Monday, November 18, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

It's here again! Tuesday~ and that means teasers. :) 

Thank you to all who supported the release of PERFECT LOVE!!! I hope you're all enjoying Logan's special point of view. Logan will always have a piece of my heart. *If you would like to purchase Logan and Skyla’s song on iTunes please click the following link : Candle Wax —single— Charity Shatwell & The Cobblers

Great news! ENTROPY is DONE!!!!! Well, not done-done, but it's thisclose. I penned the end, and now my editor and I can henpeck it to death. I'll try to move on with the cover.   

What to tease next? I'll finish out the Entropy teasers and of course Celestra Forever After. I'll start up with Sugar Kisses soon as well as Someone Like You which is set to release January 28, 2014.

And finally Beautiful Illusions (Beautiful Oblivion Book 2) will have a special preview in Christmas Lites III (all proceeds from Christmas Lites III go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). I can't wait to share more of Gavin with you!!!

On to the teasers...

ENTROPY (The Countenance Trilogy 3)

(Laken’s POV)

*Laken with Wes at a dance

Wes crashes over me with a kiss. His mind opens, murky at first then clear and light as if it were a dark cave and he had invited in the sun. Wes shows me an image of a couple lying on top of dark sheets—two vanilla bodies writhing over one another. I recognize that dark-haired boy with his body of chiseled marble, hands as wide as baseball mitts as they travel down familiar thighs, mine.
I pull back, panting. “Wes.” A smile comes uninvited to my lips. “I’d say get your mind out of the gutter but I like it.” I look down because Coop is in the room, and I want nothing more than for the sparkling chandelier hanging up above to fall on my head.

New Adult  17+

*Skyla’s POV

(Skyla with someone) I’m sure at this point most of you know who. :)

Heartbreak comes in colors, mostly greys and blues, but love comes in a burst—a rainbow exploding over you like confetti. And lust, well it’s safe to say that tonight lust comes in cobalt, in raven-colored hair, skin hard and pale as marble under the kiss of the anemic moon.
“Come here.” I lure him over with a curl of my finger—my toes digging into the ebony sand beneath my feet.
“Everything go okay with your mom today?”
I give a slight nod. My mother opened a pathway that I thought could never be. She healed me in so many ways and showed me the truth about love and loss, about what comes next and how important it is to keep your heart open.
His lips curve up one side. His dimples go off and my stomach bottoms out.
I press my hand up over his chest like touching heated steel. His lids hood low. That sexy grin presses in over his face, and I can feel our bodies magnetizing like two trains that are about to collide. 

Enjoy the week!
And happy reading~!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant as usual

Addison Moore said...

Maddy Gorman - Thanx girl! Glad you enjoyed! :)

Unknown said...

I am so beyond obsessed with the Celestra series! Absolutely amazing! I was most caught up in all of the love drama, but all of it was just incredible. I couldn't put the books down! When does Celestra Forever After release?

sephora0102 said...

Your such an amazing writer! I have read your other series but I have to admit the Celestra series is by far the best! I absolutely love Logan, Gage, Dudley, and Skyla along with the other characters. Keep up the amazing work and will be lokking forward to Celestra Forever After. Been keeping an eye out frequently on my kindle! ^-^ <3