Monday, March 3, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you've all had a fab week with outrageously awesome things happening! Spring is coming in just a few short weeks and that always makes me happy~! 

Thank you to all who supported The Solitude of Passion during its Kindle Countdown Deal sale. There's still one day left at 1.99 before the price bumps back up, so if you're interested, the deal has a few hours left!

Celestra Forever After news: It's done! It's officially in my editor's lovely hands. I hope she and my betas approve. If not, I'll rework until it sings. Also, the cover is under construction. I'd like to have something familiar, yet, new, borrowed, and blue... sounds like a wedding is afoot! And there might be. Maybe. 

In a week or two I'll start to mix in teasers of my other works in progress, Whiskey Kisses and a sekrit project I've been tinkering on. I always enjoy one or two sekrit projects on the side. ;) 

Onto the teasers!

The door swings open, only it’s not the Oliver I was hoping for, it’s—
My heart drops in my stomach. He’s tall and bright-eyed and something is definitely off.
“Liam.” He puts his hand out, and I gingerly take it.
“Oh, God.” I’m completely without words. My knees shake, my insides liquefy at the thought of who else might be in there. “Is Logan here?” I hold my breath without meaning to. He’s got the same sweet eyes, same bone structure as Logan but he looks like a bad boy through and through—more Brielle’s type than mine. Then again, Brielle would be lucky to trade Drake for Liam.
“No.” His shoulders drop, and he looks instantly sad for me. “You must be, Skyla.”
A moment of silence bumps by as we take each other in.
“How do you know?” Deep down, I suspect it’s a foolish question, but, selfishly, I want him to tell me.
“Logan never stops talking about you.” He gives a tiny grin and a bloom of sadness rips through me. God, he looks so much like his brother. “Don’t worry, he left out all the good parts.” He gives a little wink. “You want to come in?”
“Um, no, that’s okay. Is Gage here?” I suck in my lower lip, suddenly self-conscious of my patriotic standing. I foolishly charged to the door with nothing on but my two-piece. I tried telling Brielle that wearing the American flag as a glorified pasty spelled out all kinds of bad juju.

*Gah! I can't wait to share! It's entirely up to my editor and how much work it needs. Hopefully not a lot! Enjoy your week!


jitterbuug48 said...


Unknown said...

You never cease to amaze. I hope one day that I have as many people waiting as eagerly for my books to come out, as I for your celestra/countentance series. Love <3 love <3 love <3 your work!!!!!

Addison Moore said...

jitterbuug48 - So soon!! ;)

Addison Moore said...

Star Kava- Thank you and happy writing to you! Write with passion and keep the dream alive!

Krafty Kelly said...

Please tell me your already working the second book of the forever after series! I always know a book is good when I feel lonely after it's done!! I've been dying over here!! :) nothing to read and missing all my Celestra friends! I know I'll blow right through the book and be wanting more! :)

ronnie211797 said...

I can't wait I am so excited to see the continuation of the Celestra series!

Unknown said...

Addison, I love this series !! I am anxiously counting down the days until I can read more about Sklya!! Even though I am a little older than the target audience I find all your books completely intoxicating! You are a fantastic writer! I have two small babies, which can get crazy! Your books provide a tiny escape, and I love every second of them! Can't wait for more Skyla!! Thanks!!!

Addison Moore said...

Krafty Kelly - That's funny you should mention it because I've already outlined it! There's something about Paragon that demands I keep a foot on that island. Plus Gage, Logan, and Marshall never hurt. ;)

ronnie211797 - I'm so glad you're looking forward to it! I had a blast being back and it was fun for me to see the next step in Skyla's life. It's a long book! Hope you'll have fun with it!

Anna Davies - lol! Oh you're funny! I'm older than my target audience myself. ;) I'm seventeen at heart so it only makes sense to linger in that world. I'm glad Paragon is a great escape for you! Enjoy those babies! They grow so fast.