Monday, March 31, 2014

Celestra Forever After is LIVE!!!!

Need a ride back to Paragon? The ferry is here! Enjoy yet another trip back to the island where Skyla and the boyz wait with brand new adventures! 

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It's here! Celestra Forever After is finally out and in the world and in a few days the paperback will be available through Amazon as well.  I hope those of you who enjoyed the young adult Celsestra series will enjoy this grown up version of Skyla and friends as they navigate their way through the world, post high school. Due to mature subject matter, this new series is not recommended for those under 17.

I hope you'll enjoy the new twists and turns as Skyla's eyes are opened to a sinister truth that has been present all along. Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride! 

Above all, happy reading! 

A little about the book:

New Adult Paranormal Romance 17+ (You do not have to have read the Celestra Series to enjoy this series).

Celestra Forever After

18 year-old Skyla Messenger has it all. She's the overseer of all 5 angelic factions, a freshman at Host University, and she has the boy of her dreams by her side.

When a horrible truth is discovered, it changes the landscape of everything she thought she knew. Skyla enters into a covenant with wickedness that has the potential to alter the destiny of both the Nephilim and humankind forever.

Nothing is as it seems.

Just when she thought it was over,
she discovers
it hasn't even begun. 

Happy reading! XOXO

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James R. Nobohn said...

Yes! This is the best kind of news to wake up to =)

When I bought it from Amazon I saw someone had already read AND reviewed it! I'm so behind schedule.

I can't believe it was around this time 3 years ago that you invited us all to Paragon and I still don't want to leave...(and I don't want Marshall to leave either lol)

And totally off-topic: do you ever have Twitter discussions about your books where fans ask questions and stuff?

Anonymous said...

From your book to your blog, it's an Addison evening. You have a gift for entertainment.

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - I'm so glad you're looking forward to it! I'm already itching to get back to the island. As for the discussion I just had a Q &A yesterday on facebook but feel free to email me anytime or message me on Facebook. I get questions just about every day. I welcome them! As far as discussing the books with other readers you can try the Amazon boards although Amazon doesn't always let the author participate. I've been kicked off a time or two for giving my facebook link or redirecting people to my blog. Go figure.

Denise - I love that. I hope the day was a fun one! Happy reading!