Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

Welcome back to the Tuesday tease! I hope you’ve had a great week!
I’ve been busy around the clock, reading and rereading ETHEREAL KNIGHTS. I wish it was out already but I really want to make sure it’s the best it can be. Speaking of EK, I think it’s going to be complete and coverless so I’m kicking my cover artist into high gear because this needs to go quickly. Plus, ELYSIAN is whispering to me on the sidelines. Can I just say how much I LOVE being back on Paragon? I’ll miss Celestra once I’m through but I’m all ready to venture into Skyla’s new life post high school. Things are going to get interesting and heated. ;) 
Off to the teasers!  

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Ethereal rewritten from Logan and Gage’s perspective)
*Gage’s point of view

“Hey, you okay?” He rattles my shoulder like he’s waking me up from a bad dream. Little does he know, he’s the one who’s morphed into my worst nightmare.
“I’m great—just did one too many push-ups today gearing up for the big season. I think first games against East.”
“We’ll kill ‘em.” He looks past my shoulder. “Bree better show soon. She was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago. I’ll cover the shoes until she gets here.”
“You do that. I’m off the clock, boss. I’m out of here.”
“Go for it.” He socks me in the arm just enough to make it hurt. “Don’t worry about the game. We’re destined to win. Remember—when the Olivers go after what they want, they always get it.”
Logan jumps over the counter with a whistle on his lips, and I shake my head at how quickly everything’s falling to shit.
I wanted to say, what happens when two Oliver’s want the very same thing?
What then, genius?

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Trilogy 2)
*Cooper and Laken are in the transfer.
Laken’s point of view

“She said to meet her here.” Coop squeezes my hand as we enter a carpeted corridor. A blue glow emanates from the entry to our right and Coop doesn’t hesitate leading me inside.
“I recognize this place. It’s the room with the floating coffins.” Everything in me seizes as I take in the long glass tubes that extend from floor to ceiling. Bodies float inside, submerged in blue fluid. Their blank open gaze, their flesh uniformly sealed in body suits makes them look like an army of petrified soldiers. This was truly a killing field, a mass watery grave that begs for intervention.
“How many of these do you think have been stolen?” I ask just above a whisper.
Before Coop can answer, Ezrina scuttles into the room with her dark cloak emphasizing the hump over her back, her wild hair wafting in the breeze from behind.

ELYSIAN (The final book in the Celestra Series) (I’m working overtime for a spring release~!)
*Marshall to Skyla in front of Logan and Gage

“Slowly I will love you.” A lewd grin twitches at his lips. “Then of course you’ll beg for more, and I’ll be forced to comply.”
I glance over at Logan and Gage as they avert their eyes in disgust—disbelief. I don’t dare say a thing—that every word Marshall just breathed happened to be the God’s honest truth. A light drive into the future doesn’t lie too often, and I could tell by the look on my face that I wanted him more than the air in my lungs.  

 Hope you enjoyed!
BTW,  SOMEONE TO LOVE scored 5 weeks on the NYT's list! If you need something hot to read Thursday night, Cruise is there for you!

Happy Valentine's Day! Chocolate and roses to all! XOXO


kcasanova88 said...

I honestly can't wait for these books to be released. Every Tuesday is making it harder to wait, but I will knowing that they are going to be awesome.

Unknown said...

happy valentine's day. congrats on week 4. you deserve it. can't wait for the new books.

jitterbuug48 said...

Ahhh, okay I loved all the teasers, BUT that Elysian one...whew! I can't wait!!!

ashaustin said...

Hurry!!!!!!!!! Need me some Gage!!!!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Great teasers and that's truly a steamy cover. Happy Valentine's Day.

Arianna said...

ahhhh MARSHALL! <3

redheads rule said...

YAY so happy you are truly an amazing wither thanks for writing books!!!!!!!

Addison Moore said...

kcasanova88 - Ack! I hope so!! :)

Kim Devine - Thank you so much!

jitterbuug48 - Yes, Marshall seems to have the "whew" factor, lol!

ashaustin - I'm with him now. I'm just going over some last minute proofing for EK then he's all yours. ;)

Sheena-kay Graham - Yes! lol! Kendall and Cruise sure know how to heat things up.

Arianna - He's missing the spotlight. I need to write faster.

redheads rule - Aww, TY~! And you're so welcome!

Unknown said...

Omg i cant wait for all of them!! Congrats again on STL.. You definitely deserve it! If it was up to me everyone of your books would be on the best sellers list... Frankly im surprised they aren't. I love the characters and worlds you create. I know they are not real but you write in a way that makes me feel like im right there, like they are my friends.. lol i miss my friends and cant wait to get back to paragon. I can only compare that to one other series... Harry Potter. And im obsessed with hp!! So thats saying a lot.. I hope you have a great Valentine's day.. xoxo ~Jami

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - Aww, thank you Jamie! You always make me feel so good! You couldn't have pleased me more than by saying my characters feel like friends. I'm hanging out in Paragon a lot right now and it really does feel like I'm hanging out with people I know and love. I'm so thrilled to be able to translate that over to you! I hope you had an awesome Valentine's Day as well~!

misskatie said...

I cannot wait until the new books come out! Ive been waiting for elysian to come out, and reading ethereal Knights is making me even more excited for it to come out! I haven't been this excited about a series for a long time!!!!!!!!!