Monday, January 21, 2013

The Tuesday Tease

Happy Tuesday~!

SOMEONE TO LOVE hits the New York Times bestseller list for a second week!!! I’m thrilled, and honored, and extremely humbled that its hung in the air for so long. BIG thank you to YOU guys for all of your ~wonderful~ support! *Hugs and chocolate all around*
The Books: I should be done with the first draft of EVANESCENT by Wednesday. It’s taken the entire time I've allotted to write it, but I’ve had fun with the storyline. It looks like The Countenance is shaping up to be a trilogy, which I had originally intended it to be. I should pen the final book in late spring if not sooner. The tie-ins to Celestra increase with each book but you don’t have to read Celestra to understand The Countenance.
ETHEREAL KNIGHTS is still with the editors. I’m hoping at least one will release it back to me this week. I’m so excited about this book!!! In fact I’ve actually had Oliver withdrawals and have been thinking about penning TREMBLE for Me which would be book 2 in the POV series. I just love me some Logan and Gage. Is that so wrong? Lol!
ELYSIAN will get my full attention around the second week of February—for sure by Valentines Day. Then I pen it to the end. Sad to see Celestra go but super excited to bring you the rest of the story. Then Skyla gets her New Adult series which will officially be my guilty pleasure.
Also, I’m going to try and get my injured cover artist, A.K.A. my husband, to churn out some of his amazing work so I can share them with you guys. Here’s hoping!

Enjoy the teasers!

ELYSIAN (Book 8 - The Final Celestra Book)

(Skyla to Chloe)

“It never ends with you. It’s always the same story.”
“I am the story, Skyla. And I’m going to stick around to make damn sure you never forget it.”

EVANESCENT (The Countenance Book 2)

(Wes to Laken, talking about the Celestra tunnels)

“You’re going to be powerful after our visit, Laken.” The muscles in his jaw pop as if he means business. “This place, it’s called the Tenebrous Woods. It’s where prisoners of war are held.” He shoots a nervous glance behind me. “Laken, the only way to get this power is to take it from them physically.”
I stare at Wes a very long time. I’m boarding up the windows and doors to my thoughts so he’ll never get inside and see what a monster my eyes are conveying to me at this very moment.

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (Logan and Gage’s POV novel—Ethereal rewritten through their eyes)

(Logan and Skyla talking about Chloe)

“I think we should do this with words.” I press a finger over my lips, wishing I were touching hers instead.
“Afraid to let me in much?” She says it like a dare. I wonder what she would do if she knew I could withhold my thoughts from her at will—that I seem to hold a secret from her at every turn. I doubt she’d believe any of this was in her best interest.
 I shake my head. “More like, afraid to hear you.” It comes out slow, measured. “It happened twice with Chloe and me. It was stupid. Chloe and I…” I wish I could take it all back, every last kiss. “She wasn’t the right person for me.” I interlace our fingers soft as feathers. “By the time she disappeared we had already broken up, which put me at the top of the suspect list.”

Hope you enjoyed!

BTW, because so many of you were so kind to chime in last week, I wanted to let you know I finally ditched the gel nails and traded them in for acrylics. Since I was an acrylic virgin, my fingers ached the first night, but now I can’t stop staring at them because they are so darn purdy. Also, I can’t stop strumming them against things because it makes an awesome sound. Like I needed another psychotic obsession.  

Thanx again for supporting SOMEONE to LOVE!!!


Unknown said...

So loved the teasers and can't wait to find out if Laken sees Wes ti b as big of an ass as I think he is. I wondering for Skylas grown up series will the Olivers b w her?

Unknown said...

omg i Love the idea of having Tremble from the guys pov as well!! I just cant get enough of the Teasers. I hope your hubby is recovering and healing well, so we can enjoy some more of his beautiful work!...... I just get so giddy and excited thinking about what's next. Can't wait to read. oh btw I LOVE acrylic nails so much. I to say strumming my nails on every surface making music. xoxo ~Jami

KSinger said...

I love your teasers. I can't wait to finish up the Celestra series. I have loved every book so far. And finding out Skyla's new series is going to be an adult series has just made my day. I still haven't read Someone to Love. It's loaded and ready to go but finishing up another series before I read this. Should be able to get to it this weekend.

redheads rule said...

Soooooo exited about EK. :))

Andrea Lee said...

love love love your books and the teasers! Can't wait for more of your books!!

Unknown said...

Can't wait and congrats on a second week in the best seller list!
Btw, I love gel nails because I have to wash my hands constantly! I work in a hospital and am a nursing student.

Addison Moore said...

