Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Tuesday Tease plus a special preview of my New Adult book!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!

I’m still waiting on edits for TOXIC Part Two so I’ve been keeping busy with edits for SOMEONE TO LOVE. Ack! I didn’t post a special tease this past week—please forgive! I swear that book is so freaking hot I’m afraid to touch it half the time. Honestly, if Marshall offends you in the least, you’ll want to steer clear, because my new male MC, Cruise, brings the heat in a big way. It’s definitely not young adult.
As for TOXIC 2 I’m expecting it to land in my hands any minute now and when it does I’ll polish around the clock and begin my marathon read-thrus. I really hope I’ll get this book to you exceptionally soon. I long to give you the complete TOXIC experience!

Off to the teasers!!

(Skyla with Logan and Gage)

We drive through miles of fresh paved asphalt—the black tongue of Paragon unspooling itself for an eternity. It feels like this could easily be last year. That I had just arrived on the island and started going out with Logan—that Gage was here posturing with his pent up feelings and a poem at the ready, warm in his pocket. It’s funny how life comes full circle sometimes. Funny thing is, it’s not the beginning, it very much feels like the end of a very long season in my life. It breaks my heart just to think about it.

(Skyla, Logan, Brielle, and Gage)

Logan casts a glance from me to Gage with a look that could transform butter knives into lethal weapons. Not even the deafening waves can penetrate the silence.
“Did I say something wrong?” Bree knots up her lips trying to decipher what the deal is.
Hell if I know. Gage is a liar, and Logan is the thief that took off with my heart—jammed a war between the two of us because it was the only logical solution. Nothing ever makes sense on Paragon. 

(Lizbeth and Marshall talk about the party he’s going to throw)

“I can hardly wait.” Mom sags into him dreamily as if he had offered to inseminate her himself. “Demetri sort of opened the season and now you’ll usher us out.”
“In style. This is no bikini romp by the pool. Prepare to be dazzled. The menu will astound you.” He washes his eyes over me as if I were the main course. It’s a betrothal ceremony, Skyla. A coming out of sorts to Sector society. And you will dazzle them all, of this you can be certain.

A brief introduction to my New Adult book: 

                  SOMEONE TO LOVE

What happens when two people who don’t believe in love happen to fall madly, deeply into the most beautiful relationship they could ever imagine? A train wreck.

Twenty-year old Kendall Jordan devises a seat of the pants plan to “play the player.”

When Kendall spots gorgeous Cruise Elton from across the room, something in her burns to have him. There’s only one problem; Cruise likes the ladies, a lot, and Kendall has never shared so much as a decent kiss with a guy.

Kendall has long since come to discover that love is an illusion that never lasts and Cruise couldn’t agree more. So when Kendall proposes that Cruise tutor her in becoming a female version of himself, Garrison Universities own man-whore, he’s more than happy to comply. But when real feelings begin to emerge, and neither Kendall nor Cruise know how to classify them, everything they once thought they knew is redefined as they discover in one another, Someone to Love.

* The book alternates POV between Kendall and Cruise.

(Kendall and Cruise at a bar) 


She frowns and scans the room. “I don’t know. I was thinking about having a fire sale with my virginity. You know, get it over with so I can start mishandling the boys at Garrison.” She gives a quick wink.
I shake my head at her. I think we both know she’s not that person—that she never really was. But maybe all she needs is one more push in the wrong direction to realize it. I just hope once she does she also realizes she might have feelings for me. Because what I’m feeling is too wonderfully large, too fucking fantastic too ever be one-sided.
“Body shots.” I pull my cheek back no smile. “Lesson for the day is letting some slopped up, drunk, virally hormone induced frat boy lick your stomach clean.” I try to hold back a laugh but my back shudders. If that doesn’t send her running for the hills I don’t know what will.

***Thank you for reading~! Please feel free to leave a comment here or facebook~! I look forward to chatting with you!


Sheri said...

awesome!!! as usual u do not disappoint! Tuesday at midnight is my fave!

Unknown said...

