Monday, January 7, 2013

The Tuesday Tease~!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! I hope your New Year is off to a rockin’ start.
BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have read and reviewed SOMEONE TO LOVE!!! You have blown me away. I plan on revisiting Kendall and Cruise's world one day soon. I also hope to write Ally and Morgan’s story (Kendall’s bff and brother). Big hugs to you guys for your awesome support! XOXO
Congrats to Sarah Joy, one of my awesome editors who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a few days ago. I’d like to think SOMEONE TO LOVE sent her body into a hormonal tirade and helped thrust her into labor. ;) I’m just thrilled Mommy and baby are doing great.
Book news: ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is done and will be sent Amy Eye (my other awesome editor) at some point today. I’ll spare Sarah since she has her own little ethereal knight to contend with. ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is ETHEREAL rewritten from Gage and Logan’s perspective. It’s a bit more heated than the original mostly because the boys are not as pure and innocent as Skyla was in the beginning.
EVANESCENT is framing itself out nicely, And ELYSIAN (The final Celestra Book) is in pieces, but I’m very hopeful for early spring. Skyla’s new series will begin on its heels. I really hope you’ll like the way Celestra ends and will join me on Skyla’s new journey. It’s going to be ~HOT~!
Happy reading!!!

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Ethereal rewritten from Gage and Logan’s perspective)

(Logan thinking about Skyla)

I land over her gently and meet my mouth with hers, pouring my affection into her in one blissful exchange. I never thought I could feel this way about anybody. I never thought I could want—crave anybody so damn much. Skyla is water and oxygen, and I need to soak her in, drink her down—be near her—in her, just to survive.
This night is definitely ending far, far better than I had ever hoped.

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)
(Wesley and Laken at a Count ritual)

“You’re a treasure, Laken. Once you’re sealed, you’ll forever be a select possession.”
I glance down at the bowl of blood and ashes he’s cradling, fragile as a newborn. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be anybody’s possession let alone the devils that run this twisted body smuggling operation.
“There’s one more thing.” Wes gazes into me with all of the tenderness he can muster. “I’ve poured my blood into this cup, Laken. I’m sealing you for myself as well—that is if you’ll let me. If you want to be with me and with no one else forever.”
Cooper blinks through my mind. I’ll be Wesley’s forever if I agree, at least according to the Counts.
Mom and Lacy hover in my mind like ghosts. I’ll sacrifice everything to save them, including Cooper if I have to.
“Yes, Wesley,” I say it sweetly. “I’m already yours forever.” A part of that is gospel—and the rest of its a lie of the highest order.

ELYSIAN (Celestra Series Book 8)
*(The final installment of the Celestra Series)

(Gage and Skyla in a confrontation)

Gage ticks his chin back and takes in a breath, incensed and angry with me of all people. We stare at one another a very long time with sorrow glossing our eyes, and yet neither of us is willing to let a single teardrop fall.
“Maybe that’s all this has ever been to you”— his brows swoop in like birds in flight—“one big game.”
My body comes to life with something just this side of rage.
“No Gage.” I stop shy of charging at him. “I’m not playing games. I’m through with games, now and forever.”

Hope you enjoyed~! Have a great week!

Links to SOMEONE TO LOVE: Amazon, B&N, Smashwords (iTunes to come)
Happy reading~!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad I checked one more time before I went to bed. Great news, I got my replacement Kindle today so I will be starting STL in a few mins. also I received my pjs today so thanks again for putting them back up for me. The t-shirt is amazing! You could absolutely sell them on there own. I know I want one for each book cover.
The teasers are fantastic as usual. I'm sad that Celestra is coming to an end soon, but equally excited to see Skylas new series takes her and....... Gage?? ....Marshall?? ... Logan?? Lol But I still stand firm on the idea that they light drive Skylas from the past and bring them to live in the present. Maybe find a loophole to make that possible. heck even Ellis could have one. They could have a big party and it could be like when Oprah gave everyone cars.. Except everyone gets Skylas. You get a Skyla, and you get a Skyla, and you get a Skyla! Everyone gets a Skyla!! Hey it could work....... haha. I'm a sucker for happy ever afters.
All kidding aside I'm about to read STL so I will let you know how amazing it is when I finish. I already know it will be fantastic!!! As always your covered in awesomesauce! ~Jami

kcasanova88 said...

