Monday, March 25, 2013

The Tuesday Tease and ELYSIAN news!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!

It happened. Celestra came to a conclusion and I penned “the end.” ELYSIAN is finished~!!! It’s just a first draft so it needs edits, and more edits and polishing, like lots of it.  But I’ll get right on that and hopefully by the end of April, beginning of May it will hit e-shelves. *hopes* And, it is looong. On it’s own it will be the longest book in the Celestra series. But I think that’s a good thing because it’s sort of a bittersweet goodbye.
I can’t believe this crazy ride has finally come to an end. It was dizzying at times, and filled with heady love scenes that often spanned three suitors, but I’ve had fun on that island—plus there was Marshall. If you’re interested, you can still see Skyla’s life unfold in her New Adult series. I want to observe her and the peeps from Paragon a little ways into the future and I really hope you’ll join me. It will be different but familiar. I’m not sure how many books will be attached to that series but I have the overall arc. I think it’ll be interesting to see what’s beyond West Paragon High.
In other news I’m on final read-thru’s for EVANESCENT! I’m really loving the three point of views (Laken, Cooper, Wesley). The boys really have a way of adding a new dimension to the story(no not like that. OK, so a little like that…)—especially these boys because they’re basically enemies.
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Good luck!

Enjoy the teasers and Happy Easter~!

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Trilogy 2)
* (Wesley’s point of view)

“What I mean is,” I pause in the event I feel the need to bury myself further, “I would never even think of another girl or want one. You’re it for me, Laken. Hand to God, you’re all I’ll ever need. I was serious as death when I took that oath the other night, and I’m equally as serious about getting your name indelibly marked over my skin. I want to have a piece of you near me at all times. You’re all I ever think about from eyelids open until I fall asleep, and then I’m lucky enough to have you greet me in my dreams.”
Her smile expands, and she warms the room with it.
“You dream of me?” There’s a twinkle in her eyes as if she’s picking up on the unchaste nature.
“Damn straight,” I say, lowering my lips to hers. “And one day each one of those deranged fantasies is going to come to life.”

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.
*(Skyla dancing with Marshall at homecoming)

I can’t believe I let Marshall get to me like this. It’s like he’s a walking sex bomb that goes off every time we touch. This is bad, bad, bad. It is so not right to be hot for teacher.
“Hot for teacher?” He grits it through his teeth as if I said the exact words that had the power to reduce him to a primal level. Marshall’s eyes light up like flames, and sex exudes from his person in a viral—visceral—hormonal explosion.
“It’s an expression. It means—”
“I’m hopeful as to what it might mean.” He depresses a sexy as hell smile. “You realize if you dare lie with an Oliver we’ll have to scrap your carnal knowledge and start from the beginning. Why play with boys Skyla when you can run with men?”
“You mean there’s more than one of you?”
“I can multiply if you like.” His eyes widen at the prospect as if it were the first time this strange arrangement came to mind.
“No thanks. I’d be at a loss where to put things.”

Hope you enjoyed~!
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sweetmary21489 said...

Ahhh can wait for Elysian!!!! Lol yes im that exited for it and anxious to see how it ends(and begins the new series) that teaser left me wanting more ..more of marshall!! Lol he is something els i swear if i were skyla i would be blushing all the time he was around lol.....and again love ur books ur great!!:D

Unknown said...

I'm so sad that the Celestra series is at an end, but eager to get my hands on it. I am just wrapping up reading the entire series for the THIRD time...seriously need to get another hobby! Any time frame as to when we can expect the next Count book to hit the ebooks? I'm halfway through my second read on the first. It would be AWESOME if it was done by this LONG weekend:) No pressure as you need some sleep too!

kcasanova88 said...

Awesome teaser like always. I am very excited to see who Skyla is going to end up with. And to follow her out of high school to see what trouble she gets in. Wes seems really in love with Laken but something about him is not clicking for me. Guess I have to wait and see. Have a good week.

TefyannSmith said...

"but I’ve had fun on that island—plus there was Marshall."---hoping this doesn't mean what I think it in Marshall is not the winner of her affections! *tear* But, I will still read and love Elysian and the spinoff series. So glad Elysian is LONG! That's the best kind of book! Thanks for the great teaser!!!! :)

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 said...