Ohh I'm already intrigued by the new series!! It may be one I don't pass on to Kyleigh (my 13 yr old who thinks ur covered in awesomesauce!!). <~= and I agree. I am starting Toxic2 in a second here now that my pain meds are winding down and I'm not passing out every few mins lol. Surgery was a little harsh on my body, and recovery has been rough. So I'm super happy I held out and was able to save it till now. Can't think of a better time to let Paragon take me away!! I'm officially changing my calendars to say Addisonday in place of every Tuesday :P.

one question I have for you though I know I read somewhere that you were in talks to make the celestra series into a tv show, is that true an if so when and where is this taking place? Please sign me up!!!! <3

MagentaCR said...

Yay for tuesday!
Why is Skyla calling Gage a liar, i thought they had it all sorted? Unless this is about the whole Chloe seeing him naked thing.(which I'm still wondering about) But technically he didn't lie about it, i did the math, he said she hadn't before she had.
A betrothal ceramony! Surely Skyla's not gonna go along with that. Although that scene where she agrees to be woo'ed (as seen through Marshalls rose tinted glasses) hasn't happened yet. Which confused me, cos she said she was off Gage in that, but they're back together... surely the whole naked thing shouldn't cause that much of a rift should it? Very concerned for my beloved Gage (Especially since i recently decided to go all in on Team Gage)

Maybe i just read too much into these teasers of yours :P pondering the possibilities does keep me entertained though (and up at night)

CeeMarieXD said...

Omg can not wait to read Someone to Love, sounds great already. I also am very excited to see what else Skyla finds out about Gage. I love him but I can't help but feel he is on Chole's side more than he is on Skyla's after reading that POV. The anticipation is driving me insane ! Lol. Also dying to know if Marshall's visions of him and Sklya being married turn out to be just misinterpretations or are in fact real deal. So many wedding/happily ever after visions with all three suitors.

Kindlemom said...

I can't wait for Somebody to Love, it sounds right up my alley!

Amy said...

I'm usually torn between liking and loathing Ezrina, but that teaser makes me want to hear more from her. I can't wait for her story and for Someone to Love! And for the guys' POV. And Toxic 2. And Evanescent. Crap, I really am a crazy, obsessed fangirl. :)

Gage is a liar again?!? Now what did he do?? Yeah, that's a rhetorical question if ever there was one. He is going to be the death of me, that one. Still love him though, and still Team Aw Hell for those two Olivers. ;)

Unknown said...

Thought we would have a release date for T2:( I don't know how much longer I can wait!! Though I'm excited for Evanescence and STL, I need to know what's happening on Paragon. Please, please, please! hurry with the edits, I'm dying!!

ronnie211797 said...

I can't wait for someone to love these teases are a big tease...LOL! I am jumping out of my skin waiting for Toxic part two. Though I am leaning towards Logan it looks like Marshall just might take the prize.... The suspense is killing me....LOL!

Arianna said...

Logan <3
....Marshall <3

Addison Moore said...

Sheri - Glad to spend the midnight hour with you~! And am happy the teasers didn't disappoint!

Jami Freed - Oh my gosh don't pass out! I really hope Paragon acts as a salve and eases your discomfort. (healing hugs). As for STL, for sure don't let her read it, lol! It's full of charged sexuality and I will for sure put a label on the product page that lets people know its intended for mature audiences. But I'm excited as heck to share it!

MagentaCR - I love all the pondering!! And you're right, it's easy too read a lot into the teasers. I do practice to deceive. ;)

CeeMarieXD - Yes! There are far too many wedding predictions happening, aren't there? I can't wait to show you which one comes to fruition.

Kindlemom - If your alley leads to steamy reads then you're so right! lol! I hope you'll get a kick out of it.

Amy - Oh I love that you're a crazy obsessed fangirl~!!! That makes me all kinds of happy. Thank you for that! #Teamahhell

heather peiffer - As soon as my editor shoots me T2 I'm all over it. Fire up the coffee because that bad boy is going down. I hope the edits are light that will make things move a lot quicker~!

ronnie211797 - Marshall is rooting for himself. ;) He's determined to make Skyla his. Poor Logan and Gage have to contend with a Sector of all beings. And I'm so happy you liked STL!

Arianna - Logan and Marshall *sigh* enough said, right? Thanx for reading, Arianna~!

Unknown said...

I started reading this series about a week and a half ago, and I can say I am so hooked, I'm on book 6 and in love with this series. I love a good book series that allows to stay up reading, go about my life with lack of sleep, which this book has definitely done. Thank you for such an amazing series. Will this be the last book?