! Ack! Feel better! I had double P from august until October and hated it. I really do hope you recover quickly. As for the characters in the Counts, yes! they will come along for the ride. ;)

ashaustin - So glad you enjoyed 7.5! I hope by the end of 8 you'll feel satisfied with the outcome and hopefully I would have answered all of the questions as well. 8 will be out in a few months. I'm working extra hard on it trying to hit all the right notes.

Addison Moore said...

Tiffany Garris - lol, about the naughty nature of the teasers. I always try to give the good parts. Or at least fun. EK ins my next editing baby. STL is steamy, be warned... ;)

KelseyWalasek - Kelsey!!! Wow, thank you for that. And thank you for putting a smile on my face. :)

Rose Nicholas - Thank you! And Marshall appreciates your support. Team Marshall is his favorite team.

Addison Moore said...

Michelle K - Yes, Marshall definitely leans on the naughty side of all things Sector~! And gah the thing with Michelle! I need to go back to BURN and make it clear. It's totally my fault. It was Brielle that was pregnant and Skyla just thought it was Michelle. I think it was stated in one line or implied and I should probably state it several times and even in WICKED. Actually I think it is stated in WICKED, as well. Nevertheless I'm going through the files. Sorry for the frustration.

Amy said...

So...is Someone to Love hot enough to set my Nook on fire? I have my eye on a new one as my current one is almost full, and it would be the perfect excuse to get a new one. ;)

I probably already asked this before, but how far into the series will you go with the guys' POV? Come on, you know those Oliver guys are just dying to get their voices out there for us! :) #Team Aw Hell as always!!

Thanks for the great teasers!

Unknown said...

O that is such good news! Yikes 2 months with it? Ugh. I quit smoking 8 wks ago and I thought I wouldn't get it this year, but alas... here I am. lol
Have you heard anything more about the tv series? I haven't seen you post anything about that in sometime. well im off to paragon. Have been rereading them all again. almost done.. night

Addison Moore said...

Amy - I read your question before bed then dreamed about answering, lol! Yes I might venture further with the Oliver POV novels. Not sure what to do with Marshall... Book two will be TREMBLE FOR ME. ;)

As for Someone To Love, I think so!!! But then some might think its tame. It's all about what you can handle I guess. So if you see smoke coming from your Nook, you can totally blame me!

Jami Freed - For sure it was a bummer but thank God, I'm over it. As for the TV series I really haven't heard since May but then I haven't poked around, either. I'm still crossing my fingers FOX will run with it. They had a few pilots written for it. Perhaps I'll write one and see what they think. What's the worse that can happen? I don't deter easily. ;)

Unknown said...

Lol addison I'm in Australia I'm not too sure when winter is over there. The territory doesn't have 4 seasons lol only 2 :) all good ill keep checking every Tuesday for updates and the teasers!!

Unknown said...

Well I'll keep my fingers crossed that it goes through. it will be a lot of fun to see how close the images I have in my mind of Paragon and the characters are to what is created for the series. mostly I just can't wait to put a face to Gage, Logan... and oh yea Marshall!!

Addison Moore said...

shannara pavlic - Gah! lol! I really did laugh when I read that. Feb- March-ish? We shall see.

Jami Freed - Oh I think that would be totally fun to see it play out. I have such a clear image I'd love to make that translate if possible. It's nailing the boys I worry about...in the looks department. ;)