Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Teasers + Cover reveal!

It’s here again, the Tuesday Tease~!
Super huge thank you to those of you who participated in reader appreciation month. I really do appreciate each and every one of you and think of you like family. Thank you for reading the books, reviewing and for taking the time to reach out to me on facebook, twitter, my blog and email. I love hearing from you and I look forward to getting to know you better~!
Cover reveal!!!

SOMEONE TO LOVE is New Adult, intended for mature audiences, 17 and up, due to sexual situations. 
It’s coming out at some point in December. I’m hoping next weekish.
On to the teasers~!


It was that season in my life, the coming of age of the woman inside me that longed to know the secrets of the universe—those potent with lust and desire—the very thing that harnessed a sexual frenzy and drove humanity along on its erotic trembling wings.
I’ve always thought of love as a very sharp knife that held the promise of exquisite pain, never one that satisfied, never a theory you could nestle in, warm and safe, forever. Love was dangerous terrain. It was where you met your enemy and gutted them before you sacked their belongings, hitting the road long before the ink dried on the divorce papers—that’s what my mother taught me.
I was my own universe. I guarded my heart, froze and buried it in the tundra of my own misgivings. But now that I was clear across country at Garrison University, desire and passion reared their ugly heads. My body ached to know things, and those kinds of lessons could only come from a heated body pressed against mine.
Sex manifested itself in all things. It was all around me—the hibiscus with its sticky pistil, its stamen hungry to release, the perfect round bottom of the peach, the fig tree heavy with its sacks of seeded fruit—the stray cat locked in heat as she begs for a companion. It was everywhere, viral and prolific. All of nature was making love, encouraging humanity with its undeniable whispers. Every day it resonated like an erotic echo. I was envious, greedy to experience the gnashing of hips, the interlacing of hands, knees tucked against mine. I wanted to glean all of the sensual knowledge firsthand.
I held onto virginity and reason long enough—staved off the enemy for far too long. Every intimate part of me was quivering, cheering on my newfound carnal revolution, and now here I am standing in front of the god of Garrison in the exact amount of clothing I was born in.
“Down,” he instructs.
I get on my knees and he pulls my head back. Instinctively I know this is going to hurt and I want it to. I want to feel everything Cruise has to offer—all that he’s willing to thrust my way.
He steps into me and unbuttons his jeans. He flicks at his zipper and gives the impression of a wicked grin.
“With your teeth,” he commands.
And I do.


EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)
(Laken and Jen)

I just stare at her stupefied for a moment.
“I don’t care what Wes says, I’m not going in there.” I point to the room ablaze like an inferno. “In the event your blond head hasn’t picked up on the smoke signals, the room is on fire.
“Don’t be silly, Laken.” She gives me a hard shove through the door. “Every good girlfriend does what her boyfriend wants.”
“Your ex-boyfriend wishes!” I scream as she seals me in the room of doom.  

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8)
(Skyla to Marshall)

“That’s an awful long time. I’ll be in diapers by then.”
Those hotter than hell lips of his scowl in my direction and he wands his fingers over my abdomen. Honest to God, something just heated up inside of me—if he impregnated me “angel style” I’m going to flip.
“What was that?” I squawk.
       “I bequeath you the everlasting gift of continence.”

Let me know your thoughts! 
Have a great week~!


BitBit9177 said...

I'm so ready for evanescent and elysian to come out. I'm so hooked on skyla and lakens stories. Absolutely love these books.

BitBit9177 said...

I'm so ready for evanescent and elysian to come out. I'm so hooked on skyla and lakens stories. Absolutely love these books.

Unknown said...

I'm so damn excited for all of these books! The STL cover is hot! Can't wait till next week!

Unknown said...

when is Ethereal Knights comming out?

Juliana Haygert said...

Oh, I love this cover! <3

Unknown said...

Wow. Can't wait for STL to come out!!