OMG you just made my day!!!! Two weeks sounds great after waiting and wanting for Evanescent! And I hope Elysian is very long... the longer til I reach that "The End" the better!!!!! Excitement!!!!! Happy Easter !!!!

Addison Moore said...

sweetmary21489 - lol! Marshall would be unnaturally proud that he could make you blush. I've blushed a time or two at what's come out of his mouth. ;)

Melissa Saneholtz - Oh my gosh you are awesome!!! Thank you so much for rereading. That makes me feel extremely humbled. I'm going to need about another month on Elysian. Partially because it's pretty big.

Addison Moore said...

kcasanova88 - A part of me is really glad Skyla is finally graduating from high school. There are so many things in the real world that Skyla needs to explore. I can't wait! And yes, Wes seems fishy, doesn't he???

Addison Moore said...

TefyannSmith - Oh no, that's just me loving Marshall, I promise! He's too yummy for me to ignore. ;) And ELYSIAN is looong but I don't mind. I wouldn't do that with anything but Celestra because it's a bear to edit and put into print, but I'm in that deep with my Paragon peeps! Can't wait to share!!

Addison Moore said...

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 - I love your enthusiasm for EVANESCENT! I'm really excited to share it since it's triple POV. The boys, per usual, were fun. And yes, ack! ELYSIAN is loooong. I made sure to leave no stone unturned!

Always Falling for Book Guys said...

Hey Addison :)
I love your teasers and am sad to hear the end of the Celestra series. It's like a part of me has gone. Lol
Anyways, I was just wondering if you have heard of this???

jasmine01 said...

Love your books

skyla said...

Hot for teacher?oh dear so i take it skyla survived the fire hmm?question!will the upcoming series adorning skyla still have the celestraness in it? Btw i kinda died when i found a book with a main charector that has my name:)well just skyla not laurel messenger lol....i will be crushed if marshall is gone the last book leaves me ticked at gage and crushed for logan. The ties between ephermal and ethereal is so cool!wesleys suspicious hmmm....coopers so sweet i wish there were real guys like the ones in your book!!
~fly on~S

redheads rule said...

:Dso happy for you ok so this is a little weird but I have a project for ap English on my favorite author and I was wondering if this was the first book series you have written?

Addison Moore said...

Niyla M :-) - Hi Niyla~! I hadn't heard of that but thank you for sharing! And I feel sad as well. I'm hoping the new series will quell me. It's been a long ride but I'm not ready to leave the island. I hope you'll love the new series. In the least, it'll be like visiting old friends.

jasmine01 - Thank you Jasmine! I'm so happy that you're enjoying them. :) I hope you'll enjoy the new ones as well!

skyla - Hi Skyla! Yes, the new series should have plenty of 'Celestraness' in it. If not I'll fire myself. And I love that your name is Skyla. I just met a little girl with the name and about died myself. I think it's awesome! I do hope you'll enjoy the end to Celestra and I hope you'll enjoy reading Cooper's POV (point of view) in EVANESCENT as well! Can't wait to get it to you!

redheads rule - Wow, good question! It's the first I've published but it's not the first series I've written. I think I wrote close to twenty books (some were a series and some weren't) before I ever published a single one. I hope that helps! And, I'm extremely flattered! I hope you get an A. :)

Unknown said...

So excited for Elysian!!!!! If I'm lucky maybe it'll be out by my birthday (May 1). That would be an awesome present.

Navy Postmans Wife said...

Oh my.... I just read the 2 Countenance releases.... I must have #3~ Now, my pretty... how long til we get Elysian?? Your writing is addictive. I cant wait to see how the Triology and the Celestra Series collide. Thanks for sharing.

Addison Moore said...

Brittany Glascoe - Ack! Didn't see this! I'm so close to getting it to my editor. It's such a looong book!

Navy Postmans Wife - lol! I'm definitely moving book three up the roster on my to-do list. I want to get the resolution out to you as quick as possible~! The two series will officially collide in Skyla's new series.