Monday, November 10, 2014

The Tuesday Tease!

It's Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start! I had a blast at the San Diego Author Event this last Saturday. A HUGE thank you to all who came out. It was so much fun chatting with everyone. It's official readers, bloggers, and authors are the nicest people on the planet. Right? Right! 

Strange but true news! Amazon is sending a film crew to my (very messy) house today! *cries a little* But seriously I'm SUPER excited to have the opportunity to tape a "meet the author" segment. I'll let you know when it goes live on KDP's YouTube channel. Here's hoping I can string a few sentences together. I've busied myself by cleaning and scrubbing, bleaching and hiding everything I own. The house actually looks like a bald version of itself—like we've been robbed by the cleaning fairy. But I digress. I bought a box of chocolate to share with the crew so already I think we're off to a great start. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll try to document the entire event on instagram. I'm sure the people from Amazon will love me taking tiny little breaks every few minutes. But, hey, it will make things interesting right? Taping is 2 pm to 6 pacific. Instagram link. (authorAddisonMoore)

The Dragon and the Rose news! Guess what? It's all done. I'm on my final read through (which I swear I'm finishing Thursday). Then it goes to my betas and my editor. It usually takes a few weeks from that point. This books is rather lengthy. I totally blame Skyla for that. I hope that's a good thing. More time on the island, right? 

On to the teasers!


The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
* (Skyla talking to Emily at the Landon dinner table)
Skyla gives an indignant huff. “You better watch it Em”—she snips playfully—“there are some things that belong to me that I will never share—my husband happens to be one of them.”
Emily’s face hardens to flint. Her features bleed dry as she gives that eerie glassy expression that only Emily Morgan can.
“People are the most slippery when you’re trying to keep them from the rest of the world. Hold on a little tighter, Skyla, and see where he ends up.”
The room falls silent. Ethan leaves the table.  
Skyla leans forward, clutching at her dinner knife as if she’s about to put it to use.
“He’ll end up with me, Em.” She twirls the blade in her hand like a baton. “Just try to tell me anything different.”
The baby starts to wail.
No one says a word.   


Unknown said...

Eeek soo excited!!!

Unknown said...

I can not wait!!!!

Unknown said...

I need this book!

Unknown said...

I am so so so very excited about this! Addison you are the best!~one of Addison's Angels

Addison Moore said...

Ally DeJohn - TY! Me, too!

Tiffany Beaudry - It's already at the editor's! So soon!

Ariane Brockitt - It's a long one! Can't wait to share!

Allen Nelson - ;) I'm excited to share it with you!