Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

Welcome back to the Tuesday tease!
Books! Beautiful Oblivion releases next Tuesday! BIG UPDATE: Need a fix of your favorite Sector? I put a naughty vignette in the back of Beautiful Oblivion. I really don’t want to ignore Marshall’s needs for as long as it would take me to get to them and I couldn’t see putting it in the back of Logan’s story coming November 15th (Perfect Love) which is his side of the, well, to avoid spoilers, his side of Chapter 38 in Elysian. 
So—Marshall gets his way with the girl of his dreams, next Tuesday, when Beautiful Oblivion releases. Beautiful Oblivion is a contemporary romance with adult themes (read sex) so it’s intended for mature audiences. I hope you’ll enjoy both that story and Marshall’s snippet.
And gah! Next WEEK!!!!!! I’m SOOO happy to share Beautiful Oblivion with you because Ace makes me drool. I hope you’ll enjoy the read.  
On to the teasers!
Beautiful Oblivion (New Adult) *Mature Audiences*

Releases next Tuesday!!!
*Reese’s POV
(Skinny dipping with Ace)

A devilish grin takes over as I swim over to him and boldly wrap my arms around his neck.
My bare chest brushes over his, and I die a little as an electrical current travels from his skin to mine. A heated breath gets locked in my throat as I try to stave off a groan. My heart thumps in my ears, my vocal cords go into lockdown.
Dear God. I’m holding Ace Waterman in the nude—his naked everything just inches away from mine, while the lower half of my body roars out an invitation for him to come inside.

Winter Kisses (A 3:AM Kisses Novella) Coming November 1st.
*Laney’s POV

Ryder looks impeccable tonight in his inky black suit, his silver tie—luscious enough to bind my wrists with. Every part of me screams for him to touch me, and all the while our gaze is immovable as concrete.

ENTROPY (The Countenance Trilogy 3)
*Someone… speaking to Laken

“We’re together and not a damn thing or person is going to keep us apart.” I crash my lips over hers and she gives a soft moan that sounds sweeter than any other sound I’ve ever heard in my life.  

 *Skyla’s POV
(Brielle talking to Skyla)

“This is your time to shine, Skyla, just you and him.” Brielle sticks a finger in my chest. “So you’d better uninvest yourself from whatever other boys you’ve got roaming around in that heart of yours. You get one chance to get this right. Don’t f*ck it up.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I say it weak as she strides out of the room.
God I hate it when Brielle makes sense.

Thank you for reading!
Have a great week!


James R. Nobohn said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You for including a little Marshall treat in BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION. I can't wait. Going thru Sector withdrawal is the worst lol =(

Sofía said...

Hi Addison! I just finished 3:AM Kisses and I LOVED IT!! I'll write a review later on goodreads, but first I needed to write to you about something I've been thinking about almost since the begining of the book: will Annie have her own love story??? pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseee, can she??????? I would loooooove to see her coming to Whitney Briggs and meeting a guy that doesn't sign and falling for him, with all the issues and insecuritys and misunderstanding that could happen. I would love to see them try to comunicate while he starts to learn sign language, maybe having lots of IM conversations... He would lear her language and she might learn to speak a thing or two by the end, just to be able to tell him she loves him... *swoon*
hahahah sorry, I kind of just wrote the story myself, but I've never been good at writting that's why I'm an ferocious reader and a book editor (or publisher) in my country (I'm from Argentina).

Anyway, just wanted to make my request, even if you can make it happen a girl can always dream, right? ;)

Read you later!
(Waiting impatienly for your next book!)

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - I hope you like your Sectors naughty. This is an entirely different side of Marshall.

Sofía Bo - I LOVE that idea!!!! I thought about when I was writing 3:AM Kisses because she was one of the characters that really touched my heart. Once I'm through with Cole and Holt I'll figure something out for Annie. I think she deserves a happily ever after just like the rest of them. ;)

Unknown said...

I am so far behind now. I have been so out of it the past few months. Summer just flew by. It is the longest time I have gone without reading a book, for as long as I can remember. I have been so down, and in such a dark place that I just wasnt myself. Im digging myself out, and feeling so much better now. I am ready to drift off into the worlds of your imagination. I was just wondering what I missed. I am about to finally read Elysian, Etheral Knights then Evanescent. So what comes after them? Its Killing me not to read thru the tuesday teases I missed but I dont want to spoil anything :)

Unknown said...

can you PRETTY PLEASE hurry with Celestra Forever After! I have been waiting for a really long time now and it seems as though you have started a ton of new books but never completed this one. I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER!

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - Jami I hope you're feeling better! *cyber hugs* No worries, that's the best part about books, they can wait forever! Happy reading! I hope you enjoy each ride. You're not behind at all! :)

Madison Magee - Hi Madison, I'm so sorry if you're frustrated. CFA is going to move at a different pace than Celestra did. I'm just glad I got the YA series completed for you. I won't have the first Celestra Forever After book until the end of the year. I'm writing the conclusion to the Counts next. I really would like to reach more readers and the more I narrowed into one series the tougher that was, but a part of me insists on staying on Paragon so CFA was born. I'm excited to experience all of Skyla's grown up firsts and I hope you'll enjoy them, too!

Sofía said...

oooooohhhh Addison!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOUUUUUUUUU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I can't wait for Annie's story!!! I'll keep on reading your other books until then, it'll make time go faster and keep me swooning :P

Addison Moore said...

Sofía Bo - yes! I'm excited too! Now I have her on my brain and I'm trying to frame out the right story for her. I hope you'll enjoy it!