Monday, April 27, 2015

The Tuesday tease!

 A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS releases this Friday!!!!! Burning Through Gravity book 1 should be free by then so if you need to catch up, you'll be able to. Both books can be read as standalones as well. 

On to the teasers!

A Thousand Starry Nights (Burning Through Gravity 2)
*can be read as a standalone*
*Aspen’s POV
 Carter is a Michelangelo. He bleeds radiant hues, I could paint Carter in red all day, in every rainbow of cool blue, in an entire forest of green, jealous—him for me, me for him. And I have. Somewhere buried in my studio is an entire shrine erected to Carter Cannon.

Beautiful Elixir (Beautiful Oblivion 3) *Can be read as a standalone*
Kennedy and Caleb’s story
Caleb’s POV:
 “This thing with me and you—”
“Is happening.” I clasp her fingers in mine and pull her hand to my lips. “All those secret summers are over. We knew we were right even back then, Kennedy.” I want to make her say it. Charge her with the truth and make her regurgitate it back to me. I gave up everything for Kennedy. She was worth it, still is.

The Serpentine Butterfly 
(Celestra Forever After 3)
*Logan’s POV
“Dear Heavenly Father”—Dudley starts and both Laken and Coop bow their heads—“we are gathered here today to bid you to reconsider this erroneous Treble your maidservant Candace has granted the dolt known as Logan Oliver. He is an ornery donkey who believes all the world should bow to his every whim.”
     Skyla and I exchange glances. She rattles his hand but the bowed head, closed eyed talking yak proceeds with his rumblings.

***See you Friday with links to A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS!!!

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