Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tease! Plus, ELYSIAN e-book giveaway!

First, I want to extend my prayers to those in the path of that devastating tornado in Oklahoma. My thoughts are with you and my heart is heavy. Please stay safe.


Welcome back to the Tuesday tease~ Enter below to win e-copies of ELYSIAN the second I have it available! I’m gifting 5 copies to 5 different winners!!!
If feels like more than a week has drifted by since the last tease. I’ve been submersed in ELYSIAN and it’s finally at the very end stages of edits. I’ll be contacting my formatter today and making arrangements for next week. I have one more beta and the final portion of edits yet to get back to me but I expect both by Wednesday. There is only one more read-through I need to do. (Yes, just one!!!) Since the book is very long this is more time consuming than it sounds, but I love me some Paragon so it’s a total labor of love.
There are a few mysteries I open up at the end of ELYSIAN that will segue into Skyla’s new series. The storylines that are left open are for the NA series or have to do with the Countenance. I sifted through all of your questions (thank you for letting me know your thoughts!) and made sure to tackle those in the book. The revelations—the reveals of how and why are given in parts throughout the book. As the book draws to a close the answers become clearer. The answers do not appear on the last page nor are they in the final chapter. It’s more of a progressive reveal. There is one storyline that gets answered in the final book of the Countenance, and that is the ever-elusive question: Why do Wesley and Gage look exactly alike? Since that’s not pertinent to Celestra I don’t give the answer in this book but it will be revealed in Skyla’s new series as well.
Contests: Would you like to win a copy of ELYSIAN the second I have it available? Sign up below and hop over to Delphina’s blog where there are two additional copies up for grabs. Also there is an exclusive scene from ELYSIAN that has a few familiar cameos from The Countenance over at her blog and I hope you enjoy them!
In other news: Pre-Orders for the paperback and audio version of SOMEONE TO LOVE, are available on amazon!! YAY! Right??? I’m over the moon excited. Here’s the link to Amazon. My wonderful publisher, Skyscape, is putting out the new edition in late October. SOMEONE LIKE YOU, the follow up, will be available after the New Year. Exciting times!
And one more little bit of book news. THE SOLITUDE OF PASSION is coming along great. This is a book I wrote forever ago. It’s a contemporary romance and the story has gripped me and never let me go. I’ve got a ton of novels collecting dust, but this one, it ate my heart for breakfast and I wanted it to. I wanted to marry both Mitch and Max. This book lives in me and plays itself over and over in my heart like a love song I never tire of hearing. I hope you’ll enjoy it to. I’m hoping for a June release.
Enjoy the teasers!

THE SOLITUDE OF PASSION (Written in 3 POVS Lee, Mitch, and Max)
(Lee’s POV)
*Lee sits with her sister, Katrice, and watches as her husband Mitch plays an unfriendly game of tennis with his longtime nemesis Max Shepherd.

I slept with Max.
Just once in high school.
Katrice bows her lashes trying to hide a smile. She’s the only living soul that knows what happened that night. Not even Mitch knows about that explosive night I shared with his adversary. Of course back then they were anything but.
“You ever tell Mitch?” she whispers.
“I’d die before I told him.”
Those two were closer than brothers until Mitch’s father and Max’s mother flaunted their infidelity for the world to see. It was treason in both the bedroom and boardroom. Split two families in half, reduced their friendship to cinders.
Lee,” Max shouts, waving his racket. His black hair gleams in the light. He’s so cuttingly handsome, but it’s Mitch who’s my golden Adonis. “You see that? Your husband cheats!”
I wasn’t paying attention, so I just shake my head and round my hand over the curve of my swollen belly. I’m hardly five months and already I’ve morphed into a beach ball. 
“Leave him.” Max grins before serving the ball with bionic force. “I’ll help you raise the baby.”
Leave him?” Kat’s face pricks with mockery. “I’ll help raise the baby? He is so still in love with you.”
“Shut up. He’s not in love with me. He’s in love with making Mitch miserable.”

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8) The Final book in the Young Adult series.

*(Skyla and Mia in the backyard during one of Mia's parties)

Mia races up to me in a short mini-dress and heels. My heart nearly stops as I take in her bare shoulders, her miles of long, thin legs.
“You’re practically naked!” I cry. “And what’s with the evil meet and greet?”
Skyla”—Mia averts her gaze—“I can’t tell you. We’re diabolical enemies.” She giggles as Melissa crops up.
“We are not enemies. We are sisters,” I hiss. I spot Chloe and Pierce heading in this direction, and my heart starts in on a series of unnatural thumps. “Get inside and tell all your little friends to leave.” Good God. I thought Chloe was getting it on with Ethan. But, then again, that was probably a two-minute endeavor.
“We can’t tell these people to leave.” Melissa shoots daggers at me as if she’s ready and willing to take me on.
“Oh yes you can. Do it or I will.”
“Chloe was right,” Mia barks. “You Celestra think you’re the boss of everyone.”

*Skyla in Marshall’s class. (Repeat?)
I glare at him from over the top of my lab manual. I’m still not used to him as my chemistry teacher, not that I ever fully accepted him as my “math” teacher. He’s more of an inter-dimensional stalker who has conveniently landed a job as a person of authority just to be near me. Actually, now that I think of it that way, it sort of endears me to him.  

