Monday, October 20, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

It's Tuesday! Hope you're having a good one! The Romance Riot book signing in NYC was awesome! I met the nicest readers, bloggers, writers that you can imagine. A good time was had by all. 

Book news! The Someone to Love series paperbacks are all *half off* now thru November 6th! So if you would like to purchase a paperback—it is the perfect time! Just click on the covers below.

The Dragon and the Rose news! The end has come! Yay! Let the festival of edits begin! *cries a little* This book is just as long as Celestra Forever After, which means it's loooong. But all good things take time and surely this is one of them. I'm not even going to guess a release date until I can hand this off to my editor. But, if you love Celestra, you will not want to miss it!

Also there are apparently AWARDS! out there for which I am nominated. If you'd like to vote for your favs here are the linkys and in parenthesis who, in relation to me was nominated. And if you do happen to vote for me, thank you from the bottom of my little tiny heart! XOXOXOXO 

*The following nominations are all found over at the Paranormal Bookshelf facebook page. Be sure to LIKE them if you can! (This is round two. I'll try to update for round three! :)

Best overall Character (Skyla Messenger) LINK
Book of the Year 2014 (Celestra Forever After)  LINK
Best Alpha Male (Logan Oliver) LINK
Best Paranormal Cover (Celestra Forever After ) LINK  
Indie Author of the Year (moi? How exciting!) LINK
Best Paranormal Trilogy (The Countenance) LINK
Best Erotic Cover (Beautiful Oblivion) LINK
Most anticipated release 2015 (A Sublime Casualty) Link 
Best Book Couple (Skyla and Gage) LINK
Best YA series (Celestra Series) LINK
Must have on book shelf (Someone For Me) LINK
*blushes* I'm truly humbled. 

On to the teaser!

Major spoilers ahead! If you're not up on your Celestra or Counts you may want to skip! 

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
* (Chloe speaking to Skyla and Laken)

“Wes said he would give me the world. He can’t wait to start a family with me. Who knew Wesley, your Wesley, Laken, is the man I’m destined to be with forever.”
Laken’s face ashens to match the fog.
“Ignore her. She's a master bullshitter. Chloe wishes it were the truth.” I try to pull Laken’s hand toward me but she carefully retracts. “She’s just trying to get a rise out of you.” I glance up for that damn useless bird. “Holden?” I shout toward the sky.
Laken clears her throat. “Coop is calling me. I’d better go.”
Chloe sinks her hooks into Laken, pinning her wrists to the table. “Is it hard to love two men in secret? You can tell us, you’re among friends. Skyla here understands, hell, she loves three men. And I’m beginning to feel the same, with your Wes and my Gage. Maybe Coop and Wes can work something out and we can do a little swap now and again?” Laken extracts her hand and slaps Chloe across the face with a loud, crisp smack.
“Wow, Laken, that was the best birthday gift you could have given me.” I say stunned by the sheer force evoked in her effort. I bet she enlisted that underutilized Count strength of hers. Who knew that my two best friends would both turn out to be Counts? And my worst enemy is literally blood—one of my own, a Celestra.

Enjoy the week!

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