Gin said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot wait to read SOMEONE TO LOVE - that cover (and prologue) is gorgeously HOT! And the ELYSIAN teaser cracked me up. :)

Happy Holidays!
~Gin @ Addicted to Words

deanna said...

Is there any dates yet for Elysian? I'm dying to know what's gonna happen!!!!

Unknown said...

So excited that I keep searching for them and I know they aren't out yet. I just can't wait anymore! These books have taken over my life! :)

jitterbuug48 said...

Sooo excited to read all of these!! I really cannot wait for Elysian and Evanescent. I am completely enthralled with the Celestra series, I so badly want to know what happens with Skyla & Logan...and Skyla and Gage...and Skyla and Marshall, lol. I just recently read Countenance and again you have gotten me completely addicted to the characters...I'm rooting for Cooper, btw! Looking forward to Someone To Love, I'm sure it will be just as great as your other works!

ClovisSassyGirl said...

Awesome as always girl! Can't wait to get someone to love sounds... sinister ;) haha. Evanescent looks to be heating up :) and Elysian sounds mystical! Love them, luv ya! #GageGirl

ClovisSassyGirl said...

Awesome as always girl! Can't wait to get someone to love sounds... sinister ;) haha. Evanescent looks to be heating up :) and Elysian sounds mystical! Love them, luv ya! #GageGirl

Heather said...

LMAO! Marshall is seriously THE BEST!

Sally Slayer said...

Hahaha! Love Marshall and Celestra 8 sounds good so far!!

Unknown said...

Loving the sound of the new book "Someone to love" so far! Very different and more adult than the others. Super eager to dig into Elysian, can't wait to see what direction Skyla's life takes next :)).

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read them both!

Unknown said...

Steamy and hot...can't wait for STL !! You have a wonderful way of pulling us readers in!! Look forward to ANY of your next books!!!!! Thanks for the teasers

Unknown said...

Wow Someone to love sounds absolutely steamy! I'm sure it will be my new guilty little pleasure.. Evanescent .... I can not wait to see how it all plays out.. and Elysain .... omg I love Marshall he is fantastic. but my heart still holds out for Gage... I go back to my earlier comment months ago where I suggest light driving Skylas from the past to the present time to live as long lost triplets so everyone wins!! Lol as always you leave me begging for more.. can't wait for all 3!!

redheads rule said...

:) super exited about Elysian an even more exited about ethereal knights p.s. when is that coming out?!?!?

kam110476 said...

I only wish Marshall would do that for me. It would make laughing and sneezing much more enjoyable activities!!

Unknown said...

Oh dear! Next weekish!?! I will be on cloud 9! As hungry as I am for more Skyla- I'm super interested in catching up with Coop and Layken. When can we expect book 2?

You're a rock star man! I'm starting to wonder if you're running some kind of sweat shop with as fast as your pumping out books. Geesh. Totally not complaining BTW : )

Addison Moore said...

BitBit9177 - Thank you~! I can't wait to share more Skyla and Laken with you!!!

heather peiffer - Thanx girl! And thank you for the cover luv~! I'm knee deep in read-thrus right now.

Juliana Haygert - Thanx Julia~! I'll pass word along to my hubby. ;)

Addison Moore said...

Jessica Moran - I hope you'll get a kick out of it. It's a little different but Kendall has some snark. ;) Then there's Cruise...

Gin Bryant - Thanx Gin~! I hope you feel the same about both books in their entirety~!

deanna - No dates yet for ELYSIAN. I'll keep trickling more and more teasers as the story comes together!

kandis gilbert - Aw!! I love you for that. I'm really excited to share more of all of the above with you.

jitterbuug48 - Thank you and you're so kind. I hope you'll enjoy the rest as much. I'm attempting to give Coop and Wes their own POV in EVANESCENT. I'm really excited for you to hear their thoughts as well as Laken's!

Addison Moore said...

