Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuesday Tease + Toxic Part One release date~!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! TOXIC Part One is FINISHED. Finally! Right?  The official launch date is… ~**Thursday October 11th!**~

I’ll be loading the book to Amazon and Barnes and Noble days ahead of time, because it takes days and days for them to aggregate it into their system and I’m trying to avoid the loading issues I’ve encountered in the past. Smashwords and itunes takes a little longer so it won’t be available there on the 11th.  
Just a refresher, TOXIC as a whole was far too long for just one book (it mostly has to do with paper books of which I do plan on creating in the near future ;). My editor informed me (once she finished laughing) that I had two books on my hands so we chopped it in half. Well, mostly in half. I ended TOXIC Part One where I thought it was best. Anyway, it’s on its way!
TOXIC Part Two has already been through the ringer as far as edits go it needs just a little more work before I can push it out and I’m hoping *crosses fingers* before Halloween but don’t hold me to it. It might be way sooner if Skyla and friends don’t make things difficult for me.
Both TOXIC Part One and TOXIC Part Two are book 7. They are not the end of the Celestra series. Once I push Part Two out the door I’ll start penning the end. And, if I end with another monster on my hands I’m giving them separate titles and numbers because quite frankly the idea of having another part one and two fries my brain. But anyway, after Celestra concludes I’m moving Skyla to another series. More on that next year. ;)
On to the teasers…

(*Skyla and Ellis)

“So now I guess I’m screwed.” I give a hard sigh, bringing my hands to my ears because I can’t take much more of this.
“There is a way.” Ellis comes over and drapes his arm over my shoulder. “I’ve got an idea.”
“What’s that?” I look up at him with an intense measure of hope. The fact the prospect of my future lies in the hands of Paragon’s most notorious stoner makes me sway slightly on my heels.   

(Skyla thinking about Gage)

Gage swoops in. His cologne reduces me to cinders without even trying. Every fiber of my being cries foul. This is mutiny on a cellular level. I forbid my body to act so viscerally toward someone who I willfully despise on a cerebral level.
Back off hormones, I reprimand. I will go Celestra all over your estrogen ass if you even think of surging with excitement.
I’ve just threatened to kick my own ass and yet somehow this doesn’t alarm me. With the scope of insanity that’s gripped my life as of late, providing myself with a substantial beating seems both mandatory and necessary at this point.

*(Skyla and Lizbeth (mom)

“What’s cooking?” I ask, peering over Mom’s shoulder at a bubbling brew in what honest to God could double as a witch’s cauldron. Witchcraft, poison cuisine, her insatiable lust for Demetri the Celestra hunter—all clear evidence that my mother ditched her sanity once my father died. Her union with Tad should have tipped me off that permanent placement in a psychiatric facility was completely necessary.  

*(Skyla and Marshall)

I needed to kiss him. I was going to explode if I didn’t kiss Gage, splatter over all four corners of the island if I didn’t jam my tongue down his throat just to satisfy my parched affections for him.
It’s me, Skyla, do try to focus on the suitor at hand, Marshall suggests while pleasuring me with a kiss I wont soon forget.

*(Skyla and Logan)

Logan cradles my face in his hands and pulls me in. I can feel his ache to kiss me deeply. His entire being draws me in and I give. There’s not one cell in my body that suggests otherwise, just the sweet anticipation of his precious lips as I wait for them to fall over mine.

Hope you enjoyed!

Also, thank you for all of your wonderful support and awesome reviews for EPHEMERAL (The Countenance). I can’t wait to dive back into Laken’s world.
If you haven’t read it and you’re interested it’s available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and also on itunes.


Unknown said...

*sigh* Thank you sooo much for the amazing Teaser(s)

Made My Birthday!!! *dances*


Stephanie.J said...

Thanks so much for the teases and I am so excited there is a release date! I've been stalking your blog ever since you posted you had gotten it back from the editor (jk, but for real I have been. But not in a creepy way lol). You are such a talented writer I can't wait for Toxic!!!!

Unknown said...

I can't wait. Saved the date in my calendar so exciting.

Amy said...

I'm so glad i checked before going to sleep. A release date for part 1, cover reveal, possible release date for part 2 and several teasers - I should have sweet dreams now from all of this adrenaline! I actually dropped my iPad on the floor when I almost jumped up after seeing there was new info for us, lol! Fortunately it's well protected due to my frequent bouts of utter stupidity, er clumsiness. ;)

This is so exciting!! I have 6 new releases on my TBR list, and for the second time in a month books are getting bumped down by a new release from you. Damn, you're just keeping me all giddy with all of these upcoming books! I'm so looking forward to reconnecting with Skyla and those Oliver boys who make me say Aw Hell!!

Thanks again for your phenomenal work. :)

TInkertink 86 said...

I can't help but feel like a school girl when I read these lol. Ur amazing!! I want to live in paragon! Can I please? Lol
I really can't wait to read Toxic. And did I read something about a new series??
How exciting! :-)
Congrats on all good reviews. U deserve it!!

