Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

*Thank you once again for your awesome support of Whiskey Kisses! I really can't thank you enough for the shout outs, the kind words, the cover love. BIG hugs to all. XOXOXO

I hope you all had a fab holiday weekend! It was very relaxing on my end with lots of family, great food, reading, and bonding with some Cherry Garcia.

Book news! I'll start teasing Someone For Me next week! The official release date is July 1st! So close! It's the final book in the Someone to Love Series and it's available for pre-order so it will miraculously show up on your kindle come July 1st. I really, really, reallllllly love this book. Because for one: Cruise Elton. And two: Have I mentioned Cruise Elton??? Also that cake scene. Yeah, you will never see THAT coming. So much yum in one little book. I can't wait to share!!!! 

More book news! BURNING THROUGH GRAVITY is just a couple short days from the end! My official blurb is still getting refined but oh, my gosh where has Ford Crawford been all my life??? He's right up there with Cruise although way more alpha. Luv me some Ford. Hope you will too! As soon as I give the book a few more pass throughs I'll get it to my betas and editors. Cover to come.

On to the teasers!!!

 Burning Through Gravity New Adult Romance 17+

Stephanie (Stevie) and Ford’s story
(Ford’s POV)

“You are a gorgeous creature, Stephanie Eaton.” Her lips press white before returning to their natural crimson state. “How did I ever get so lucky?” There’s an ache in my chest when I say it. Most things in my life that are too good to be true usually are, but for some reason she’s too good and she’s still here with me.
“I don’t believe in luck, Ford.”
“You can’t deny the fact something brought us together twice in one lifetime.”
“What do you think that was?”
“I think God needed another great love story.” That's the truth right there, and I'm going to make sure that Stevie and I fulfill it.
“Divine intervention—great love. I like how you think. Now kiss me.”

 The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
Skyla’s POV (Skyla with Logan, talking about Gage)

“He’s not like you.” I shake my head in frustration. I’ve always seen Logan and Gage as individuals but never like this. Now they just seem miles apart.
“I’m a Count, Skyla.”
“Exactly—he’s worse than you.”

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Sofía said...

Hi addison! I just finished reading sugar kisses and now i'm going for whikey kisses! I just wanted to ask you if you were going to write annie's story like i begged you a few months ago? Pleaseeee??? Even if is a short story, i would love you forever if you did. I even have the name for it: "silent kisses". What do you think? Thnak you foe your wonderfull books, as always ;)

Addison Moore said...
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Addison Moore said...

Sofía Bo - I love that title!!!!!!! gah! I've already named the book but I seriously like your title a lot!!!! And I'm SUPER happy to write Annie's story. She is about to embark on a wonderful adventure and lots of changes are in store for her. The title Rock Candy Kisses came about because the boy she falls for is in a band that plays at the Black Bear Saloon. The girls that drool over them are dubbed Rock Candy by Holt. But I still really love your title, and maybe more than mine!

Sofía said...

Ooooowwww! thank you thank you thank you thank youuuuu!!!! I love the fact she'll be falling for a guy that is in a band! The implications are so beautifull and just perfect! Thank you for what you said about my title, but I love Rock Candy Kisses! And since I've just finnished Wiskey Kisses I know exactly what band you are talking about!! BTW, I totally heart Holt and Izzy... you're amazing, I've loved every couple in this series and I'm sure I'll love Annie's. And you could mention the frase "silent kisses" somewhere in the story if you want...you would surely make me the happiest girl in all of Argentina ;D Any idea around when RCK will come out?? I'm already desperate hahaha!
Love, Sof.