Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tease

It's Tuesday! That means just three more days until Logan's story, PERFECT LOVE releases! Yes, I'm that excited to share it with you. :) 

On to the teasers!

Perfect Love (A Celestra Novella)

Logan’s point of view from select chapters in ELYSIAN (36-39). Includes the first chapter of CELESTRA FOREVER AFTER.

I reach over and grab a condom from Dudley’s pornographic care package, although there’s not one pornographic implication about anything that’s about to go down. This is love. This is beauty in the most perfect sense.


*Gage’s POV
(Gage with Skyla)

She glances down and nods. “You know what I’m sort of feeling bad about?”
“The fact I practically ran you out of the house before you could finish my mother’s gourmet pancakes?” It’s true. I doubt she got a solid bite in. Forget dinner, I owe her breakfast, too.
“No, not that.” She gets a look on her face like she couldn't get out of there fast enough. Skyla lands those pale blue eyes over mine, and I melt into her. I want to pull her deep into the bed of my truck and take her right here just shy of the Paragon Harbor parking lot. “The fact that I’ve been holding you off at an arm’s length.”
“What?” I tick my head back an inch. “If you’ve been giving me the cold shoulder, you’ve been doing a lousy job.”

ENTROPY (The Countenance Trilogy 3)

(Laken’s POV)

*Laken with Wes

Wes pushes my knees back to my hips as be begins to fall over me.
A blackness so consuming clouds my heart. The dark days were coming, meeting me right here with their necrotic hand.
Wes rises over me, ready to press in and make me his for all eternity.
We’re to recite the holy creed, adjusted for this occasion. His dimple ignites soft on his cheek. Then I’ll make you mine, now and forever.

*Look for Sugar Kisses teasers coming soon!


James R. Nobohn said...

For some reason I'm both nervous and excited about reading Logan's POV from ELYSIAN. But I know I'll be there bright and early on Amazon lol.

Also, I just noticed that there's an Audible version of SOMEONE TO LOVE. Does this mean there's a chance the Celestra series will be turned into audiobooks?

thetesta5 said...

I am dying to finish Laken's/Cooper's/Wes' story. I have read everything you've written and I love your books!!! When will Entropy be out?!! Take pity on me...

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - Oh I hope you did read Logan's POV! I think it really enhanced the book in a New Adult sort of way. ;) AS for audio, right now it's just STL. I do plan on putting Celestra into audio. It's just a matter of finding the right Skyla.

thetesta5 - I just finished Entropy! It will still take a few weeks depending on what my editor says. I really want to make it just right for you. :) I'm super excited to share it!