ClovisSassyGirl - Love your analogies! You must be a writer~!

Heather - I agree. He would be handy for Skyla to keep around. ;)

Sally Slayer - Thanx~! Marshall has a way of taking over.

Jennifer Kmet- Yes, Skyla's life takes a drastic turn in ELYSIAN. I really hope you'll enjoy STL. It's racy, but a warm love story.

Melissa Baker - Can't wait to share with you! Love your avatar. ;)

Addison Moore said...
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Addison Moore said...

Belinda Crawford - I'm so glad you think so. And by the way, I love, love, love the name Belinda and have worked it into many a story (all of which I plan to use one day but for now collect dust on my hard drive).

Jami Freed- lol about the triplets! That would make for an interesting ending. I do remember you saying that or something to that effect. I really do hope you'll like the way it ends. And, of course the end of Celestra spawns a new beginning. ;)

redheads rule - I thought of putting up a teaser for EK!! I thought maybe I was over doing it on the teasers so I pulled back. But as soon as I launch STL I'll spend my "Knights" editing that bad boy. It's all done. It just needs a spit shine. I enjoyed it so much. I really hope that translates. I'm going to push for a January release if Christmas doesn't kill me.

kam110476 - Ha, ha! I think we could all use a little Marshall in our lives. Wouldn't that be nice?

Amory Ford - Amory you are too funny!!! Yes I do have a sweatshop and I'm the one sweating, lol! No joke. As for Book 2 of the Counts I'm trickling in words until I can boot STL then it's full steam EVANESCENT with EK edits tossed in to ensure insanity.

Unknown said...

I am very excited for Elysian, seeing as I am in my exam period I haven't had time to read the other yet, however I will get around to them. When do you expect the release for Elysian?

kwee said...

So many books so little time!! Cant wait till all three of these are out so I can devour them as I have your other books. Keep up the amazing work!

CeeMarieXD said...

OMG I'm soo excited for all these books to come out!! I can't wait to read them. I'm absolutely hanging on the edge of my seat with the way you ended T2, thanks for always delivering something great! :)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read all three of them. still looking forward to elysian first though.

Addison Moore said...

samantha robb - Good luck on your exams girl! As for ELYSIAN I don't have a set date. Most likely late winter. I'm going to push to have Skyla's new series ready to go on its heels.

kwee - That's how I feel. SO many stories, so little time, ;) Thank you for reading~!

CeeMarieXD - *blushes* thank you for that! I really am excited to share with you how it all ends. Then, of course, Skyla's new beginning. ;)

Tiffany Garris - Thank you! I can't wait to share all three with you- especially ELYSIAN. So much happens... Thanx for all of you support, Tiffany!

Anonymous said...

You must write with a frenzy. I can't wait for your upcoming books and am excited that there will be plenty to read. As always, keep 'em coming.
Thanks, Denise

Addison Moore said...

Denise - lol! My husband thinks so. I'm looking forward to catching my breath over Christmas, although I write to relax. ;) Thank you for reading, Denise.

redheads rule said...
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redheads rule said...
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redheads rule said...

Hey Mrs. Moore do you have the dates for EK yet?

Unknown said...

I am so Team Marshall ! he's funny and truly Loves skyla

Unknown said...

I just finished Toxic part 2 and feel like I am hanging there... what happened to Skyla, Logan, Gage and Ellis ? can't wait for Elysian!!

Amanda said...

Holy shit Addisson!! Why have I been MIA!!!! Someone to Love sounds HOT!! Right up my alley!! SOOO excited for this one!!! Can't wait!!

Addison Moore said...

redheads rule - I'm hoping for January but I think I've pushed both my keyboard and my editors to their limits, lol! I'm still hopeful though.

amel Amelita - I'm team Marshall, too. Mostly for myself not Skyla, lol! I can't wait to get ELYSIAN to you. :)

Amanda - I so missed! I love seeing your face. Welcome back!