Nick & Tamie said...

That's an amazing 11 year anaversary present Addison. Thank you, that completely thoughtful. He he. Waiting with baited breath

Alysha P said...

First let me start by saying thank you for always taking the time to respond to all of us crazy fans. It really is wonderful that you care what we say. Next I have to say that Toxic Part I's cover is definitely my favorite. And lastly thanks for sharing all the wonderful news. If I wasn't pregnant I would have started running around my house jumping up and down in excitement. Ok well maybe I did that anyway but shhh don't tell anyone! ;-) Thanks again I will try to remain calm and patient until next Thursday arrives but no promises.

The Chameleon said...

Hurray!!!! I'm currently reading Ephemeral buying my time for the release of Toxic, however it is proving to be an enjoyable read as well. :) Thanks for not making us suffer and bringing us tons of consistent ready-to-read awesomeness!!! :D

Unknown said...

I find it difficult to find a good series so i'm really happy kindle reccomended this one to me a year ago. I have to say of all the books/series i've ever read this series is at the top of my list. Plus, compared to other authors you are an incredibly fast writer. This book hasn't even been released yet and im already anticipating part 2!

LaughingSun said...

"after Celestra concludes I’m moving Skyla to another series. More on that next year. ;)"

really? next year? lol, you are such a tease lol. I'm SOOO ready for Toxic. I'm done Ephemeral and I'm ready to get back to Skyla for a bit. And I can't wait to see the books tie together. You are an amazing author Addison and even more amazing by responding personally to all of our comments! Kudos to you hun, great work!!

Ang said...

Yayayayayayay!!! So it's my sister who is pregnant this time and she was hoping Toxic would come out before her due date and it will! (She's not due until Thanksgiving) So she'll have plenty time to finish. Part one and part two it looks like! This news makes my day. I needed a picker upper today too. :)

kcasanova88 said...

Omg I am going to have a heart attack. I can't wait to read what's been happening. I'm stuck between Logan and Marshall. Can't wait to see who Skyla ends up at the end. I will be counting down the days till the 11.

Anonymous said...

wow! That's a whole saga! Like Harry Potter, actually, you defeated Rownling! Amazing!

JMama said...


Anonymous said...

I totally held out on Ephemeral, mostly becuase I'm in love with Skyla, Gage, Logan, Marshall and friends, but with nothing else to read, I got it, and I'm over half way through and I just bought it yesterday, would have been done if I didn't have to sleep thanks to my allergies and the drowsy meds for them. Thank you! I hope they do make a show soon, I'm totally watching it! ;)~ you rock!

Unknown said...

This news just made my night. I was trying to hold out and wait to read ephemeral when I was in the hospital but one that I know I'll get toxic in time I have started it. I'm hooked already! Knowing me I'll pull an all nighter. as soon as SOA is over tonight I'm heading straight back to Laken ;) loved the teasers btw. you continue to amaze me..

Bonnie's Place said...

So looking forward to next week

Addison Moore said...

Heather Robbins - You're so welcome. I hope you had a fabulous birthday~!

Stephanie.J - Lol, stalk away! It's going to be here sooner than you think! Maybe literally. ;)

LeanneSommers - Aw, I love that it made your calendar!

Amy - I hope you did have sweet Celestra dreams! And I hope your ipad survived the fall, ack! Here's to team awe hell! :)

TInkertink 86 - Sure! I feel like I live there already. Beware of some of the male residents they are afflicted with abnormal amounts of hawtness. ;) I can't wait to take you back to Paragon next week~!

Addison Moore said...

Nick & Tamie - happy early anniversary!!!! 11 years! Congrats to you and your hubby! I hope you celebrate with champagne and Celestra. ;)

Alysha Parent - lol! First, congrats on the baby! And I won't tell if you did a bit of running around. ;) I so hope you'll enjoy the trip back to Paragon. Skyla is in over her head again but there are hawt boys to distract her so who could blame her. Right?

The Chameleon - You have perfect timing~! You'll get to see some of the characters cross over from EPHEMERAL to TOXIC Part One (and beyond). I can't wait to share the fun with you~!

Amelia Ramos - Amelia! You made me cry. Thank you for that. And in truth I wish I could write faster. Who needs a shower and sleep, right? ;)

LaughingSun - Andrea, thank you! And I probably threw that comment in about Skyla's new series in just as much for me. it's going to be SO painful to write that last book. *sigh* but life moves on, right? I have a feeling I'll have a ton of fun in the new series and I hope you will, too!

Unknown said...

First, the cover is AWESOME! Second, I am so STOKED for the release! Third, I am so going to have read the books a third time before I get Toxic part 1.

Unknown said...

And I am so intrigued at the thought of Skyla in a new series. It makes me wonder what trouble is she inadvertently getting into this time.

kam110476 said...

Holy YUMMY!!

Thank you soooo very much and MAYIHAVEANOTHERPLEEEEAAAASSSE!?!?!?!

