Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tease + cover reveal~!

Happy Tuesday~! Welcome back to the Tuesday tease!
I did it! I finally read through EVANESCENT for the  thousandth final time. *breathes*
I swear, it was an OCD effort on my part. I read it fast, I read it slow, I read it with a finger over each and every word, I read it out loud—twice. In fact, a neighbor knocked on the door and said she came by earlier but I didn’t answer and she didn’t want to bother me because she could hear I was “on the phone.” She then proceeded to gawk at me in horror, crazy eyes and all. I have a serious disdain for talking on the phone for longer than a minute. What she heard was me reading my book. Probably something steamy, or incriminating in a felony suit—both if she was lucky. Anyway, such is life, right?
So EVANESCENT is off to the formatter. I’ll update on FB and let you know what the status is. In the meantime, I’ll set up the blurb and get it one hundred percent ready to roll as soon as I get it back. Which brings me to the newsletter! As soon as the book goes live I’m going to push my newsletter out to let you know. See? Totally not spamming your inbox! Plus, I’m throwing in a bunch of book extra’s and a letter from Gage to Skyla, so if you haven’t signed up, please do!
Now that EVANESCENT is out of my hands I’m one thousand percent all over ELYSIAN. Yay! ELYSIAN is exactly twice as long as EVANESCENT *cries a little* but like all my books I let my characters do the grunt work and I sit back and watch the show. The edits are on Skyla’s shoulders. I’ll be there cheering her on with coffee and chocolate. #Truestory
Off to the teasers!

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Trilogy 2)
(Wes and Laken at Charity Lake. Wes wants an explanation as to why she’s been acting strange.)
*Wesley’s point of view

“Are you ready to hear this?” She shoots the words out like daggers, and a ball of acid rips through my insides. The last thing I expected was Laken to be pissed at me.
“Yes,” I say it low, trying to defuse the situation.
“You never believe a damn thing I say,” she snaps. Her head ticks to the side as if she were readying for a showdown. If a shouting match is what she’s hoping for, she’ll be sorely disappointed. Not one part of me feels like fighting with Laken tonight or ever.
“What do you want me to believe?” I say it calm, sedate, and it only seems to piss her off more.
She takes a breath and holds it before bouncing to her left and gaping at me incredulously.
“Are we in Kansas again?” I shake my head. “Is that what this is about?” I can feel my blood pressure spike out of nowhere. I try to deny myself the right to an argument, but my emotions want to duke it out all the way back to her fictitious town.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.
*(Skyla and Marshall, Halloween night.)

Marshall tweaks his brows, amused. “I believe the words you used as you entered my home this evening were trick or treat.
“Oh, so you decide to go for the trick just as Gage and I were about to indulge in a treat.”
“It seems the entire exercise was lost upon you. I, my love, am the treat.”
“Ha!” I yelp in his face a little louder than anticipated. “How was your party?” I pause to take him in. He looks no worse for wear. There’s no sign of external trauma, no bedhead, no claw marks at least anywhere I can see—not one hickey to sexually incriminate him.
“You think I slept with her.” His cheek rides up the side as if he were relishing this.
“Did you?” I stop breathing in the event he paints a picture that I’ll need to grate out of my mind with a razor.
“No, Skyla. I’m perfectly chaste. The only place these lips have been this evening is on your person. And you Ms. Messenger? Can you say the same?” He tips into me ready to roll his eyes if I deny it. “I thought so.”

Hope you enjoyed~!
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sweetmary21489 said...

Eekkkkkkk I'm exited about everything u posted lol and mostly Marshall (sigh) ur stories make me feel like I'm still in high school experiencing my first loves (Logan and Marshall) lol can't wait for elysian and hope that coffee was good :) drink a cup for me lol

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Wow I really love this cover that you revealed today.

Unknown said...

love the cover and the teasers. can't wait for the books to be out. i'm really excited for skyla's new series as well.

kcasanova88 said...

Absolutely awesome. Definetly can't wait for the books. On the edge of my seat to see who Skyla is going to end up with.

skyla said...

Omg!your poor neighbor;)whod she think he slept with!?!?!?!?chloe?brielle?im dying!

jitterbuug48 said...

LOL, Creating great awkward moments is what keeps life interesting, and the one with your neighbor was great. Enjoyed the teasers as always and I love the book cover!

KSinger said...

I can't wait for these two books to come out. The cover looks great. I don't know if you know this or not but Someone to Love is ranked #9 on Amazon's best seller list of 2013 (so far). I love all your books. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

I love this cover! It is so amazing.

Addison Moore said...

sweetmary21489 - That's the sweetest thing you could say! I'm so glad Logan and Marshall give you those sweet butterflies. Those are priceless feelings!

Sheena-kay Graham - Thank you! I'll pass the word on to my cover designer (a.k.a my husband). ;) I can be tough to work with, so in the least he deserves a hug.

Kim Devine - Thanx Kim! I can't wait to share the books. EVANESCENT should be up this week if all goes well.

kcasanova88 - Oh, how I hope you'll at least be pleased with the end, lol! This is going to get tricky...

skyla - Yes, she looked stunned. lol! And Marshall, yeah, I had a little too much fun with him in ELYSIAN. ;) I hope you will, too!

jitterbuug48 - Thank you for the cover love! And as for awkward moments, I seem to have a knack for making them happen. #Sotrue

KSinger - Oh my gosh I didn't! And because of you my entire day was made of awesome! So BIG thank you!!!! xoxoxoxo :)

Chelsea - Thank you girl! I really like it, too. I'm a sucker for Laken's dress so you'll probably see it again for the last book. ;)

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 said...

LOVE the cover!!! I can't believe its almost here!!!! I am getting it on my kindle as soon as it is available !!! I hope its a long one... I read them way too fast then I have to wait for another ...seems like an eternity!!! Love your stuff...thanks for keeping me entertained constantly!

Always Falling for Book Guys said...

Hey Addison! Absolutely LOVE the cover. Just out of curiosity, who designs your covers and do you have any input in the design? :)

Addison Moore said...

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 - Thank you for the cover love! I think I'm going to hit publish in the morning. I just talked to my formatter and it will be good to go! I really hope you'll enjoy the book! And you're very sweet in your comment. Thank you for that! I hope to keep you entertained!

Niyla M :-) - Hi Niyla! My husband does the covers and I boss him around. ;) #truestory lol!

Unknown said...

can't wait, hopefully evanescent will be ready for friday. reading it will be the perfect way to spend my birthday!

James R. Nobohn said...

wow, I think I want EVANESCENT just for the cover :)

and I'm both very excited and very sad about the release of ELYSIAN :(
I really don't want to leave Paragon

can you tell us if all the main characters will survive ELYSIAN? I'm just very nervous that they're not all going to make it to the end
(if someone has to be sacrificed, I vote for Gage lol)

redheads rule said...

Oh yay love Gage ;)