*(Skyla with Logan and Gage)
Logan wraps his arms around me from behind, bowing a kiss into the nape of my neck, and I blush from head to toe while locking eyes with Gage. Sadly, I found the moment far more erotic than disturbing, and this unnerves me in more ways than one. 

*Skyla talking to Brielle (My favorite tease!)
“I don’t know,” I sigh. “It’s just hard to believe senior year is over. Life just seems like its on fast-forward. One day we’re going to wake up and we’ll be old. The sad part is we probably won’t even notice. I mean, how the hell are we supposed to know we’re old?”
“We’ll know we’re old when we start adding the words better than sex to our favorite desserts.”

Remember to enter below to win an e-copy of ELYSIAN and be the first to read it! (Amazon copies will be gifted immediately. All other formats as they become available or a Smashwords copy can be gifted immediately—winner’s choice!)

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Unknown said...

Just got off my shift on the lock down ward and was praying that I could read a spoiler before I go unconscious for the night. You came through for me again! Can't wait to share the spoilers with the rest of the nurses.

Brandy said...

Oh my sweet Addison! So many advantures you bring us to read. So very excited! This is going to be another awesome summer!! The closer Elysian get the heavier my heart gets. But Im curious so curious as to what you have in store. Have a wonderful day my friend! Send healing hugs to the hubby too.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking that a free copy of Elysian would be a great wedding present! I just got married May 10.

Unknown said...

UGH! Why does rafflecopter never work for me?!? Most of the time, I don't care, but I'd LOVE a copy of Elysian!! :*(

kcasanova88 said...

OMG that new book sounds absolutely awesome. I am completely hook and its only been 2 teasers. As far as Elysian I am so excited the book is almost done. It's been a long road to get here and I been following Celestra since the beginning. I can't wait to find out who Skyla ends up with. Have a good week.

Always Falling for Book Guys said...

Hi Addison!! So sad that the A-mazing series is nearly over :'(
Got any news on the film?
Also, do you know Jessica Sorensen, the author?

Unknown said...

I can't waited for all the books to come out. Love to when a copy of Elysian!

Unknown said...

I would love to win a copy!

Amy said...

Oh! Lookie lookie! You have to see this dress. If it was in red with more rosettes, it would totally be Laken's dress!


Amy said...

I was so excited about the dress that I forgot to say how excited I am for all of the novels you have planned. Best of all is we don't have to say goodbye to Skyla yet. :) Thanks for all of the updates!

redheads rule said...

Id love to win a copy of Elysian but I'm not on facebook HELP

Racheliswicked said...

Super duper excited!! I hope you are a speed reader because I think I may explode from the anticipation! At any rate, get some rest and eat some chocolate :D

Unknown said...

I'm so afraid Skyla will wake up and realize she's been dreaming the entire time! That would be such a bummer! However it ends, I will love it. You rock girl!!!

Unknown said...

Thoughts and prayera with OKLAHOMA ;(

OMG!! Eeeeeeep!!! I am so super excited for this!! I have crossed everything that I can in the true form of good luck! LOL but I must uncross my eyes to type this! This is truly exciting! <3<3

Denise said...

Love, Hate for me!! I always feel this way when a good story ends. I still can't wait!! Team Logan <3

Addison Moore said...

Rachel Davila - I remember those days! Tell your crew I said hello! Hope you all enjoy the teasers!

Brandy - Gah, I know! My heart gets heavy during the last half of the book. I always seem to grind through the pages with a heartache because it feels so final! And thanks for the well wishes for my hubby. He still needs them!

Kat - Kat! HUGE congratulations to you! That is so wonderful! I hope you win!

Rebecca Barray - It should work. That's so strange! So sorry!

kcasanova88 - Oh, I'm SOOO glad you're into Solitude! I heart that book hard. Really, I do. Can't wait to share ELYSIAN with you!

Niyla M :-) - I'm sad it's coming to a close as well. no news but I think it's being shopped again. I'm still waiting to hear if it is. I'll share if I ever get news. Also, I get to meet Jessica this summer! I'm so super excited!!

Addison Moore said...

Ashley Casteel - Thanx Ashley! I hope you'll enjoy them both! And thank you for reading!

Karen Brown - Karen, be sure to enter through rafflecopter! Good luck! If mine doesn't work, try Delphina's. The link is in the post.

Amy - Oh my gosh I love that dress! I want it! Maybe that could be Laken's wedding dress one day. I think it'd be perfect.

redheads rule - Does rafflecopter say no? Try Delphina's blog! There's a link in the post.

Racheliswicked - I made it to my final read-through! I'm so excited! *eats lots of chocolate*

Brittany Hooper - That's hysterical! I've actually had a number of people say that. I swear it's not a dream, although technically it would mostly be a nightmare.

Sharon Alvarado - For sure. I pray for recovery and peace. And on another note, good luck with the drawing.

Denise - I felt he same. I'm happy and I'm sad. I really do hope you'll like the book!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to read my Happily ever after with Logan... As always..#TeamLOGAN#

Addison Moore said...

Charlene Martin - lol! Logan hopes he gets it! Thank you for the book love! xoxo

Unknown said...

Do we have a ETA on the release date yet? Can't wait to read it!!!!!

Addison Moore said...

Jennifer Cyrus - I'm shooting for Friday!!!! :) So excited! I hope you'll enjoy!