Awesome teaser. I am on the edge waiting to see what happens in the final book. Also super excited to go to college with Skyla. Have you heard anything else about Skyla going to Hollywood? Also looking forward to the Counts book 2. Wanted to thank you for being involved with your readers not all author are like that.

Stephanie said...

I'd just like to say, even though I had a hard time getting past the first part of Etheral due to the fast pace of it, you really know how to draw a girl into the story! I absolutely fell in love with the whole series, and read all 8 books in a little less than a month, and just finished the 1st book in the Count series! Gotta say, I can't wait for the next ones in the series to come out! I don't want to read anything else, which is saying a lot from me being the bookworm in the corner over here. I want everything fresh in my mind before I start the next books... Oh what am I saying, I'll just read them again! Keep up the great work, and thanks for all the teasers! I'm able to get my fix of the stories to hold me over until the book comes out!

Unknown said...

Oh Allison, my new Tuesday pastime is reading your blog ... loved the teasers as usual!! STL was wonderful!! I couldn't put it down once I started. Such a great story!!! Skyla and Gage break my heart in the teaser ... I'm also a sucker for a happy ending, however I can't make up my mind which it should be with I just love all of them..Logan, Gage & Marshall!!! But I have full faith that it will be wonderful how ever you pull it together!

Taylor keating said...

Since it is teaser tuesday, can you divulge some info on the tv show/movie. I am so curious about when it will start and characters. Really, all of it! I'm so excited to see skyla, gage and logan come to life!

Unknown said...

Addison, I finally added my review on Amazon for Soneone to Love!!! Of course I gave it 5 Stars!!! It was amazing and I only wanted more!!!! Loved it :)

Addison Moore said...

Jami Freed - So glad you love the Pjs! And I laughed so hard at the Oprah car comment!!! Thank you for that. It would be an interesting plot twist... ;) Hope you have fun with STL!

Kcasanova88 - Oh how I wish I had all the books ready to give you! No TV news. I wish I had that ready to give you, too. BTW, I LOVE chatting it up with you guys! When I say stop by often, I always mean it. :) I really appreciate all of your support!

Stephanie - I'm glad you did pull through Ethereal. And I'm especially glad you're enjoying the rest of the series! I hope you'll be happy with the way things turn out for Skyla and her friends. There will be some twists and turns and lots of tears, mostly from me, lol!

Belinda Crawford - I love your new Tuesday pastime. ;) I hope ELYSIAN ends in a way that you like, too. I think its the right ending. And then of course, there is a new beginning for Skyla...

Taylor Lavati - How I wish I had news! I think these things take time and a miracle or two. I'm hoping it all works out for the best. I'm so excited!

Bunny Funderburk - Thanx girl! I sent you a message!

Unknown said...

I am super excited for Elysian! I have read this blog for a while and just decided to join in on the conversation! With Toxic 2 I limited myself on how much to read daily just so the story wouldn't end so soon, and now Skyla is starting another journey! You have made my 2013! I'm as geeked as a kid on Christmas! I love your books!

MPDR said...

I read all 8 book in 5 days just couldnt stop my self, love logan and gage!!! Jeez even marshal with his inuendos love is a powerful tool

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for elysian!!! I'm literally dying for it! I just wish it was the end :( I love getting lost in skylas world. (lakens too just not as much).

Anonymous said...

wasn't the end *****

Addison Moore said...

Ariane Brockitt - Hi~! WELCOME! I'm super excited to share EK with you as well! It's already at my editors. I'm hoping to get it aback soon and button things up quickly. I'm so thrilled you're excited about Skyla's new journey. I'm really psyched to get it out there. :)

MPDR - Oh my gosh you are such a fast read!!!!! I'm humbled you swept through them so quickly. Thank you so much for reading. Marshall is my fav and I can't stop loving those Oliver boys. I had way too much fun writing EK.

Nicci - lol! I guess you were right the first time because it is the end. But then again it's really just a new beginning for Skyla. Things are about to get crazy. Hold on girl! It all goes down.

Amy said...

I just read the post about STL being #10 on the NYT Best Sellers over on Indelibles! I don't use this often but....Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I am so freaking happy for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Addison Moore said...

Misty Thornhill - I agree Blair needed a little extra something. ;) She'll be a thorn in everyone's side in SOMEONE LIKE YOU as well.

Amy - Yessssss!!!!!! Squeee indeed!!! :)