Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Tuesday Tease + ELYSIAN news

It's here again! The Tuesday Tease!

The final book in the young adult Celestra Series is finished! The cover, however, is not. I thought for sure I'd have it up but hopefully it'll be finalized later today.

I'll be formatting the book and all that fun stuff today so I'll most likely hit publish on Thursday for a Friday release (or sooner). I'll shout it out all over facebook and twitter once I hit publish to give you a heads up. I'm pretty sure Amazon will have it up relatively quick, I'm hoping B&N will as well but I can't make any promises. If my formatter is quick, I'll have the Smashwords copy available for immediate purchase, and then the rest of the platforms as soon as my distributor can get them up.

Can you believe it? We made it! All the way to "the end." I really want to thank each one of you for making this crazy ride so very special by constantly showering me with your support. ELYSIAN marks the close to a chapter in Skyla's life but it also marks the close to a chapter in my life as well. I really lived each of those adventures right alongside her, and I hope you feel as though you did, too. I'm all ready to begin a new chapter and share in Skyla's new adventures and I hope you'll join us as well. Paragon wouldn't be the same without you.

ELYSIAN is looong. It has a part one and a part two all in ONE e-book! So sit back and enjoy the ride. It's bumpy so you might want to buckle up. ;)

As for "the end," I realize it's exciting to see who she ends up with. If you do skip to the last page, I promise you won't understand the true ending. I designed it that way because well, lets face it, it was too fun not to. :) All of the answers are in the text. Except the ones that are not, like stuff that belongs in the Countenance or in Skyla's new series. But I did try to offer closure and answers to everything that had to do with Celestra and I hope you'll be more than pleased with all of the secrets that ELYSIAN reveals. This book was tough to write but it was such a pleasure. And I hope you'll enjoy it, too.

On to the teasers!

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the young adult series.
*(Skyla and Brielle) 
“Anyway”—she shakes it off—“I don’t want to talk about my love life. I want to talk about yours. We both know Em’s drawings are never wrong.” She gives an impish grin. “You, Skyla Messenger, are going to do the deed, and I’m dying to know with whom.”
“You and me both.” That’s the God’s honest truth.
“Oh, come on. You must have some preference, some perverted hierarchy of who you’d like to do it with first.”

*(Skyla depressed as hell)
I’m a death sentence to everyone I know and love—in the end I might just break every heart that has ever bothered to love me.

*(Skyla and Marshall)
Skyla.” He ticks his head back a notch, and this catches me off guard. I don’t remember the last time Marshall used my proper name at West. It feels weird, intrusive, and perhaps the teeniest bit arousing.
“May I help you?” It comes out curt, warns him we’re about to tread on algae-riddled rocks, and in a moment one of us will end up with a nasty bruised ego—my money is on the Sector.

*Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your wonderful support. From Skyla, Logan, Gage, and Marshall. XOXO We hope you had the time of your life!


sweetmary21489 said...

Omg!!! I cant wait lol im even telling my friend wich I recomended the series to that she needed to hurry up and catch up..whe were suppose to read ELYSIAN togethere but I know its not because she is still in book six s9 I told her to enjoy it because there is nothing like reading a book for the first time especially urs lol....but enought of my nonsense im sure u have better things to do that to read my post ....again keep up the good work I love ur books :D

EmilyABC said...

Omg so excited!!! So so thankful you keep us posted on where things are, it makes the wait easier. Lol . Thankyou your awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Omg omg I am so excited. Can't wait I swear I've had paragon withdrawals lol. None of the books I've tried reading to pass the time to elysian have captivated my every breath like yours do. And am excited for skylas new series as well. You are definitely a truly gifted author.

redheads rule said...

Ahhhh SO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are no words for how happy I am this is happening! Thank you for writing this wonderful series, and for allowing us to come along on this journey with you.

Unknown said...

So bittersweet! It's been a fun journey. Can't wait to see who gets to tag along with Skyla in her new series:)Congrats Addison! You've quickly become a favorite of mine. I have no doubt you'll do great things in with books to come!

kcasanova88 said...

OMG I can't believe this series is almost over. I can't wait for the grand finally. Is the announcement of the release also going to be in the news letter. (I don't have Facebook or twitter) so excited.

Khemi said...