Addison Moore said...

Ang - Oh yes, I really hope Part Two is out long before Thanksgiving~! Please tell you're sister hello for me! I can't wait to get the two books out and if I'm lucky ETHEREAL KNIGHTS by then as well.

kcasanova88 - lol! I do love me some Logan and Marshall, too. No heart attacks allowed though. It reads better in good health. ;)

Yunnuen - Ha! I doubt that. I'd love to think so. ;) Celestra does have quite the word count to it. I'm partial to writing long and I blame my characters. It really is their fault.

JMama - Amen! I'm ready to push it out the door and get on Part Two.

nikkithom05 - Oh, I SO hope you're enjoying it! There are a few characters that will be in TOXIC as well as future books and I hope you'll get a kick out of that!

Jami Freed - Yay! I'm so glad you're reading it! I have a few of the characters in TOXIC and beyond so I hope it will be fun for you to see the crossover!

Addison Moore said...

Lisa - You and me both. ;) I plan on sleeping. Hope you enjoy the book~!

Tiffany Garris - Yay! I'm so glad you liked the cover! I thought it was different and nice to see a part of the butterfly room. And happy rereading to you! I think that's incredible. I hope you'll enjoy TOXIC Part One as well. The new series will be different and yet the same. lol, that's wasn't too nice of me. ;)

kam110476 - Yes! An entire book of another, lol! I hope you'll enjoy.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the teasers. The cover is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Moving Skyla to a new series? As in a third series? Woohoo!! Any other characters following her?? Ohh I'm so excited!! Besides my daughter I now have 6 other friends hooked on ur books! It is so much fun to have others around me to chat about my new favorite place.... Paragon;) soon as they finish we are going to have a Addison book night to play paragon trivia with drinks and our kindles on hand!!!

James R. Nobohn said...

Love the cover! I'm sure it's full of hidden clues like the others. Since TOXIC I is almost here, can you decode the EXPEL cover for us?

...and super-SQUEEEE for start of eight-day countdown lol

(whatever you and M. Leighton are on, I need a dose, because you both have been churning out projects like they're iPhone 5's lol)

Addison Moore said...

Andrea @The Bookish Babes - I heart you so much girl! Thank you for the cover luv!!!

Jami Freed - Oh! I cannot thank you enough for the all of the wonderful shout outs to your friends~! Please tell them all I said hi! I love the Paragon party! I especially like the drinks and kindles in hand part. And as for the new series, yes, Skyla goes and so does the crew. ;)

Amber J. - Ty for the cover luv! EXPEL had a lot to do with the DVD ending things for a time then a certain revelation at the end. It was symbolic for someone leaving her heart.

And oh my gosh M. Leighton is on FIRE! I wish her all the best. She deserves all of her success. I love her to pieces. And, lol about the iphone5. I wish I were quicker to mass produce.

LaughingSun said...

yep yep, live moves on! I can't wait to follow her into a new series! BTW, I just left my very first book review on Amazon... very much worth it for me! I may just have to leave reviews on your other books as well :)

jaimestoicoff said...

So excited for Toxic! Once I found this series I devoured every book in just two days. My poor husband couldn't get me to put the Kindle down! I love all of Skyla's antics and penchant for trouble. Thanks so much for working so hard to churn out book 7. I have to admit that, while I'm really looking forward to what's coming, I am sad that the Celestra series will soon be coming to an end. :-( But I am sure going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Unknown said...

That's the best news I've heard all day!! (The crew going with Skyla). Looking forward to creating some good trivia questions for Paragon party night!!

Addison Moore said...

LaughingSun - Oh my gosh, I read it!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the glowing review!!! xoxoxox I really appreciate the time you took to do it. I can't wait to bring you EVANESCENT book 2!

jaimestoicoff - Gah! You're a super reader!!!!! And I can't wait to share her new misadventures with you next week. ;) As for the end I think the boys in Skyla's life are ready for commitment. Tough choices will have to be made... The news series will be very similar.

Jami Freed - Yes, for sure they will. I'd like to think the end of Celestra has a little twist but it's hard for me to tell i'm too close to it, but I'm bracing for it and can't wait to pen it and share it with you~!

sandi said...

Oh my gosh. I'm a 48 yr old mother/grandman in love with your books. Even have my 76 yr old.mother reading them. Very fun and exciting. I cant put them down.

Thanks for allnthe wonderful booksnyou put out

Addison Moore said...

sandi - I'm so glad you and your mother are BOTH enjoying the books! Nothing pleases me more. Please extend a hello to your mom for me. :) I hope you'll both get a kick out of Skyla's new adventures in TOXIC Part One and Two. It's all leading up to the end which I'll start to pen shortly after I put out book Two. I'm super excited to share more of Skyla's world with you!

Unknown said...


Addison Moore said...

Lilbeaver Beaver - Ha! You're too funny. Dying would make it difficult to read TOXIC P1. Especially since I just hit publish! It takes several days to load. ;)