Jessica Moran - Lol, about Wes being an @ss. He's for sure not in tune with Laken enough to know what's going on. As for the Olivers future, well, you'll know in just a few short months! ;) BTW, I do love me some Olivers.

Jami Freed - I hope it works out for Tremble as well. I'll be curious to see what you think of EK. And thank you for the well wishes for my hubby! He really is on the mend. Thank God!

KSinger - Happy reading to you when you get to STL! I hope you'll have fun with it. And I am really hoping that Skyla's New Adult series comes out soon after Elysian. I look forward to spending much more time on Paragon. ;)

redheads rule - Yay!!! Meee toooo! #EK

Andrea Lee - Thank you so much Andrea. I can't wait to share them all with you! And thank you for reading!

Falin Nat - Thank you! It's been so magical. :) And, yes! The gel nails are fantastic. I can't believe they've finally invented a polish that doesn't chip off and lasts for over two weeks.
I used to work in a hospital myself so I totally get the washing the hands a million times a day thing. I've kept up that habit at home and I seem to get sick a little less often so it really does work.

MagentaCR said...

Wohoo, Itunes has finally caught up and released someone to love, and i can see why it is a bestseller. Brilliant story!I couldn't put it down. Brilliant teasers as usual... can't believe that bombshell about Logan being able to hide his thoughts... well actually i can, it is the type of underhanded thing he'd do. And people think Gage can't be trusted! Can't wait for the next book, and the one after that, and the one after that. And yes, Tremble for Me is a very very good idea!

Unknown said...

Doing a happy dance with you for two wks on NY Times bestsellers list!!! Congratulations!!! Loved the teasers ... I'm going to have to reread Countenance to get my fix until the next book is out :) No doubt it will be just as good the second time. Oh Logan Logan Logan he is a sneaky one, but how can I not love him! So much fun seeing the guys side.

Unknown said...

Doing a happy dance with you for two wks on NY Times bestsellers list!!! Congratulations!!! Loved the teasers ... I'm going to have to reread Countenance to get my fix until the next book is out :) No doubt it will be just as good the second time. Oh Logan Logan Logan he is a sneaky one, but how can I not love him! So much fun seeing the guys side.

Unknown said...

So sorry for the duplicate postings silly phone...just look at like I'm double excited..haha :)

Unknown said...

getting really excited for the next books. tremble for me is a really, really great idea. i'm just gonna reread ephemeral for the third time while i'm SO impatiently waiting.

Addison Moore said...

MagentaCR - Oh my gosh I love you to pieces for that!!! I'm soooo happy you liked Kenny and Cruise! lol! It was fun to write. And, I did get back the edits for EK today!

Belinda Crawford - Aww, thank you! I don't mind the double post at all. it makes me feel twice as special. ;) I'm super happy, too! And yes Logan is being sneaky. I can't wait to expose him for what he really is...a sweetheart. ;)

Kim Devine - A third time!!! I heart you for that. Nothing humbles me more. :) I just penned the end to Evanescent. It was a thrill ride! And that ending left me breathless in a good way. I can't wait to share it with you!

Unknown said...

I LOVED your book Someone To Love.It was a suggestions for me on Once I started I didn't want to put it down. Keep up the good work.I will certainly be reading some of your other books.

Unknown said...

I love this book so much, "Someone To Love." I read it twice! Can't get enough of, so I think you need to give us more of Kenny & Cruise. This book is wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. Thank You for your wonderful writing. I will be downloading more of your books. Your words just flow out naturally.

sweetmary21489 said...

Let me just tell you that you make my Tuesdays much better with ur teasers :) ethereal knights was a great idea and it's a much better idea to continue giving us an inside to the Oliver's minds ;) they are bad but that's why i love them......again can't wait for elysian every teaser leaves me wanting more eekkkk!!!!!!! Anywho really like the fact that u take the time to reply to all of us thank you :) oh and cant wait for skylas new series!!!! My mind is going crazy trying to figure out who she ends up with cant wait!!!

Addison Moore said...

andreaetta johnson - Aww, thank you! I really did enjoy writing it. It's always nice to hear that someone enjoyed reading it!!! Thank you so very much fore reading and for taking the time to let me know how you feel!

Addison Moore said...

Lisa Giles - Hi lisa! I LOVE~ the fact you've read it twice! Thank you for making my heart sing! :) I can't wait to share more New Adult romances with you!!!

sweetmary21489 - lol! My mind is going crazy because I do know who she ends up with. ;) I can't wait to share the end of Celestra with you! This is a really exciting time for me and for Skyla. I'm looking forward to sharing her New Adult series with you as well to give you a sneak peak into what happens after the fact.

Unknown said...

Love the teasers but what is Somone to Like about???