Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Tuesday Tease!

Welcome back! It’s Tuesday and that equals teasers~!
BIG thank you to all who picked up 3:AM Kisses. I hope you’re having fun in Baya and Bryson’s world. If you enjoyed the story I’d appreciate it if you could leave a review, and big thank you for that as well!!! I finished Laney and Ryder’s novella, WINTER KISSES and that releases November 1st. Can’t wait to share.
Book news, I hung out with Logan, Marshall, Cooper, and Wes a lot this week. Laken and Skyla are a little miffed their books are taking so damn long to come out, but good news for them, there are no more books in the writing queue! I feel like I can breathe again. Paragon just feels like home. BTW, I think I mentioned this last week but (gorgeous) Gage and I are working on a sekrit project, and I think I’ll be dishing on that the closer we get to Celestra Forever After.
In the meantime on to the teasers!!!

Beautiful Oblivion (New Adult Romance)
*Reese’s POV

“Heads, we play Monopoly. Tails, we skinny dip,” Ace gives a dirty grin that I wish I could bury the most intimate part of me in. He’s been grazing over my body all night with those navy eyes, the exact shade of the deepest end of the ocean, and my insides have long since melted to cinder.
Skinny dip? I try to hide the smile threatening to bloom on my face.
I’m addicted to Ace. No really, I am. In fact I think they should have rehab and group therapy for girls like me who have spent far too long worshiping from afar. Of course then I’d be forced to confess the constant pornographic reel I have streaming 24-7 about his rock hard body and that dimpled grin that steals a piece of my soul each time it ignites. 

ENTROPY (The Countenance Trilogy 3)
*Cooper’s POV

Can’t sleep. I’d try counting sheep but I know for a fact they’d all morph into Laken.
Her thigh brushes over mine as she scoots back into me. “You asleep?”
“Are you kidding?” I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her in tight. “And miss a moment of you by my side?” Way to sound desperate and sarcastic all rolled into one. I guess it doesn’t matter. She and I both know these moments are fleeting. But I meant it. I don’t want to miss a single minute with Laken.

 *Skyla’s POV (At a football game at Host with Laken and Brielle)

Laken and I are lost in thought over the idea, so much so that I miss the next play.
A violent yank to my shoulder nearly pushes me right out of the stands, and I turn to find Brielle screaming incoherently. All I hear are the words, Gage, hurt, the field…
Oh F*ck.

*Hope you enjoyed the teasers! Have a fantastic week! xoxo


James R. Nobohn said...

So excited about the CFA news and teasers, but I don't know how I feel about you conspiring with Gage - I will never trust that guy, you might want to watch your back when you're around him lol.

Any news about Logan and Marshall is music to my ears.

It looks like the Addison Moore fall line-up is going to be awesome. You're putting them out faster than I can read them, but that is a wonderful problem for me to have =)

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for CEA

Unknown said...

I love it!!! Really looking forward to seeing what happens next for Skyla :). The cover of "Beautiful Oblivion" is amazing by the way!

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - lol about your Gage theories. Wouldn't it be funny if you've been right all along? Can't wait to share CFA with you! I hope you'll enjoy all the books coming out!

Maddy Gorman - It's so on my brain every single day! I hope to keep it a reasonable length. I had a habit of letting the Celestra books run away fro me and turn into Goliaths.

Jennifer Kmet - I love that cover, too! Regina Wamba is amazing and sweet I can't say enough nice things about my wonderful cover designer!

My Book Angel said...

Hi Addison! I'm going through your older Tuesday Teases, looking for a quote to use for a teaser I'm making of Entropy. And I finally found some, Yay! I was just goofing around and wondering if you'd get this on such an old post (this was over a year ago). So I figured I'd leave a comment and see, lol. ;)