So excited to see what happens, its been such a long journey! Trying to reread the last couple books so I'm ready to go once it's published!

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 said...

OMG OMG OMG I am waiting so ok well not so patiently! I have extremely enjoyed each and every book in this series! You are a truly talented writer and I will continue to read as long as you write! Thanks and have a great week! Bring on the finale!

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 said...
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Amy said...

I think my heart just skipped a beat and my chest clenched up at the same time. It's been a hilarious, angsty, swooning, face-palming, WTFing, Nook-throwing (almost) and all-around incredible experience to be part of this journey. I can't wait to devour Elysian. I'm saving my freak-the-freak-out fest for the final book in Skyla's new series later on down the line. I'm so glad you are giving us some more time with her. :) I would say take a breather and have some chocolate, but we all know how much of a whirlwind you are with your projects. Congratulations on another accomplishment!!

skyla said...

Omg I love you!!!(not in a creepy but a little stalkerishLOL) I can't believe it's finally coming to an end *cries a little*(yea I'm qouting u) I love that song!as well as a book fanatic I'm also obsessed with music what ur favorite music?what song were stuck in your head while you were writing the Celeste's series?i am dying to read your books I can't for you to get them wrapped up with a bow on top ;)

ClovisSassyGirl said...

I'm SO tear-y eyed right now :'( but its happy tears! I've anticipated this, expected it... its not here yet... and by a hopeful long shot, its not over... for awhile!
Anyways I think I'll go squeeze my jelly thing-a-ma-jig and cry my heart out, or not ;) I'll NEVER tell :D
Thank goodness for the other projects and series, continuing and emerging. Or I'd be SOL!
<3 xoxoxoxo

britty said...

LOGAN!!!!!!! that's really all i have to say... oh and that your an amazing author :) this series was amazing one of the best ones I have read by far

MM2011 said...

I told my family to prepare, once I get my hands on Elysian I am not to be bothered until I finish it ;-) I am so excited but so sad too, I can't believe it's really done :-(

Addison Moore said...

sweetmary21489 - It's almost here! And please tell your friend I said happy reading! She'll have the final book available whenever she's ready. :)

EmilyABC - You're welcome! I'm always thrilled to include whatever info I have on the Tuesday tease! I really hope you'll enjoy the book!

Brittany Glascoe - I'm blushing! I'm so flattered, thank you for that. :) I hope you have fun with the last book. It was a labor of love. And I can't wait to take you back to the island for Skyla's new series, too!

redheads rule - You're so welcome! I hope you'll enjoy the heck out of the last book! Happy reading, girl! :)

Melissa Saneholtz - Thank you, Melissa! I really do hope you'll enjoy this book and many more to come. I'm looking forward to bringing more of Skyla to you in the future as well. I SOO hope you'll like ELYSIAN!

Addison Moore said...

kcasanova88 - Yes, I'll be sending out the newsletter as soon as the book is available!

Khemi - Happy rereading! I'm super humbled anyone would want to reread them! I hope they're just as fun for you the second time around. :)

CRAZY4BOOKS2522 - It's almost here! And I'm so happy to hear you've enjoyed the rest of the books as well. I hope you'll enjoy this one for sure!

Addison Moore said...

Amy - I love that you've had all those intense emotions when reading! I hope you'll have that many and more. It's fun book...I think. ;) And I love the "freak-the-freak-out fest."

skyla - Oh wow there were so many great songs that made me stop and think of Paragon. I need to make up a play list. It's been on my mind to do this. Hope you enjoy the final book in the young adult series!

ClovisSassyGirl - Aww! Gage appreciates that! I can't wait until you read the book. I hope you'll have fun no matter what! It's a long one. Enjoy! :) (I may have cried a little while writing. I'll never tell ;)

britty - lol! Yes, Logan. *sigh*

MM2011 - It's really done. Sort of. ;) It's sort of a long book, but I would take my time. Nothing's the same after this.

Carin McDonough said...

Woohoo! I am stupidly excited and have been checking your blog every day! I can't wait! :) You are one of those rare, truly gifted authors who's books are just effortless to read and you can't help but fall in love with your characters and become completely immersed in the world you create. I will stop what I am doing for a 15 minute break to read and before I know it, it is two hours later because I couldn't put the book down! I can't wait to read the rest of Skyla's story too and any future works you create :)