Monday, May 11, 2015

It's the Tuesday Tease!

Straight to the teasers! 

Beautiful Elixir (Beautiful Oblivion 3) 
*can be read as a standalone*

*Caleb's POV

“You want the truth or a lie?” I’d much prefer a lie.
“You can lie to me a little if you like. I might have lied to you a little.” Her lips curl up on the edges, and I marvel at what a neat trick it is. I can marvel at the neat tricks Kennedy is capable of for a very long time. I dismiss the idea of her lying to me, and I wonder if I’ll live to regret it one day.

(Cover to come)

The Serpentine Butterfly (Celestra Forever After 3)

Skyla's POV (Skyla with Marshall and Candace in Ahava)

“What’s happening?” I’ve never seen my mother in such a strange state.
“It’s the curse,” Marshall whispers. “Don’t feel too bad. This was inevitable on some level.”
“I didn’t curse you.” I reach out to touch my mother in her brilliant blue state and she retracts. “I'm sorry! I don’t even know how to put a curse on anyone.”
“Oh, Skyla.” Her features melt with grief. “I can’t bear this pain. Why must it be this way?” She staggers toward the lake, her feet striding over the water as if it were solid ground. “I could have focused on the situation much better without all this anguish.” The words howl from her in agony. Candace Messenger weeps biter tears all the way back to her glassy throne and not even her cohorts from the big DC can comfort her.

*enjoy the week!
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Unknown said...

When do you think Celestra Forever After 3 will be out? I have been reading this series since the very first Celestra book was published. How many more books do you think will make up the Forever series?

Addison Moore said...

Krystal Broussard - Hi Krystal! I'm working on The Serpentine Butterfly right now. I'm hoping for an end of summer early fall release! It's a big book so it'll take some time. And I can't thank you enough for reading since the beginning!!! HUGE thank you for that. As for how many book will make up the Forever After series, it looks like it's an undisclosed amount. A certain storyline is very close to the end and then I will see where the rest of the story goes! I hope that helps! Thank you again for reading! XO

Anonymous said...

Does that mean The Serpentine Butterfly will be released soon? Can't wait to find out what happens!